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Trans Asia Travel Schedule (Trip/Shipping )

Here's a travel schedule of Trans Asia Shipping Lines (Daily schedule ni sa ilang biyahe - shipping guide). The time indicated below is the time of departure. Find the place of your destination below.

Trans Asia Shipping Lines Travel Schedule

Travel Schedule
Time of Departure
Ticket Price
Cebu to Cagayan De Oro
Cagayan De Oro to Cebu

8:00 PM
8:00 PM
Cebu to Ozamis
Ozamis to Cebu

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
8:00 PM
8:00 PM
Cebu to Iloilo
Iloilo to Cebu

Monday to Saturday
Tuesday to Sunday
6:00 PM
6:00 PM
Cebu to Masbate
Masbate to Cebu

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
6:00 PM
6:00 PM
Cebu to Tagbilaran
Tagbilaran to Cebu

12:00 NN
10:00 PM
Tagbilaran to Cagayan
Cagayan to Tagbilaran

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
Cebu to Tacloban
Tacloban to Cebu

Cargo Vessel
Cargo Vessel

Cebu to Zamboanga
Zamboanga to Cebu

Cargo Vessel
Cargo Vessel

Vessels will dock at Pier 5 in Cebu.

Note: Prices are already Net of surcharge and taxes already. Trans Asia now accepts major credit cards at Cebu Main and SM Cebu Offices.

For ticket reservations contact Trans-Asia telephone number: (032) 254-6491; local 222 and 236 / (032) 255-7989

For monthly shipping schedule, fare and promos of Trans Asia, you can visit their website at www.transasiashipping.com. Schedule may change without prior notice.
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Total comments: 184
184 Michel Van Camp   (12 October 2017 8:17 PM)
I have no comment just ask where can I book from Manila to Cebu a car ferry and what is the price and I want a cabin my car is a Hyundai EON

183 Divino, Jay C.   (18 June 2017 1:55 PM)
Dear Sir/Maam,

Good Day!

I am D/C Divino, Jay C. i'm 20 years old. Fresh graduate of Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation at University of Cebu Maritime Education and Training Center. I would like to apply as deck cadet apprentice in your company. I am hardworking, eager to learn and willing to be trained.

I have completed the training courses in deck watch-keeping, international safety management code, crowd and crisis management and seafarers with designated security duties that helped me prepare to acquire working knowledge and competence of this field.

I would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss my suitability as deck apprentice with Trans-Asia through an interview. I can be reached at 09334741843. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Jay C. Divino

182 un2nutu   (14 May 2017 8:30 AM)
may 14, 2017
   good morning! may I inquire about the fare of transporting a vehicle, TAMARAW FX, valued at P200,000.00, from cagayan de oro city to cebu city. may I know the transporting requirements and the cargo restrictions if there be and/or package that comes with the vehicle, will the return trip have the same fare and requirements . Thank you and my contact number : 09423613669

181 jean cabilogan   (03 March 2017 1:07 PM)
Good day po!

I would like to inquire how much the shipping fee of small car like(multicab) from cebu to cagayan de oro city and what are the requirements needed.
Hoping for your urgent response!

Thank you!

180 Nash israel   (22 January 2017 9:28 AM)
Ilang oras ba ang beyahe from Cagayan to tagbilaran

179 karmela irene alfeche   (07 January 2017 10:37 PM)
may byahe po ba bukas from cebu to cagayan de oro ? then anong Pier ang para bukas trans-asia 3 time schedule is 8pm po ? thankyou

178 Christine   (26 December 2016 8:38 AM)
May byahe po ba ngayung gabie... Cagayan to cebu. Thank you.

177 Apraelle Blessie Jane G. Husayan   (19 December 2016 4:46 PM)
Hi! Is there any slot for December 21, Cebu to Cagayan?

176 jbs   (02 December 2016 6:17 PM)
Hello, I would like to ask if applicable pa ang senior citizen discount para sa P880 nga fare? And pila pod and rate for CS and what ang needed doc.


175 Jimboy   (12 November 2016 7:37 AM)
Maam pwede po ba mag biyahe my dalang aso 1 year old complete vaccine naman po

174 Louisse decipulo   (27 October 2016 5:27 PM)
Hi. I would like to inquire if there are still available ticket for nov.1 8pm, cebu to cagayan de oro in economy room? Thank you.

173 coco   (12 September 2016 11:07 AM)
hi trans asia, i would like to inquire if you still have Sept 14, 8pm departure travel from cagayan de oro to cebu available ticket in tourist rm? do you have cellphone number pls, since i dont have landline access.


172 jirelyn   (17 August 2016 2:40 PM)

171 jirelyn   (17 August 2016 2:39 PM)
hi mam/sir meron po ba kayo dto mangagaling ng manila to masbate?

170 Allan Drex Colina   (12 August 2016 1:16 AM)
,good morning maam/sir ito na po ba pinaka mura na promo ngayon 880 from cagayan to cebu? Response please

169 Mel Henley   (09 August 2016 6:43 AM)
hat is the current to ship my car from Cebu to Ozamis?

168 EMMALYN AGUILAR   (05 August 2016 9:14 AM)
how much will be paying for chevrolet spin from cagayan to cebu

167 me ann quimay   (04 July 2016 7:30 AM)
want to purchase two round trip tickets to bohol and mindanao1

where do i purchase these tickets using credit card? it states your sm cebu ticket outlets accept which one does this please reply

me ann quimay and james galgano

166 Krey Amorin   (01 June 2016 6:37 AM)
Hi, I just would like to know what happened to last night's trip (May 31, 2016) that is supposed to board at 8PM, until now (6/1/16 7:30AM) they are still at Cebu Port (PIER 3). It's quite so inconvenient, so much delay. Can I demand an info guys? Thanks.

165 NEIL B.BACALLA   (30 May 2016 7:03 AM)

164 Dawn   (27 May 2016 9:59 AM)
Hello. Hi. I would like to ask if May 31, Tuesday, from Ozamis-to-Cebu, fully-booked already. Please, I wan't to know so bad, for my Mom will go see a Doctor. Thank You. God Bless.

163 Dennis   (17 May 2016 5:45 PM)
Gud evening maam ,I would like to travel this friday to cebu i bring my hyundai Getz . how much i will pay for my car.i hope u will answer my question.

162 Alvis Paradero Tamparong   (12 May 2016 1:34 PM)
Good afternoon sir/maa'm is there available ticket from ozamis to cebu, one way
if there a slot for roundtrip much better sir/maa'm..thank you


161 Yuri   (30 April 2016 9:47 AM)
How much is your fare for motor CDO to Tagbilaran?

160 geraldin   (22 April 2016 7:58 AM)
I have two kids 9yrs and 5...if I purchase the private room do I have still pay my child?

159 Emmanuel Rey B. Baul   (21 April 2016 8:20 AM)
Is this updated? Can we still book tickets from cebu to masbate on April 27? I heard most of the schedules were fully booked. Please notify me about your latest schedules. Thank you

158 Shulan   (02 April 2016 6:32 PM)
Hi do you have a trip schedule on apr.6 wednesday? Reply asap

157 mack   (31 March 2016 8:06 AM)
hello sir, do you limit the baggage of each passenger? if yes' how many?

156 angely bancoro   (25 March 2016 6:41 PM)
good evening ma'am/sir,may i asked if how much is the fare for student? can you please reply urgently.

155 efren   (21 March 2016 8:40 PM)
do you have schedule this coming election? ,evening preferably.
p.s. cebu to ilo-ilo.

154 marlit   (20 March 2016 6:52 PM)
I just want to know if this is updated

153 Cristine Armecin   (03 March 2016 4:34 PM)
Good pm Ma'am/Sir.
Can i ask if credit card is allowed in Trans Asia
my cellphone number is 09265007342.

Thank you ,,,

ill be waiting for your reply ..

152 Cristine Armecin   (03 March 2016 4:23 PM)
Can credit card allowed in purchasing a ticket to bohol?

151 annamay macellones   (03 February 2016 9:03 AM)
i just want to ask how much do i have to pay if i bring with me 2 fighting cocks from cebu to cagayan de oro?..please text me in my number 09753261986...i really need to know coz ill be traveling to cagayan this weekend february 5...thank you so much..ill be waiting for your reply...

150 Japhet L. Candia   (08 January 2016 10:15 AM)
Hi good morning! I just want to ask, how much is the fare for a single motorbike from cebu to ozamis? thanks

149 Maria Rachel Omasas   (29 December 2015 6:04 AM)
Is there no schedule for Cagayan-Tagbilaran on January 31?

148 mary cresol m. ledesma   (27 December 2015 2:09 AM)
good morning!
I just want to inquire how much is the ferry charge for 4x2 estrada pick up from cagayan to tagbilaran?WHat is the travel schedule from cagayan to tagbilaran.
Thank you

147 marlyn dy   (18 December 2015 4:14 PM)
Will the scheduled trans-asia 10 travel tomorrow for cagayan de oro? If not what will I do or what will be the next schedule? Thanks.

146 Kerish Biann Y. Edullantes   (18 December 2015 10:42 AM)
are we allowed to travel tonight ?from Cebu-CDO

145 Lorez Olemberio   (16 December 2015 7:39 PM)
Is there available ticket travel from Cebu to Cagayan De Oro?

144 lorna dogoldogol   (14 December 2015 1:28 PM)
how much the fare of 2 adults and 1 10yrs old private room?

143 lorna dogoldogol   (14 December 2015 1:27 PM)
How much the fare of 2 adults and 1 10yrs old

142 balacuit leo rey   (10 December 2015 6:58 AM)
May i ask,the latest fare from cebu to cagayan de oro trip??

141 brida ricafort   (11 November 2015 8:35 AM)
how much is the rate fare of motorcycle shipping from cebu to legazpi?/

140 Harry Brigoli   (02 November 2015 2:04 PM)
Good Afternoon,
May we ask the fare rate of motorcycle from cagayan de oro to cebu city?

139 salahudin cabugatan   (22 October 2015 6:01 PM)
Mirun bang dipolog to caticlan

138 frezil   (16 October 2015 10:42 AM)
May i ask,do you have schedule today for cebu to ozamis...thank you

137 Lymar Lopez   (28 September 2015 9:19 PM)
Hi! May i know if you have student fare discount?

136 rose   (26 September 2015 11:20 AM)
good day! how much is your freight for a multicab? from cebu to iloilo?

135 Raquel   (24 September 2015 6:59 PM)
Do you have day trip on oct.1 from Cebu to Cagayan de Oro ? Thank you...

134 john andrew   (24 September 2015 7:13 AM)
good day maam/sir.this coming october 2,2015 ill go at cebu city from ozamis city can i ask do you have a trip for that schedule.?please reply 09262806063 also the time of departure

133 edgardo a. alcanzar   (20 August 2015 1:08 PM)
do you have promo fare cagayan to cebu this august 2015. Thank you.

132 cheryl jurado   (03 August 2015 6:43 AM)
Good day
i just want to ask about the schedule
Cagayan de oro to tagbilaran
thank you
more power

131 Michael   (13 July 2015 4:45 PM)
Sir/ma'am good day,

Sir/ma'am I go to cagayan de oro this coming wednesday, do you have a schedule in the morning? Please seen me your response, thank you and God Bless

I hope you have a schedule from 7am in wednesday

130 Resian tan   (06 July 2015 3:25 AM)
What pier here in cebu will trans asia dock as of yesterday's departure ??
I need an exact answer as much as possible .. thanks .. urgent!

129 jennifer rose emilia   (02 June 2015 6:43 PM)
good evening. how many hours is the travel from cebu to iloilo? thank you

128 chevette duyan   (31 May 2015 5:24 PM)
do you have other prize for cebu to cagayan de oro city? promo? heres my # 09326597961 if its ok pls send your repply to this #

127 chevette duyan   (31 May 2015 5:23 PM)
do you have any promo for cebu to cagayan de oro city?

126 bert ann jelie   (29 May 2015 5:09 PM)
Good day. May I ask if there is occupied ticket tomorrow in from cagayan de oro going to cebu?
Please reply this number 09062008066

125 christymae   (14 May 2015 1:47 PM)
can I ask how much is the fare rate of kids ages 8,5 and 3 years old? please txt me 09466122271.thank you.

124 jason lemuel tagarda   (09 May 2015 9:34 AM)
hi can i ask if how can i buy ticket for only 880?where is the outlet?

123 maureen mangalao   (08 May 2015 6:58 PM)
hi how much is the the shipping rate of pick up via cagayan de oro to cebu?

122 cherel   (01 May 2015 3:20 PM)
Hi can i ask if do you have promo this coming week on may 8 how much cagayan to cebu? Can you reply in 09263548145 pls pm me.

121 evangelina c. buna   (28 April 2015 9:11 PM)
ask for promo do you have.. on may 3 , 2015 cebu to cagayan de oro .call or text my number... 09396090646

120 evangelina c. buna   (28 April 2015 9:09 PM)
Hi can i ask if there is a promo to cebu to cagayan this coming sunday may 3 2015

119 kent dareil tamparong   (25 April 2015 2:45 PM)
Ask for promo do you have.. on july .cebu to ozamis .call or text my number... 09392948493

118 nely   (12 April 2015 9:45 AM)
how booking for cagayan to cebu for tomorrow?please reply asap

117 LIAMZEKE OMONGOS   (23 February 2015 9:23 AM)
For 3 person only

116 LIAMZEKE OMONGOS   (23 February 2015 9:23 AM)
Hi can i ask if there is a promo to cebu to ozamiz for march 21, 2015?

115 Jayson Cabs Alquizar   (20 February 2015 8:02 PM)
hi can i ask if thers have a.promo for this month...?
reply me via SMS...09075738230

114 Jayson Cabs Alquizar   (20 February 2015 7:59 PM)
hi can i ask if there.have a promo for this month‘....reply me via SMS...09075738230

113 Neljen Zarescaña Drinoan   (31 January 2015 4:39 PM)
good day..can i ask if how much the fare from cebu to cagayan on feb 6 depart 8pm...reply me via 09434341144..thanks

112 Mirasol Diana   (18 January 2015 7:45 AM)
hi do you have schedule today January 18, 2014 going to cebu ?

111 Eman Mendoza   (07 January 2015 6:26 AM)
good morning, thiers schedule cebu to Masbate tonight jan 7 2014 thank a lot.

110 Bohol Fmc   (27 December 2014 1:55 PM)

109 Leticia Ami   (10 December 2014 6:57 AM)
Good morning.. Do you have Trip Iloilo to Cebu, tomorrow-Thursday (11December2014)

108 Mae Grace Aquino Silvosa   (05 December 2014 4:57 AM)
good morning do you have travel tonight cagayan de oro to cebu city?

107 Judy Fernan Sala Lampara   (13 August 2014 1:09 PM)
hai! how much is the fare tagbilaran to butuan?

106 Milester Manatad   (17 July 2014 10:18 AM)
hello! do u have travel schedule tonight from ozamis to cebu?

105 Milester Manatad   (17 July 2014 10:16 AM)
hello! good morning do you have travel tonight? Ozamis to cebu?

104 Ramel Lanchita   (12 July 2014 0:38 AM)
pls reply

103 Ramel Lanchita   (12 July 2014 0:37 AM)
or you have promo for this trip dated March 1,2015 for six person from Cebu to Cagayan....pls. txt me 09185620125 or call me 082 284-0776......

102 Ramel Lanchita   (12 July 2014 0:33 AM)
how much the discount of students and is there a half fare for children age 10 and 11...were travel from Cebu to Cagayan this coming March 1,2015....all in six person(including 2 child age 10 and 11...and 2 students and 2 adults) how much i pay for one way trip...call me 082 284-0776 or txt me 09185620125....

101 Baylon Renato   (02 July 2014 9:23 PM)
please update your schecule for cagayan de oro to cebu thanks

100 joy   (09 June 2014 6:07 PM)
may promo pa ba kayo na 450p cebu to cagayan sa wed o sat?pls pm me mam sir...pls salamat

99 jonhriel   (01 June 2014 7:02 PM)
good evening!, Can I ask a question?
Do you have a travel from cagayan de oro to bohol ds coming june 27 2014?

98 Linda   (29 May 2014 4:38 PM)
worst customer service ever

97 Rick Montgomery   (20 May 2014 11:37 AM)
Great Day!! I am looking for passenger service from Cebu City To Devao!! Please help!! I don't want to fly!!!

96 Francine   (20 May 2014 3:37 AM)
Hello ! How much is the ticket cdo-cebu ?

Many Thanks

95 sheila   (17 May 2014 10:54 AM)
me and my classmate are going to cebu. i wonder if the price stated above is for tourist of economy?

the CDO - Cebu trip...

94 sandra   (16 May 2014 5:55 PM)
is there travel next week cagayan to cebu on may 20?how much if the ticket of economy and tourist? or give me the schedule for the nextweek trip .ASAP ..please call me of this number 09152141047

93 Raymon Octavio   (15 May 2014 4:48 PM)
Good Day.

We hove incoming shipment from international in cebu city . from cebu we need to send it to panglaw...
pls. contact us or or email us for more dicussion...


Flowmetrics Industrial sales Inc.

92 Kline   (14 May 2014 11:09 PM)
what's the name of the ship travelling iloilo-cebu? Is there a cabin available and how much?. Please call me if you have. tentative schedule is may -19 or 20.. 09206291441

91 Pearl Araneta   (12 May 2014 7:59 PM)
Good evening. How can I travel a pet dog from cebu to zamboanga? Please reply. Thanks!

90 abner figueroa   (11 May 2014 8:33 AM)
Good Morning Sir/Madam,

How can I ship a 10 wheeler truck going to cebu. The trucks will be from Iloilo and how much is the cost? How many 10 wheeler trucks can it contain? How many times is the shipping travel in a week?.
Thank you

89 divayna   (09 May 2014 10:28 AM)
Hi.! can I buy ticket here from cagayan de oro and cebu to cagayan de oro?? there are two senior citizens passengers. Is allowed to provide scan copies of their main id? They're based from manila right now. pls reply. may 20 is the schedule for travel

88 marie   (04 May 2014 10:56 PM)
is der available ticket from cagayan to cebu dis coming May 06? how much?

87 bsienes   (03 May 2014 8:18 PM)
do you still have ticket, cebu cagayan this coming may 12,2014. please reserve.

86 Lea   (02 May 2014 12:32 PM)
Sir, can I buy ticket in cagayan de oro port?

85 brian diano   (01 May 2014 9:13 AM)
naay available na ticket pa karon para ozamiz to cebu?

84 jasmin yecyec   (27 April 2014 3:50 PM)
Gud pm, pa cdo ko unya 8pm, akong ticket nakuha. Trans asia 3. Asa ko nga port m0 adto? Salamat...

83 Wendel Yam-0c   (24 April 2014 9:57 AM)
pila ang plete sa manok gikan cebu - cagayan de oro ( 20 heads )


82 nave   (19 April 2014 11:45 PM)
From cdo-cebu, asa nga pier mu dock ang vessel? Is it pier 4?

81 Eloise Sajonia   (19 April 2014 4:20 PM)
good day, how much po bayad na motorcycle ko mula cagayan de oro to bohol?..

80 Maria Villa Fabiana   (18 April 2014 9:26 PM)
taga mati davao oriental po ako..gusto kung bumyahe patungo tagbilaran..how can i buy ticket the early?

79 jelly   (18 April 2014 11:39 AM)
Is there any cabin room in trans asia shipping?

78 anthony   (17 April 2014 2:44 PM)
good day po,inquire ko lang magkano bayad sa strada pick up from cdo to cebu?pls reply

77 rey   (16 April 2014 12:51 PM)
good day po,inquire ko lang magkano bayad sa fortuner from cdo to cebu?

76 Reina   (15 April 2014 7:11 PM)
Question. May byahe ba ngayung april 17,2014 thursday ozamiz to cebu?

75 josephine   (15 April 2014 4:11 PM)
cagayan to cebu

74 josephine   (15 April 2014 4:10 PM)
hello, may biyahe po ba bukas april 16, 2014

73 emmiemaniego   (15 April 2014 11:12 AM)
Promo cagayan to cebu april 20, 2014

72 johnson saguindel   (14 April 2014 8:24 AM)
pwd po ba malaman kung may byahe ang masbate to cebu ang trans-asia ngayong april 15,2014?

71 elenethmay   (08 April 2014 4:20 PM)
good pm..this is from tubod community hospital..can i have your contact number"?so we can call u directly if magpapabook kami ng ticket

70 adel gabion   (05 April 2014 6:57 PM)
how much po ba ang rate ng motorcycle from CDO to Cebu? then Cebu to Masbate (RORO style) thanks in advance.

69 Norberto L. Cajucson Jr.   (05 April 2014 12:42 PM)
Puedi malaman schedule nyo day trip this coming monday 4/7/'14, rate 1 person and rate ng 1 motorcycle from cebu city to cagayan de oro? salamat po....

68 onyong   (02 April 2014 1:47 PM)
May byahe po ba from Cagayan to Cebu sa April 14 or 15? pakisagot po.. please

67 onyong   (02 April 2014 1:35 PM)
may byahe po ba sa April 14 or 15?

66 lalaine   (02 April 2014 11:49 AM)
may byahe po ba from Cebu to Cagayan de Oro on April 19?

65 dick   (01 April 2014 5:13 PM)
magkano ang suite... apatan lang. cagayan to cebu...

64 dick   (01 April 2014 5:11 PM)
good price

63 edwin santic   (01 April 2014 11:49 AM)
kailan pwdeng magamit and pier ng ozamis

62 Sanly Andrade   (31 March 2014 7:12 PM)
Please book on passenger from Davao City to Cebu City on April 2, 2014.

Passenger: Giovanni P. Gpnzales, 36. M 2/24/1978

61 melodina buensuceso   (30 March 2014 12:58 PM)
how to book?fix price napo ba ozamis 2 cebu 760?

60 yhanna geresola   (25 March 2014 5:57 PM)
do you have a trip cebu to cagayan de oro on march 26,2014

59 kareen mae segovia   (25 March 2014 11:42 AM)
may travel ba sa 17 ng umaga balik by 20 ng umaga and how much if mag pa book ako this week?

58 kareen mae segovia   (25 March 2014 11:42 AM)
may travel ba sa 17 ng umaga din balik by 20 ng umaga?

57 Marianne Gabriela Subong   (24 March 2014 7:45 PM)
may travel sa april 3? iloilo to cebu. and how much the ticket at that time?

56 delia villanueva   (22 March 2014 1:39 PM)
hi god pm my manila to cebu po ba kayo

55 nanette racaza   (21 March 2014 8:26 PM)
pwed po magtanong may byahe po ba sa march 22 iloilo to cebu?thank you po

54 Irish Baulite   (21 March 2014 1:11 PM)
may day trip po ba kayo on sunday march 30 from Cebu-Cagayan de Oro?

53 Irish Baulite   (21 March 2014 1:10 PM)
may day trip po ba kayo on sunday march 30?

52 glad   (20 March 2014 9:43 AM)
available pa ba ang promo fare ninyo hanggang sa ngayon ?Cebu to Cagayan yong byahe??

51 glad   (20 March 2014 9:41 AM)
Gandang umaga poh....

Available pa ba ang promo fare ninyo Cebu to Cagayan pati na rin ang pabalik hanggang sa ngayon??

50 dahlia tacalan   (18 March 2014 2:36 PM)
good afternoon poh!!!

i need u'r reply po ...tomorrow at 7 pm poh kc byahe nmin..

if cancel po ba byahe tagbilaran to cagayan..

49 dahlia tacalan   (18 March 2014 10:07 AM)
goodmorning poh...cancel poh bah ang byahe tomorrow tagbilaran to cagayan>?????
i need ur reply poh...tnx

48 yen   (18 March 2014 9:56 AM)
may byahe ba bukas cebu to ozamis? wednesday march 19, 2014? magkano ba ang pamasahe ng bata? 1 yr old?

47 kent roa   (13 March 2014 8:37 AM)

46 virginia jade codeniera   (12 March 2014 12:23 PM)
meron pa kayo bakante ngayon cebu to ozamis?

45 virginia jade codeniera   (12 March 2014 12:22 PM)
meron pa ba kayo tecket ngayon cebu to azamis?

44 Gloria Clores   (06 March 2014 8:00 AM)
we will be travelling on monday March 10, cebu masbate, how many hours will it takes until we reached our destination... how much is the fare..

43 Frod Portability   (04 March 2014 8:24 PM)
Hi..meron po bang trip from cebu to masbate bukas march 5?

42 eric Soulard   (01 March 2014 3:20 PM)
what is the price for transportation of a motorbike 110 kg
from Masbate to Cebu, if we are also on the boat

41 Mia54322   (18 February 2014 3:24 AM)
Hi Good Day! i just wanna inquire if is it ok if i decide to buy my ticket there at the port at the time of my departure?

40 sarha   (08 February 2014 10:25 PM)
how much the ticket for the suite room

39 ethel castillo   (03 February 2014 10:06 AM)
hndi po bah cancel yung travel ng cebu-cagayan bukas???

38 Alma Esterado   (03 February 2014 9:19 AM)
i will travel tomorrow for tagbilaran, i want to bring my chairs for my mommy,whats the process i need

37 lenyerlatak   (21 January 2014 12:17 PM)
mam sir yung landline n nakalagay jan hndi sumasagot yung sa computer man walng costumer service

36 lenyerlatak   (21 January 2014 11:49 AM)
pls po pake sagot po nagmamadali kasi ako maka balik sa leyte kung my byahe ba ngayun sa inyo hndi ba cancel ang cdo to cebu

35 lenyerlatak   (21 January 2014 11:48 AM)
may byahi ba ng barko ngayung gabi cdo to cebu?

34 Christine May Coruna   (21 January 2014 10:52 AM)
May promo ba kayo cdo to cebu?

33 john   (19 January 2014 2:07 PM)
meron bang byahe ngayong araw (Sunday) dated 19 Jan. 2014 going to cebu?

32 yanie   (10 January 2014 7:08 AM)
tanong ko lang kung may promo ba kayo ngayon from cagayan de oro going to cebu

31 arnel   (08 January 2014 5:05 PM)
gd pm po tanong ko lng kng pwede sa economy ang my dala na manok

30 Butch   (04 January 2014 3:31 PM)
Good afternoon, May I know the fare for cabin for January 9, 2014 from iloilo to cebu.
and the cabin good for how many person. Thank You.

29 John Francis   (21 December 2013 10:49 PM)
magkano po ba pamasahe kung may karga akong motor?..

28 Regie   (20 December 2013 12:02 PM)
Hello po ano po ang schedule ng trans asia ilo-ilo to cebu ??

27 faith   (09 November 2013 2:27 PM)
Hello ano po ba schedule trans asia November 10,2013 from cdo to cebu Trans aia 5 ba or 3?


26 edbrey gemina   (11 October 2013 8:53 PM)
asap po sana ....!!

25 edbrey gemina   (11 October 2013 8:50 PM)
hello po .....magkano po ba ang pamasahe pag cagayan de oro -cebu ,ngayong sunday? meron po bang trip pag morning ang ship niyo?

24 mae   (05 October 2013 12:04 PM)
hello, good day!
i would like to ask for the fare of multicab van via masbate-cebu and cebu-cagayan de oro.. how much are we going to pay? thank you.

23 linje antonio   (28 August 2013 10:38 AM)
pila plete sa iloilo kung cabin pls reply asap larga mi tonight

22 sherly   (14 August 2013 1:53 PM)
Bakit po walang biyahe cagayan -cebu...eh dati rati meron naman at daily pa?????

21 dirk torres   (14 August 2013 10:42 AM)
gud am sir.. i would like to ask or inquire about your cebu-cagayan de oro trip.. how much would it cost to ship light vehicle like motorcycle from cebu to cagayan de oro? tanx...

20 paul   (04 July 2013 1:21 PM)
mgkanu mg ship ng van liteace from iloilo-cebu? need reply asap

19 jusie absing   (29 June 2013 2:14 PM)
hi po..ask lng aq.kng mgkano ang fare sa inyong roundtrip ozamis to cebu ang vice versa?plz reply asap.tnx po ,,gdbls :-)

18 Bernard mocorro   (15 June 2013 2:14 AM)
Mag kano pamasahe 6yrs,5yrs,3yrs old na bata papunta ozamis galing cebu po? Mai disc0unt po ba cla? salamat po.

17 lea   (06 June 2013 9:39 AM)
gud day! ask ko lng po if meron promo ngayon cdo to tagbilaran travel time is on last week ng October and return is on November first week po... thanks po

16 vivian d. seguia   (04 June 2013 11:26 PM)
Good evening, can i just ask how much is the fare if we will bring vehicle like Starex Van or either Pick up 4*2 from Cagayan to Tagbilaran City and vice versa.. tanx, please reply ASAP.

15 christy   (19 March 2013 10:35 AM)
ask ko lang po kung may byahe cagayan de oro city to cebu kung may promo ba kau at mag kano kung hindi promo atsaka magkano dn ang promo tickets..?bukas na po kasi ang byahe namin. more power to u!

14 Annabel Proel   (05 March 2013 6:12 PM)
mag tanong lng sana po ako kung may promo ba kayu sa April to may...at saka magkano dn po kung mayron,,at saka ilang percent po na discount kung student?..salamat yun lng po

13 leoj   (05 March 2013 9:49 AM)
ask ko lang po sure po ba may biyahe daily sa cagayan de oro city to cebu and also what time po dating sa cebu? san po dito sa davao puwede buy ang ticket na cagayan to cebu. pls reply thanks we are planning to travel this thursday night.
more peower!

12 reynante canonigo   (26 February 2013 9:16 PM)
may round trip ticket po ba kayo, uuwi sana ako ng cebu ngayong holyweek, balik rn agad d2 cagayan! salamat po!

11 marlou lagura   (10 February 2013 11:59 PM)
what day and ang biyAHE na promo cdo to cebu?

10 ROWELYN METCHALER   (28 December 2012 10:16 AM)
helo po.. pwede po mag ask may biyahe po kayo ngayon.. from cagayan de oro to cebu??

9 Gina   (27 December 2012 7:10 AM)
Good morning po... Ask ko Lang po if may bya he ba ngayon Cebu to Masbate or bukas po.

8 Meryl Ann Doromal   (13 December 2012 2:45 PM)
Good day. I would like to ask if there is a schedule trip CDO-CBU on the evening of Jan 1, 2013.I saw in the website earlier that there is a schedule but only for Iloilo

7 leonardo c avenido   (03 December 2012 6:55 AM)
Gd morning po mang kano bah pamasahe ngayon cebu to cagayan byahe bah sa 25 pasko pa cagayan salamat wala bang promo ngayon thanks

6 evelyn gallarde   (28 October 2012 11:30 AM)
helo gud morning... ask lng po kung magkano yong fare cebu to iloilo ngayon?

5 wenyrose love Arrabis   (21 October 2012 1:55 PM)
Meron po ba kayong byahe ngayong friday cebu to cagayan? :)

4 Ronilo Roxas   (02 September 2012 10:35 AM)
morning mag ask lang po ako.....may byahe po ba ngayon papuntang cebu...magkano ang fare from cagayan?Asap po t

3 moks   (22 August 2012 2:18 PM)
pwd po ba mag pareserve ng ticket papuntang cebu mula iloilo? pd po ba huminigi ng celphone number?

2 ian gerald atinado   (27 March 2012 5:38 PM)
pm!..may byahe po ba kayo ngayong holyweek?..kung wala,ano pong specific date na walang byahe?..tnx

1 daisy mae daypuyat   (14 April 2011 6:28 PM)
gud day po ask lng o my byahe ba ngayung ktaposan na mas mkkamura kme