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Trans Asia Travel Schedule (Trip/Shipping )
Here's a travel schedule of Trans Asia Shipping Lines (Daily schedule ni sa ilang biyahe - shipping guide). The time indicated below is the time of departure. Find the place of your destination below.

Trans Asia Shipping Lines Travel Schedule

Travel Schedule
Time of Departure
Ticket Price
Cebu to Cagayan De Oro
Cagayan De Oro to Cebu

8:00 PM
8:00 PM
Cebu to Ozamis
Ozamis to Cebu

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
8:00 PM
8:00 PM
Cebu to Iloilo
Iloilo to Cebu

Monday to Saturday
Tuesday to Sunday
6:00 PM
6:00 PM
Cebu to Masbate
Masbate to Cebu

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
6:00 PM
6:00 PM
Cebu to Tagbilaran
Tagbilaran to Cebu

12:00 NN
10:00 PM
Tagbilaran to Cagayan
Cagayan to Tagbilaran

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
Cebu to Tacloban
Tacloban to Cebu

Cargo Vessel
Cargo Vessel

Cebu to Zamboanga
Zamboanga to Cebu

Cargo Vessel
Cargo Vessel

Vessels will dock at Pier 5 in Cebu.

Note: Prices are already Net of surcharge and taxes already. Trans Asia now accepts major credit cards at Cebu Main and SM Cebu Offices.

For ticket reservations contact Trans-Asia telephone number: (032) 254-6491; local 222 and 236 / (032) 255-7989

For monthly shipping schedule, fare and promos of Trans Asia, you can visit their website at www.transasiashipping.com. Schedule may change without prior notice.
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Total comments: 163
163 Dennis   (17-May-2016 5:45 PM)
Gud evening maam ,I would like to travel this friday to cebu i bring my hyundai Getz . how much i will pay for my car.i hope u will answer my question.

162 Alvis Paradero Tamparong   (12-May-2016 1:34 PM)
Good afternoon sir/maa'm is there available ticket from ozamis to cebu, one way
if there a slot for roundtrip much better sir/maa'm..thank you


161 Yuri   (30-April-2016 9:47 AM)
How much is your fare for motor CDO to Tagbilaran?

160 geraldin   (22-April-2016 7:58 AM)
I have two kids 9yrs and 5...if I purchase the private room do I have still pay my child?

159 Emmanuel Rey B. Baul   (21-April-2016 8:20 AM)
Is this updated? Can we still book tickets from cebu to masbate on April 27? I heard most of the schedules were fully booked. Please notify me about your latest schedules. Thank you

158 Shulan   (02-April-2016 6:32 PM)
Hi do you have a trip schedule on apr.6 wednesday? Reply asap

157 mack   (31-March-2016 8:06 AM)
hello sir, do you limit the baggage of each passenger? if yes' how many?

156 angely bancoro   (25-March-2016 6:41 PM)
good evening ma'am/sir,may i asked if how much is the fare for student? can you please reply urgently.

155 efren   (21-March-2016 8:40 PM)
do you have schedule this coming election? ,evening preferably.
p.s. cebu to ilo-ilo.

154 marlit   (20-March-2016 6:52 PM)
I just want to know if this is updated

153 Cristine Armecin   (03-March-2016 4:34 PM)
Good pm Ma'am/Sir.
Can i ask if credit card is allowed in Trans Asia
my cellphone number is 09265007342.

Thank you ,,,

ill be waiting for your reply ..

152 Cristine Armecin   (03-March-2016 4:23 PM)
Can credit card allowed in purchasing a ticket to bohol?

151 annamay macellones   (03-February-2016 9:03 AM)
i just want to ask how much do i have to pay if i bring with me 2 fighting cocks from cebu to cagayan de oro?..please text me in my number 09753261986...i really need to know coz ill be traveling to cagayan this weekend february 5...thank you so much..ill be waiting for your reply...

150 Japhet L. Candia   (08-January-2016 10:15 AM)
Hi good morning! I just want to ask, how much is the fare for a single motorbike from cebu to ozamis? thanks

149 Maria Rachel Omasas   (29-December-2015 6:04 AM)
Is there no schedule for Cagayan-Tagbilaran on January 31?

148 mary cresol m. ledesma   (27-December-2015 2:09 AM)
good morning!
I just want to inquire how much is the ferry charge for 4x2 estrada pick up from cagayan to tagbilaran?WHat is the travel schedule from cagayan to tagbilaran.
Thank you

147 marlyn dy   (18-December-2015 4:14 PM)
Will the scheduled trans-asia 10 travel tomorrow for cagayan de oro? If not what will I do or what will be the next schedule? Thanks.

146 Kerish Biann Y. Edullantes   (18-December-2015 10:42 AM)
are we allowed to travel tonight ?from Cebu-CDO

145 Lorez Olemberio   (16-December-2015 7:39 PM)
Is there available ticket travel from Cebu to Cagayan De Oro?

144 lorna dogoldogol   (14-December-2015 1:28 PM)
how much the fare of 2 adults and 1 10yrs old private room?

143 lorna dogoldogol   (14-December-2015 1:27 PM)
How much the fare of 2 adults and 1 10yrs old

142 balacuit leo rey   (10-December-2015 6:58 AM)
May i ask,the latest fare from cebu to cagayan de oro trip??

141 brida ricafort   (11-November-2015 8:35 AM)
how much is the rate fare of motorcycle shipping from cebu to legazpi?/

140 Harry Brigoli   (02-November-2015 2:04 PM)
Good Afternoon,
May we ask the fare rate of motorcycle from cagayan de oro to cebu city?

139 salahudin cabugatan   (22-October-2015 6:01 PM)
Mirun bang dipolog to caticlan

138 frezil   (16-October-2015 10:42 AM)
May i ask,do you have schedule today for cebu to ozamis...thank you

137 Lymar Lopez   (28-September-2015 9:19 PM)
Hi! May i know if you have student fare discount?

136 rose   (26-September-2015 11:20 AM)
good day! how much is your freight for a multicab? from cebu to iloilo?

135 Raquel   (24-September-2015 6:59 PM)
Do you have day trip on oct.1 from Cebu to Cagayan de Oro ? Thank you...

134 john andrew   (24-September-2015 7:13 AM)
good day maam/sir.this coming october 2,2015 ill go at cebu city from ozamis city can i ask do you have a trip for that schedule.?please reply 09262806063 also the time of departure

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