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VG RORO 1 Shipping/Travel Schedule for Oroquieta City to Cebu vice versa
A new passenger shipping lines in Oroquieta City, VG RORO 1 Cargo Passenger is now officially ready to serve you. Read the travel/shipping schedule below for your guidance.

Picture of VG Roro Shipping Lines


(from - to)
Travel Schedule
Ticket Price
Oroquieta to Cebu
Days = Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday (direct)
Departure time = 7:00pm
Arrival time = 6:00am
Cebu to Oroquieta
Days = Monday - Wednesday - Friday (direct)
Departure time = 8:00pm
Arrival time = 6:00am
Oroquieta to Tubod
Day = Saturday
Departure time = 10:00am
Tubod to Oroquieta
Day = Sunday
Departure time = 10:00am

If you know the ticket price, please let us know by posting them in comments below. You can also share your travel experience. Could you tell us how's your travel with VG Roro 1?
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