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Ninoy Aquino Famous Speech - End's Beginning (Prison Poem)
One of the famous poems of Ninoy Aquino, "End's Beginning".

End's Beginning
Prison Poem of Ninoy
August 11, 1973

What now? What next?

When will this end?

Man is born free to live

to live in chains.

To be born is to die

To love is to struggle,

endure, suffer, sacrifice

for what? For whom?

Freedom, liberty, happiness

zenith of human aspirations

But does he really want


Can he appreciate liberty?

Which comes first

security of happiness

food or freedom?

Peace at any cost or liberty?

A living Filipino

or a dead hero?

Why struggle, life is short

"Enjoy while there's time"

After all, life ends in the grave.

Advice of the sage!

Sweat and tears

water the seed

Seed falls and grows,

Bear fruits and dies.

Falls, grows again

Dies, grows again.

Man is trapped

In a vicious circle

round and round

there is no escape

"There are no tyrants

where there are no slaves."

Cry and fathom despair

to understand hope - to

discover the meaning of love

Love and live

Live and die.

Nothing to nothing

hole to hole

womb to tomb

tears for birth

tears for death

water to water.

Live to die

Die to live

Kill freedom

Long live tyranny

That Freedom may be

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