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Fix Java Problem in Windows 7 64bit

If you're using Windows 7 64-bit operating system on your computer, chances are you will be getting problems installing and running Java Runtime Environment (Java) software to your browser. Problems might include:
  • Your browser (chrome, firefox or internet explorer) cannot run or open programs that require Java
  • Games that require Java cannot be opened
  • Or other programs that require Java cannot be opened or cannot run.

Fix Java Problem in Windows 7 64-bit
Fix Java Problem in Windows 7 64bit

You can fix this problem by following these tips below:

1. Don't use the Java x64-bit version for your Windows 7 x64-bit OS because it will not work. Instead, use the Java x32-bit version.

2. Uninstall any versions of unworkable Java from your computer. You can uninstall it by going to Start button --> Control Panel --> Programs --> Uninstall a Program

Control Panel Windows 7

Uninstall a Program

Uninstall Java

3. After completely removing the Java, download the Java 32-bit by clicking the link below:
The file is archived in a .rar format. So, you must extract the file by using Winrar or any data extractor software.

After installing this Java, your computer/laptop (with Windows 7 64 bit OS) is now running the 32-bit Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Are you still having a problem with Java running on your computer? Let us know in the comment below.

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