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Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Main Office and Contact/Telephone Number
Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), Philippines

Main/Head Office Address: BIR National Office Bldg., BIR Road, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
Contact/Telephone Number: 981-7000 / 981-8888
Email Address: contact_us@cctr.bir.gov.ph
Official Website: http://www.bir.gov.ph

(Picture) Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR, Philippines) Logo

Do you have any concern with BIR Main Office?
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161 John Robert Mangawang   (02-May-2016 6:02 AM)
Mam/sir I forgot my tin number please do help me how to get it. Thank you! Please do contact me. Thank you very much!

160 MARIA LOURDES H. QUIZON   (17-April-2016 7:08 PM)
Hi Mam/Sir,
Good Day...
I have filed my online application, i already have the copy of tax return receipt confirmation.
My TIN no. 217-650-515, i filed last April 8, 2016.
My RDO code is 126.
Please do send me list of accredited banks where I can pay my tax.
I applied for installment basis.

I'm looking forward for your reply so that I am aware of Banks accredited on this RDO 126.

Thank you so much!!!

159 pedrolimpin   (22-March-2016 6:48 AM)
Good day!

Im a freelancer programmer, a mini grocery wants to buy my point of sales and use as POS for there daily sales transaction where do to I start in order to avoid penalties and how my point of sales to be accredited and permitted to use by my clients.

158 Janneth Mendez   (09-March-2016 11:51 PM)
Hi! I need to transfer my RDO code from 050 which is in Makati to 132 which is in Davao. As what the BIR staffs told me I need to fax my BIR form 1905 to my previous RDO so they can transfer it to my current RDO, but the problem is that I can't reach the number that the BIR staffs provided me. Do you have any other contact or fax number where I can fax my BIR form. Need to do this ASAP! Thanks for your immediate response on this matter.

157 Grace Macaspe   (04-March-2016 1:46 PM)
I would to know how much is the capital range of the company that needs to be audited this coming april for last year 2015? I am wondering if small business have to undergo this process because auditor's fee is really expensive. Hope to get a quick response. Thanks!

156 Durlynvic Espina   (29-February-2016 4:20 PM)
Good day!

I just want to inquire which rdo am i still registered? I know I was registered before in Calamb, Laguna. Now I change employer.

Hoping for a quick response

155 MARICEL   (22-February-2016 8:47 AM)

154 Michael Johnrio M. Babaran   (16-February-2016 9:45 AM)
I would like to request in your good office to send my TIN # at my email add; razor_lover90@yahoo.com and/or mbabaran@novesys.com or my contact # 09166012325 .Sorry to tell you i forgot my TIN#.
Thank you in advance!

153 Dame Jade A.Mapa   (29-January-2016 5:10 AM)
Hi Good Day!

Can you please help me verify my status, cause in my past company I already enrolled my two dependents, however when I get resign, I got my 2361 it stated their that I'm a single status, I'm trying to call your hotline 9818888 a couple of times but it's always busy.
Best Regards!

152 Joanalyn macedonio   (06-January-2016 12:13 PM)
Please help me kindly send my TIN# through my email joanmacedonio@yahoo.com
Sorry to tell you i forgot my TIN#.
Thank you in advance!

151 annalou m. surio   (15-December-2015 1:55 PM)
Good Day!!

I would like to request in your good office to send my TIN # at my email add rhiel_ann02@yahoo.com or my contact # 09079739206 . im request to copy of my TIN #.Im Annalou M, surio and my birthday is JULY 08 . 1996. I hope that you can make an action about this. And i wish it will solve as soon as possible

Read more: http://www.affordablecebu.com/load/directory/bureau_of_internal_revenue_bir_main_office_and_contact_telephone_number/26-1-0-458#ixzz3uMzQ7gVF

150 ryan camacho   (27-November-2015 9:09 AM)
sir,mam.. i already had a TIN number but, how can i get or avail a TIN IDENTIFICATION CARD?
thank you

149 Star   (21-October-2015 5:26 PM)
Hi! Good day! I would like to ask the list of BIR offices accepting a fax copy of the BIR form 1905 for the transfer of RDO code since some of our employees are having difficulty transferring their RDO, with this, they cannot add dependents. Thank you!
Kindly email the list on my email if this is possible or kindly message me if there are other options re this concern.
We can also email a scanned copy in case BIR offices can give their email address. Thanks again and looking forward with the options we can do for employees not to personally go at BIR office for this transaction.

148 Evangeline Logmao   (16-October-2015 3:45 PM)
Good afternoon,

Nagfile po ko dito Sa bit Valenzuela ang nakskainis po Kasi Hindi nila ipinaliliwanag kung among mga gagawin? Pregnant po dapat po bang pabalik pabalik sa kanila. Puede po bang bigyan nyo Ng action Ito. Salamat po.

Hope for your immediate response. Thank you.

147 jennifer pana   (11-September-2015 10:44 AM)

What is the revenue district code for the national office, quezon city?u

thank yo

Best regards to all

146 Pepito Pelaez   (10-September-2015 9:19 AM)
Good day!

May I ask your good office to send my TIN number via sms on this phone number, 09983151671. My name is Pepito Jimenez Pelaez Bday: Sept 29, 1959: Mother's name Epifania Lagran Jimenez, Father's name Rafael P. Pelaez. I was trying to call your office but all I got is a voice prompt. Pls. send it to me via text for I dont have access to my email.

145 Nicol Saludes Requierme   (09-September-2015 5:03 PM)
Good Day,

I would like to request in your good office to send my TIN # and my email add nickrex2005@yahoo.com. And i wish it will solve as soon as possible

thank you

144 Nicol Saludes Requierme   (09-September-2015 2:14 PM)
Dear Sir/Mam,

I am Nicol Saludes Requierme, Filipino citizen, residing at Jimili-an, Loboc, Bohol.

I'm trying to enrolled the online registration in getting TIN number, but in the system they will informed me that I have already a TIN number.

I need your help to retrieved my TIN number.

Thank you so much.

Nicol S. Requierme

143 Donamar Jovita   (07-September-2015 12:12 PM)
Good Day!!

I would like to request in your good office to send my TIN # at my email add judithaolimberio@yahoo.com or my contact # 09255166519 . I lost my TIN ID and I didnt memorise my TIN #.Im Donamar Jovita and my birthday is Sept 22,1989. I hope that you can make an action about this. And i wish it will solve as soon as possible

142 Maricel M. Jose   (04-September-2015 8:17 AM)
Good day Sir/Madam:

Can I ask for a fax number..

Thank You

141 ann   (28-August-2015 8:55 PM)
Hi, good day.. I just want to ask if this company name (GOLDEN VI HUMAN RESOURCES) have permit? Thanks.. Send the permit number at my gmail account.. Thanks again..

140 Rojoef Manuel   (20-August-2015 7:20 AM)
Good day! May I request for my TIN number to be sent on my gmail? The last page in online registration shows my TIN with my name, which I forgot to print.

Thank you!

139 tiffany n karingal   (07-August-2015 11:08 AM)
good day,
i would like to ask if its possible foe to request for my ncome tax return sine 2012 to 2014, i will be using the said docs. for my loan here in cdo.
hoping that i could drop by your office anytime time to pick up a copy of my itr.
hoping for your kind consideration.

tiffany neri-karingal

138 mikay   (24-July-2015 12:32 PM)
It is hard to contact bureau of internal revenue - revenue district office 39. Can you provide us other telephone number that we can connect easily if there is any? Thanks.

137 Erikka Jade Leonidas Palermo   (14-July-2015 1:11 PM)
Hi good day! I just wanted to ask this to BIR. My friend don't have time to inquire this because he's day off falls on weekends and there's no office during that time. He worked in a fast food chain and right now he has a new work and TIN # is needed. that's why we want to know if he had a contribution before or does he have an existing TIN #. Thank you!

136 ting ronquillo   (05-July-2015 1:43 PM)
can you please check the address 221B and 221C Sta.Teresita St .Sampaloc,Manila under the name WINNIE MAICO because the official receipts she issued on her tenants is not BIR registered.She's been issuing this receipt since 2000..Hoping for an immediate action on this matter.thank you.

135 Jandyl D. Aurea   (26-June-2015 12:45 PM)
I have a problem for getting tin card. I have only tin no. My company is requiring to have the tin card for employment. Since I am ofw. Why they refuse to issue from the rdo id registered. We are free of tax.

134 John Ryan Calma   (24-June-2015 11:03 AM)
To whom it may concern,

I would like to ask if there's any best contact phone number and fax machine number for BIR Cagayan de Oro City branch. I already google all the possible numbers here but still not able to contact their good office. I already visited BIR Mandaue City Branch office but they advised me to google the fax machine numbers because they don't have any copy of it.

The reason why I am trying to contact BIR Cagayan de Oro City branch, their good office, be able for me to update my employer address from Phil-am Life Insurance to Convergys - Cebu site, which I cannot pass my full requirements on time in my present company that I am working for or if there's any other option that I can do aside from faxing my form 1905 to BIR CDOC branch RDO Code 098?

I am hoping for your soonest reply. Thanks and God Bless!

133 Emman Gabriel H. Sarian   (20-June-2015 3:39 PM)
I go to my old RDO which is 050 located at Makati City. Then I ask the representative their, he asked me if what is the name of the company so he will find the RDO. THEN, after a moment, he told me that the RDO is 126.My problem is, I don't know where is the address of that RDO. ??? I HOPE YOU HELP ME. THANKS :)

132 Pacita Jimenez Jimenez   (15-June-2015 8:10 PM)

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