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Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) Headquarters/Main Office | Telephone Number
Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) Headquarters/Main Office Address:

Lopez Building
Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City
Philippines 1600

Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) Headquarters/Main Office Telephone Number: (0300) 1622-3186; 16220 (TL); 632-8501; 631-2222/5571 to 72

Fax No.: 632-8501

Email Address: corcom@meralco.com.ph 

Company Website: www.meralco.com.ph

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Identification Number: PW-102

BIR Tax Identification Number (TIN): 000-101-528-000

About Manila Electric Company (MERALCO)

Incorporated in 1919, Manila Electric Company (MER) is engaged in the distribution and sale of electric energy through its distribution network facilities in its franchise area. Its market is categorized into four sectors such as residential, commercial, industrial, and streetlights. The principal sources of power of MER include the National Power Corporation, First Gas Power Corp. and FGP Corporation, Quezon Power (Phils.) Ltd., Wholesale Electricity Spot Market, AES Corporation (Masinloc), Therma Luzon, Inc. (Pagbilao), South Premier Power Corporation (Ilijan), AP Renewables, Inc. (Makban), San Miguel Energy Corp. (Sual), SEM-Calaca Power Corporation (Calaca), Philippine Power and Development Company, and Montalban Methane Power Corporation.
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13 Joel   (08-December-2015 5:55 AM)
What are the requirements in changing the account name in the MERALCO billing statement into another person or to the new property owner?

12 Edilberto Tuason   (23-November-2014 4:57 PM)
our neighbor is using a jumper, 1231 sisa st sampaloc manila

11 Susan Dy   (09-November-2014 3:52 AM)
Why is Meralco requiring me to apply for a remodelling/relocation of my stplen electric meter which will require me to apply for a new service application at Las Pinas city hall? What is your basis for recommeding a "remodelling"/relocation of the meter even if I refuse to move the meter elsewhere?

10 Richard Fultner   (29-October-2014 10:17 PM)
I write to your good office for the simple reason that: Before I left for the USA 24th October, 2014, I left a check to pay my MERALCO bill through my maid. The check I wrote was 7,100.33 pesos instead of 7,150.33 pesos. That was the only signed check I left with her for MERALCO. Since I can't send her a corrected check because of the distance I am in right now, I requested her to find out if it would be possible for her to pay the check plus a cash amounting to the balance as reflected in the bill. I was told that it is not possible. I am wondering why this can't be done. And I am worried because anytime now, they might just cut our power. Could you please give us a little consideration given the situation at this point. We are willing to pay, but looks like a policy re: bills payment is just an obstacle for us to do so.

Looking forward to your granting my request even for just this ONCE as soon as possible.

Truly yours,

1576 C Iriga St., Santiago Village
Bgy Valenzuela, Makati City

tel: +63927-382-7402
email: ophieraqrey@yahoo.com

9 Angelie L. Lumban   (21-April-2014 2:00 PM)
I write to your good office to follow up on my refund for my SIN 198816302. I submitted my letter of request and other pertinent documents last January 2, (2014). unfortunately, when I made my follow up last march, I was told that my request was only submitted to the main office in February, hence, the delay in the release of the said refund. We are now in the month of April and still no news on the release. May I therefore request again for this process to be expedited? My last due month for this account was May, 2012 which they have automatically deducted to the amount that I was supposed to be refunded.

8 Marylina Mabida   (05-April-2014 2:03 AM)
Please send the new Registration ID no. For account 450036901, 905836601, 939726401, 227421301, 939729901, 939730601, 939729001, 939724901, 930345701 all under the name for Marylina C. Mabida for online registration on line payment please email advise your replies via my link m7388m@yahoo.com

7 Rosemarie Olofsson   (03-March-2014 6:25 PM)
I would like to ask, i paid the meralco bill using the store.smartpinoy.com homepage and i got the deduction through my paypal account..i got a receipt from paypal that i already paid the meralco bill, but the problem is when my relatives in Manila ask the meralco center if their melralco bill was paid and it said that its not paid? how so? hoping i can get an answer? i want a confirmation that my payment was sent to meralco.. 

Thank you,
Rosemarie Olofsson

6 Rewell Castro   (01-October-2013 6:27 PM)
How can I draft a letter of request in connecting my coal fired power plant at Pinamucan Batangas City.

5 joel reyes   (04-August-2013 2:01 PM)
wher do i e-mail if i want to report illegal connections.

4 joel reyes   (04-August-2013 2:01 PM)
where do i report illegal connections of my neighbor?

3 REBECCA   (03-December-2012 5:11 PM)
how do I get my meralco shares certificates bought as IPO through the GSIS

2 cindy   (30-November-2012 9:26 PM)
is there a internship program at meralco?

1 Joel Edralin   (18-July-2012 2:07 PM)
Sir/ Madame;
Can I ask for a contact person to whom i can address my proposal letter for BLS Basic Life Support Training.


Joel Edralin