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McDo Delivery Contact Number in Cebu
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McDonalds proudly presents their 24-hour service delivery system. You can now order your favorite meals and burgers of McDonalds in Cebu through phone and deliver them right at your doorsteps.

McDonalds Delivery in Metro Cebu
Contact Number: 348-6236
Official Website: www.mcdonalds.com.ph

24-hour McDo Delivery in Metro Cebu

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5 Alvinjan Mayol • 1:38 AM, 05-June-2014
Can i ask for the contact number in Mcdonalds consolacion cebu ? thanks.
4 Dong Dy • 11:25 AM, 30-July-2013
coffee always spilled, less content left.... no thank you greetings, slow delivery service it took 2 hours to wait, no smile from the delivery boy...... changing flavors of the brewed coffee , not consistent in taste quality control
3 mariemar • 5:22 PM, 15-April-2013
how to apply and what thing need thank you
2 Sean • 9:13 PM, 03-December-2012
McDonalds Delivery in Cebu is an absolute joke. Takes several hours to deliver and they are absolutely not responsive.
1 Kathrina Cabatino • 6:14 AM, 25-September-2012
It's my Birthday today, I ordered at 4am I sent it maybe 6 times but I haven't received any feedbacks from you guys!....How can you be so mean?...We are even your regular customer here in RASO SOLUTIONS near Lexmark.....We kept on ordering since you have this 24/7 service and too bad on my BIG DAY! we haven't received emails,text or eve a call from you guys!!.....It's already 6am and I haven't receive anu feedbacks from you???.....Any explanation on this?....I knw and I was so SURE!! that I sent it correctly!!.....THere's no typhoon either that would make you cancel my order and if there's cancellation you may notify me as well right????....HOw come I haven't receive any FEEDBACKS Guys??!!!....We were even arguing if we will order at Jollibee or Mcdonalds and I defended you guys!.....and now the were SO UPSET of me!....I even told them Mcdo j\has 24/7 service!!....HOW COME??!!!!!

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