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Metrobank Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Branch | Telephone Number
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Metrobank  Abu Dhabi Branch, United Arab Emirates

Office/Branch Address
Al Ansari Exchange

PO Box 325, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Contact/Phone Number
00 (97150) 249-0520

Fax Number
(9714) 220-6113

Email Address

Banking/Operating Hours

Type of Industry
Banking / Financial Services / Remittance

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2 Zhianyl Cawaling Campoy • 5:34 AM, 22-August-2014
Can i inquire my account here please you can send me thanl you...
1 jenilyn • 10:33 PM, 05-November-2013
can I use my account here in the Philippines when the time I already working in abu dhabi to continue my savings account kindly help me.thank u

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