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PC Express Cebu NRA (in front of SM) Branch and Contact Number
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PC Express Cebu NRA

Company Name: PC Express
Cebu Branch Address:  Ground floor, CIFC Towers, J. Luna Ave. North Reclamation Area (in front fo SM Cebu)
Contact No. / Telephone No.:  (032) 234-4377 / (032) 234-4388

Email Address of Support team:  thegamingarena@gmail.com
Official Website: http://pcx.com.ph
Business Category: Computer & Accessories Retail

PC Express Logo

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4 Kingbert Royce Walkington   (25-October-2014 10:33 AM)
Can you guys repair PC problems?

3 Airone S. Arlan   (19-December-2013 1:24 PM)
Good Day!!!

Want to ask about your PLDT Cyberya. What are its specs of it pc then is it loaded or installed with games online and offline games..Does it have video card included in the package?



2 manjo calooy   (09-November-2013 9:14 AM)
do you have X1 lan card avialible?

1 monday leonor   (29-October-2012 12:59 PM)
Is there any job hiring in your company?

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