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PLDT Cebu Business Offices and Telephone Numbers

PLDT Cebu, Philippines

Company Name:
Type of Industry: Telecommunications Company

PLDT Business Offices / Area
Contact Number / Telephone Number
Customer Service
Argao Business Office Service/Billing Osmeña Blvd.
367-7114 / 367-7173
Cebu Business Zone Head
255-8899 / 255-5700
Cebu Jones Business Office Servicing/Billing Per Area Camputhaw/Kalunasan
Capitol Site/Sambag 1 and 2
Cogon Ramos/Day-as/San Antonio, Sta. Cruz/Zapatera
Ermita/Pahina Central Sto Niño
Kamagayan/Kalubihan/Pari-an, Tinago/San Roque
Card Sales
South Cebu Business Office Servicing/Billing Per Area Guadalupe
Tisa Labangon
Talisay Business Office Servicing/Billing Per Area, Minglanilla/Naga
Poblacion Talisay/Tabunok
Mandaue Business Office
346-4600 / 346-4700
Mandaue Commercial Servicing & Billing
Mabolo Business Office, Mabolo Commercial Servicing & Billing
Mactan Business Office, Mactan Sub-Exchange commercial Servicing & Billing

PLDT - Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company Business Logo

 Map of PLDT Cebu Jones Office

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When calling via landline - 171(tollfree) Mondays to Fridays (8:00am to 7:00pm)
Saturdays & Sundays (8:00am to 5:00pm)

When calling via SMART celfone: 171 (toll free)


When calling via landline:173 (toll free) Mondays to Fridays (8:00am to 7:00pm)
Saturdays & Sundays (8:00am to 5:00pm)


Via landline: 172 (toll free)
anytime (24/7) available
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77 Ken Duncan   (30 July 2017 9:11 AM)
Hi, Do you provide home telephone and broadband service to Bgy. Perrelos, Carcar City, Cebu ? Where is your Office so I can call in and get details of Plans.

76 Luis T. Dungog   (03 May 2017 7:00 AM)
Please check Ms. Ella Bonocan Cuevas , telephone number 0323408812 and account number 0237599438 whose telephone unit has no dial tone.

75 Eva Dela Calzada   (20 October 2016 1:19 PM)
PLDT please check your post number 0828133 here in Tungkil Minglanilla Cebu, malapit na kasi itong mag collapse just for precautionary marami kasing bata na maglalaro sa surroundings.

74 Bill   (09 October 2016 10:19 AM)
I have been complaining about poor (very slow DSL) service for over two and a half years. Not once have you corrected this problem. One of your repair technicians told me that your equipment was too old, needed too much repair and it would cost PLDT too much money to fix it. HUMMMM It seems to me you should really FIX YOUR BROKEN SYSTEM.

Meanwhile I am stuck on copper lines even though my agreement with PLDT was for FIBER. Your representatives keep telling me your records show I am on a Fiber plan but nobody has changed my connection. Your records are not what reality is.

When are you going to provide me with the FIBER connection that I have been paying for? Is it going to be another year and a half? Month after month after month after month I am told I will be transitioned over to the Fiber plan I am supposed to be on and am paying for but nothing ever happens. You keep billing me for it and most of the time your billing department tells me it will take months to decide if I am deserving of a rebate. It is like I am the one trying to steal from PLDT not that PLDT is in reality is stealing from me.


73 Joe   (23 July 2016 2:03 AM)
I will complain to 8888 on August if our internet will not be fix immediately!!
I need internet for my work but you always keep on interrupting our connection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will really try my best to let my voice be heard!!!! I will report especially the Jones branch in Cebu!!!!!!!!!!!

72 analyn   (27 May 2016 10:44 AM)
Good day... I want to complain number 032-3400838 Deca 4, cannot used our telephone or cannot receive outside call. Please check for you cut as on time but service is not good. Thank you

71 Luella Orbiso   (13 March 2016 1:22 AM)

70 milloden marmi to-ong   (20 January 2016 3:10 PM)
Good day! I would just like to ask where can i find an office branch of yours here in carcar city cebu because im planning to apply for an internet connection with landline also.
Hoping for your quick response.
Thank you and God bless.

69 Ana Dallosto   (14 November 2015 7:27 AM)
Hello, been complaining that our Phone has not dial tone for 3 almost a month now. No service people have check on it yet. I sent email, went to your office few times, and still no one has done something to fix it. The phone listed is 236-5994 located in Talisay. You may email me at ayd29@aol.com for questions. thank you

68 johndave   (20 September 2015 9:55 AM)
the telpad is not working i already charge the baterry after low but when after an hour of charging i push the button start on but its not working. the only problem of telpad is not on

67 lynzosoled@yahoo.com   (11 September 2015 11:53 AM)
hi good day! i just want to ask how to apply CYBERYA,. what is the requirements!,. I NEED YOUR REPLY ASAP!! and by the way what is your rEAl tel #,. i keep in calling in your tel # but Nobody's answered my call I NEED YOUR ANSWER ASAP HOPING FOR THE FAST RESPONSE Tnx,

66 jehane Condevillamar   (02 September 2015 9:13 AM)
Good day,I just want to ask if what is the requirements if I going to cut-off others services that you offered, since I'm just only representative to my aunt's PLDT connection. Aside the Authorization Letter of my Aunt, what else? thanks, please reply immediately.

65 Jigger   (11 August 2015 9:48 AM)
hello, i want to install local number in our office. how can i apply for that?

64 Ian Jay   (05 August 2015 9:47 AM)
Sir/Mam,Good Morning.I like to avail the cyberya package.if i avail the installment,what are the requirements?thank you

63 Merelyn perez   (28 July 2015 9:03 AM)
Good morning maam i need to cancelled my application form .withen one month i fly to united states i cannot wait for 10 days and i hope u considered my reason. You my full name merelyn perez b.f living bitter sudtonggan basak lapu lapu

62 Anidrol   (08 July 2015 11:53 PM)
Good day!

Hello Pldt management. I applied for wifi + landline and been waiting for like 3 weeks already for your dispatch team to install. I was told by the sales representative i will receive a call in the next 3-5 business days.what took you so long? Is it because installation fee is discounted (which is a promotion as being told) or you guys simply can't keep your word. I even had my application cancelled for the same service from a different provider to get a fast and reliable service from you. And this is what i got! There is no question application took me less than 10 mins, but i hope i won't be waiting for nothing for me to get the service. Something needs to be done.

Thank you!

61 Mel Imperial   (21 June 2015 11:59 PM)
i would like to know the name of the manager/director of PLDT here in Lapu-Lapu city and email address.

60 suzette tallo   (09 June 2015 9:20 AM)
Good Day,

I've been calling your customer service (*177), 2 times last week about our telephone that we don't have dial tone, since wednesday June 03,2015. Our Account number: 0232075996 with telephone number 032-236 7284 under SteadyTracker Inc., located at 638 Cebu North Rd Brgy. Basak Mandaue City.They give me already the Incident Number 100-903-31 and they said that it is handle by rokie abelliar (i don't know to spell his name) a Cebu Technician. But until now we don't have yet dial tone, how can we communicate to our customer / supplier with this? Were hopping that you fix the problem ASAP. Looking forward on this.

59 Geravil giango   (26 May 2015 8:46 PM)
If in any case that i want to uninstall the pldt home bro ultera how much it cost cause i heard that i need to pay for it. Kindly pls reply this urgent favor i hope you'll understand

58 Ara Hernandez   (10 May 2015 12:10 PM)
I want to inquire about my application on plan1299 because I have already been waiting for a week. I have applied on Mandaue branch. Please call me amd inform me what happen to my plan under this name: Rebecca C. Pilapil, we need the internet connection ASAP! THANKS.

57 Monette Lata   (15 September 2014 3:26 PM)

56 Nicky Smith Byrne   (20 August 2014 9:46 AM)
C'mon PLDT.... what kind of service are you offering to your customer???? you better remove all your landline numbers...it's useless because nobody wants to take my call....YOU ARE USELESS>>>>

55 Pinky O. dela Cruz   (28 May 2014 9:53 AM)
Hello do you have facility here in San Fernando, Cebu?
I would like to apply for a telephone line and internet connection

54 lashygreeny   (14 May 2014 2:58 PM)
kalagot ba nako aning pldt! naa tay concern wa gyuy manubag labe nas pldt jones! mga tabaghak negosyo man kaha na inyu tarunga pud na oi! b**** kaayu!

53 Sylvia Bontigao   (10 April 2014 2:45 PM)
Good Day!
I want 999 plan and i want its wifi not lan. How much for the installation fee? Do I need to buy a router or you provide?

52 Reonix   (07 April 2014 11:37 AM)
Good day !! PLDT

I would like to why there's no connection here in subangdaku,mandaue ???????
dili me ka outgoing calls diri . our work has been paralyzed.

51 cheyenee   (21 February 2014 9:47 PM)
heloo... i just want to ask if how come we receive in notice of disconection if we payed it upto date.. i payed in january bill but when we recieve the febuary bill its notice of disconection...plz reply

50 jack wilson   (17 January 2014 3:28 PM)
I have PLDT phone and internet service. For some unexplained reason, I am unable to call my landlord. It is very important that I contact him immediately. This is not the first time I have been able to make a local call. This service is unsatisfactory. Perhaps I should find another phone service.

49 Felix Veral   (14 January 2014 2:06 PM)
I would like to know my telephone #. The installer didn't give it to me.

48 Raphael P. Panares   (14 January 2014 12:00 PM)

I would to inquire for the Telephone number of Phillip Morris Fortune Tobacco Corporation(PMFTC) at A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City. This is in regards for follow up employment application status of the company.

Thank you and I hope you can give the number.

47 mary grace suerte   (02 October 2013 3:00 PM)
I would like to ask on how to secure PLDT directory for business transaction purposes.

Thank you

46 Joseph Michael O'Bosky   (30 September 2013 9:39 AM)
Hello, we are moving to Minglanilla Cebu in October next month. What is the deposit for a landline and what kind of services do you have for the internet?

45 iezel miralles   (27 September 2013 1:51 PM)
I want to inquire about my application on plan1299 because I have already been waiting for so long...

44 franics   (30 May 2013 10:28 AM)
to PLDT Management..

i would like to share my experience and giving advise your company to please update your business office contact number..i call many times expecting someone will answer my call but sad to say, no one does it...much better to remove the PLDT office numbers because its useless..


no offend..

43 Lovella Bancale   (16 May 2013 1:23 PM)
What took so long of my application. Had applied plan 1299 last february. Please do feedback.

42 Analyn R. Quijote   (04 April 2013 6:26 PM)
Good day!
I would like to express my sincere desire to apply for an (OJT) On-Job- Training program in your company.I am fourth year student Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT) major in Computer Technology at Cebu Technological University-Argao Campus. Our course curriculum, requires us to have 1,800 hours supervised in-plant training that aims to complement the concepts and theories that we have learned,to the development of our full potential,through exposure to the actual field.

Thank you for any consideration upon reading to this letter of application.

contact number: 09473428862

41 marie   (08 March 2013 3:11 PM)
I also applied to PLDT but their service is so slow, costumer service and also the technicians.

Nag apply sad q sa pldt but hinay kaau ilang service, costumer service and also mga tecnician.

40 Charito Bangayan   (03 March 2013 11:20 PM)
We applied for My DSL in Cebu Sambag 1 & 2 Zone since last month 2/2013 Within those weeks that past, they only installed cables and telephone but wifi is unacessable and telephone service is not available at all. I could not understand why it is taking so long for PLDT to send out their services that makes the client so impatient for the long waiting time. There is no explanation at all from PLDT side on why their service could not reach at a short period of time. Is it unavailability of personnel or technical personnel for every zone? WHy can't PLDT expedite the installation, while they are only good in dessiminating their media advertisement on their websites, but services is too weak to reach out the clients. I am disappointed on how this personnel left the clients house hanging in the air without any giving assurance when the services shall be completed.

39 berto..   (14 December 2012 10:29 AM)
...mao kalagot kau.. bayad man unta me ug sakto,(masobraaN pa gani kay,dili pwede and sinsiyo) kaso, kalit lang walay internet... dili sd magamit ang telepono..
pag klaro mo sa inyo serbisyo..

38 Maria Chona A. Degollacion   (13 September 2012 7:44 AM)
4 days na po walang dial tone ang phone ng brother-in-law ko. Pagtinatawagan ko nagriring naman. Pwede bang tingnan ninyo kung ano talaga ang dahilan dahil nahihirapan na po kami. Hindi po makagawa ng assignments ang mga bata dahil walang internet. Ito po ang landline namin 032-340-3529 at ang address ay Osmena Street, Gun-ob, Lapu-Lapu City infront po sa Manang Fe's BBQ malapit sa Paseo de Amores. Mayroon akong inutusan kahapon pero at ang sabi ay tawagan ko si Remir Mendoza pero hindi naman sumasagot. Pls. help us............

37 Domingo A. Luego   (03 September 2012 2:22 PM)
I applied for your mobile telephone last two months ago. Why it takes so long?

36 HERALDINE VISITACION   (09 August 2012 7:15 PM)
is it dugay to reconnect the line back? how long shall I wait? I called last week, I was told that I will wait within Monday. But now, today is thursday, wala pa gihapon. :-(

Please let me know status.

35 CreatedByMe   (08 August 2012 4:05 PM)
guys. kinsai naai number ninU sa agent sa pldt lapu lapu? kay mu ask ko if naa sila free installation. para pod makatipid ko. txc ko 09233611405

sa plan 999 ba, pwede ba dili apilan ug telephone? ang uban man gud nako kaila neengon na pwede daw.

34 steven lloyd puentes   (04 August 2012 11:50 AM)
nganung putol man ang koneksyon sa telephone.. we can't contac. we need the landline koneksyon. :(

33 Samantha   (30 July 2012 2:03 PM)
Maskin pa Toll free maka HB hay hitech man kaha unta

32 Samantha   (30 July 2012 2:02 PM)
pagka wa jud klaro, dili na incorrect keeps on ringnging napod maka HB mga way au

31 Lee   (27 June 2012 3:47 PM)
Is it true that PLDT cables are stolen around Kinasang-an Pardo area?

30 Suzette   (06 June 2012 9:16 AM)
all providers are the same, slow customer service... you just happen to have pldt and posted on a pldt topic..

29 evangeline abellana   (21 May 2012 2:47 PM)
hi pldt why is it that as of now the connection in talisay city cebu still under repair why is it very slow in responding tha problem..when it will be fix..we are always paying.but the service is very bad..

28 viencentjay   (18 May 2012 7:41 PM)

27 viencentjay   (18 May 2012 7:38 PM)

26 viencentjay   (18 May 2012 7:38 PM)

25 viencentjay   (18 May 2012 7:36 PM)
bakiy ganon tapos naa na instal bakit wla pa angg connection nag internet

24 marga lumanol   (17 April 2012 7:19 PM)
I have a Big issue with your internet connection. Your internet connection has been on and off for so many times since we started contract with you. We are a subscriber of your internet with landline connection but the service is VERY VERY POOR.I want it disconnected soon and replace with other subscriber better than you can provide. Been a good payer of your company. Why is it on in the morning and off in the afternooon? I hate it! When the customer service was ask about it they just kept on promising us that it will connected right away but its not even happening, we just keep on ringing to follow up. PLDT jones wake up! Soon all your customers will be transfering if that is your service.

23 jerch   (17 April 2012 9:45 AM)
nindot unta ang pldt pero hinay lang ug response ila mga mga tao need pa ug cge follow-up kinahang pa mapudpud imu tudlo cge dial sa ila hotline para matubag ka nila! 2months nko cge paabot sa ila free wifi modem nila until karun la pa jud niabot sa akong mga kamot. karun la ko net kai naguba pud ang ilang modem nus.a na sad kaha ni nila ilisan!
hope paspasan nila ila human service..

22 chille   (22 March 2012 9:07 AM)
I like PLDT line pero ang pangit ng Customer Service nila especially ang mga Technical Team.. I requested for a simultaneous transfer of connection and mag iisang buwan na! la paring call from Technical Department!! kaloka.. until now! I have to call them everyday to follow up! Sana we have a way to communicate with Technical Department right away kesa through customer service lang... Am just until 27th of this month sa apartment ko, am not sure if naiintindihan yan ng mga Technical department??!!! kelangan nang malipat ang connection before the said date!!! kakainis!!!! angry

21 rheanna   (10 March 2012 8:25 PM)
ngano man ni inyo service na bag o pa ta ngbayad giputol na hinoon wa gani ko kadawat ug bill commercial raba ni amoa unsaon nalang na wa biya moy sunday na office dugay ra ba kaayo ma reconnect additional nasad tag bayad way klaro!

20 danny tantoy   (21 February 2012 10:25 AM)
sa amoa gani bai naa problem akoa 2 lines wala dialtone almost 2 months na wala pa ma solve.
maayo gani kay ang globe wala na jud problema.

19 Marievin O. Pedrosa   (21 November 2011 4:19 PM)
can we visit PLDT company especially the IT facilities of the company this december? we will be having an education tour...we are from Kidapawan City MIndanao.. ill be bringing 25 BSIT students po..please i need feedback>>Thank you po and God bless.

18 Jps cebu area   (16 November 2011 10:49 AM)
the customer service and repair takes time and waiting for the long queue for a CSR to answer (tried those numbers and also the 77171 waited more than 30mins of what the txtpress machine replied).. got disconnected even though the previous bill and the current bill was already paid.. the net connection sucks.. getting ALOT of time-out and random disconnection esp. when it rains.. i dont know why???!! this didnt happened only once.. but several times... is this how you treat your customer or is this really your service?? epic FAIL....

17 Caila Uy   (24 October 2011 4:09 PM)
i have these BIG issue with PLDT... September this year, nagpa disconnect ako sa internet connection nila (because i am not using my PC often since my return to work at the office after my maternity leave) leaving just only the phone. I have clearly asked one of their staff, na when will i start paying the only "phone" fee which she said is 600 pesos a month na.. she said at the month of October directly because they will end my internet connection in September. Suddenly, i received two bills from them still the amount is 1,299 (which is the amount to be paid with internet connection). My mom went to their office and they said that we shoudl pay the amount! at times two pa ha, month of October and Novemberso that is 2,600! Grabeh talaga! eh hindi nga kami nag use sa PC kasi wala nang internet connection...! Do you think that's right? and to think two times pa nila ako tinawagan pag September to confirm nga nagpa disconnect nga ako.. how unbelievalbe!

16 Marlon   (18 October 2011 2:23 PM)
what happened diay sa internet connection???...kay kung mu duwa ko ug Online Games w/c is Ran Online every 10mins ma disconnect man..........since oct.1 pa gyud ni na problem nako.........PLS. PLDT tarunga intawon inyo connection kay sakto man me ug bayad!.......maayo lang mo kung billing na kay mag double2x pa ang bayranan bisan na bayran na...........I hope na ma sulbad na intawon ning ako problem sa net connection hahayzzzz......

15 Jonas Jones Garot   (21 September 2011 5:31 PM)
gkapoy na lang ko ug dial sa pldt, wla jud tawo'y manubag. ug naa tay problema dli jd tawn maatiman.pls. improve intawn sa inyong customer service..dapat unta naa mo ani..ayuha inyuhang serbisyo kay gabayad bya mi ug tarong..

14 BIN LADIN PHILIPPINES   (19 September 2011 10:18 AM)

13 BIN LADIN PHILIPPINES   (19 September 2011 10:17 AM)
pldt sucks... a company of morons

12 Mr.Worried   (28 July 2011 2:19 PM)
Grabe jud ang PLDT all contact number wala jud manubag bisag sa Customer Service ug Business Office wala jud MANUBAG,unsa diay gamit sa inyo telephone sa office kung perme not available,WHAT THE MEANING OF CUSTOMER SERVICE,grabe gikapoy nlang ko ug dial,makasapot abtan nlang ta ug 5 hours sa cge ug dial dli jud makontak,imbis naa unta tay concern about connection dli ma solve kay wala man au ang customer service sa PLDT.

10 randy   (20 July 2011 9:33 AM)
Nganong di man ni mo tubag ang pldt??? ma pod-pod naman lang tawn ang atong kamot ug dial ani... Na unsa maning pldt Ueee...

11 admin   (20 July 2011 9:39 AM)
randy, this might help you:


When calling via landline - 171(tollfree) Mondays to Fridays (8:00am to 7:00pm)
Saturdays & Sundays (8:00am to 5:00pm)

When calling via SMART celfone: 171 (toll free)


When calling via landline:173 (toll free) Mondays to Fridays (8:00am to 7:00pm)
Saturdays & Sundays (8:00am to 5:00pm)


Via landline: 172 (toll free)
anytime (24/7) available

9 ed   (06 May 2011 12:02 PM)
na try ko na halos lahat ng number, wala nga sumasagot, hahaizzzz

8 Rhettchell Fuentes   (28 April 2011 10:55 AM)
hoi..........walang sumasagot gravi.kahapon pa kami dial ng dial.ano batoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 Cyra   (27 April 2011 1:29 PM)
watz this... nobody;s answering all the numbers above.. dapat mghire kayo nga taga answer ng fone niyo.. important din ung mga tawag namin.. ung customer service nio di rin lam sagot sa tanong ko..

6 Rhettchell Fuentes   (27 April 2011 11:46 AM)
in cebu number and mactan

5 Rhettchell Fuentes   (27 April 2011 11:45 AM)
hello i just want to ask the number for pldt in hr department please....

3 oicirtap   (25 April 2011 2:01 PM)
No answers from the numbers provided above. Just like to ask, what are those numbers for?

4 admin   (25 April 2011 7:53 PM)
what phone numbers did you call? and at what time? It might be helpful to consider holidays and business hours or working days.

1 cebuano   (10 March 2011 3:28 PM)
Phone number is incorrect. It's not PLDT's.

2 admin   (11 March 2011 8:39 AM)
Thanks for the comment bro. Phone numbers are now updated and correct. If you found any errors or incorrect numbers, just drop us a comment here. Your comments and recommendations help us a lot in serving people by providing information they want. Thank you once again. biggrin