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PLDT Cebu Business Offices and Telephone Numbers
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PLDT Cebu, Philippines

Company Name:
Type of Industry: Telecommunications Company

PLDT Business Offices / Area
Contact Number / Telephone Number
Customer Service
Argao Business Office Service/Billing Osmeña Blvd.
367-7114 / 367-7173
Cebu Business Zone Head
255-8899 / 255-5700
Cebu Jones Business Office Servicing/Billing Per Area Camputhaw/Kalunasan
Capitol Site/Sambag 1 and 2
Cogon Ramos/Day-as/San Antonio, Sta. Cruz/Zapatera
Ermita/Pahina Central Sto Niño
Kamagayan/Kalubihan/Pari-an, Tinago/San Roque
Card Sales
South Cebu Business Office Servicing/Billing Per Area Guadalupe
Tisa Labangon
Talisay Business Office Servicing/Billing Per Area, Minglanilla/Naga
Poblacion Talisay/Tabunok
Mandaue Business Office
346-4600 / 346-4700
Mandaue Commercial Servicing & Billing
Mabolo Business Office, Mabolo Commercial Servicing & Billing
Mactan Business Office, Mactan Sub-Exchange commercial Servicing & Billing

PLDT - Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company Business Logo

 Map of PLDT Cebu Jones Office

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When calling via landline - 171(tollfree) Mondays to Fridays (8:00am to 7:00pm)
Saturdays & Sundays (8:00am to 5:00pm)

When calling via SMART celfone: 171 (toll free)


When calling via landline:173 (toll free) Mondays to Fridays (8:00am to 7:00pm)
Saturdays & Sundays (8:00am to 5:00pm)


Via landline: 172 (toll free)
anytime (24/7) available

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61 Mel Imperial   (21-June-2015 11:59 PM)
i would like to know the name of the manager/director of PLDT here in Lapu-Lapu city and email address.

60 suzette tallo   (09-June-2015 9:20 AM)
Good Day,

I've been calling your customer service (*177), 2 times last week about our telephone that we don't have dial tone, since wednesday June 03,2015. Our Account number: 0232075996 with telephone number 032-236 7284 under SteadyTracker Inc., located at 638 Cebu North Rd Brgy. Basak Mandaue City.They give me already the Incident Number 100-903-31 and they said that it is handle by rokie abelliar (i don't know to spell his name) a Cebu Technician. But until now we don't have yet dial tone, how can we communicate to our customer / supplier with this? Were hopping that you fix the problem ASAP. Looking forward on this.

59 Geravil giango   (26-May-2015 8:46 PM)
If in any case that i want to uninstall the pldt home bro ultera how much it cost cause i heard that i need to pay for it. Kindly pls reply this urgent favor i hope you'll understand

58 Ara Hernandez   (10-May-2015 12:10 PM)
I want to inquire about my application on plan1299 because I have already been waiting for a week. I have applied on Mandaue branch. Please call me amd inform me what happen to my plan under this name: Rebecca C. Pilapil, we need the internet connection ASAP! THANKS.

57 Monette Lata   (15-September-2014 3:26 PM)

56 Nicky Smith Byrne   (20-August-2014 9:46 AM)
C'mon PLDT.... what kind of service are you offering to your customer???? you better remove all your landline numbers...it's useless because nobody wants to take my call....YOU ARE USELESS>>>>

55 Pinky O. dela Cruz   (28-May-2014 9:53 AM)
Hello do you have facility here in San Fernando, Cebu?
I would like to apply for a telephone line and internet connection

54 lashygreeny   (14-May-2014 2:58 PM)
kalagot ba nako aning pldt! naa tay concern wa gyuy manubag labe nas pldt jones! mga tabaghak negosyo man kaha na inyu tarunga pud na oi! b**** kaayu!

53 Sylvia Bontigao   (10-April-2014 2:45 PM)
Good Day!
I want 999 plan and i want its wifi not lan. How much for the installation fee? Do I need to buy a router or you provide?

52 Reonix   (07-April-2014 11:37 AM)
Good day !! PLDT

I would like to why there's no connection here in subangdaku,mandaue ???????
dili me ka outgoing calls diri . our work has been paralyzed.

51 cheyenee   (21-February-2014 9:47 PM)
heloo... i just want to ask if how come we receive in notice of disconection if we payed it upto date.. i payed in january bill but when we recieve the febuary bill its notice of disconection...plz reply

50 jack wilson   (17-January-2014 3:28 PM)
I have PLDT phone and internet service. For some unexplained reason, I am unable to call my landlord. It is very important that I contact him immediately. This is not the first time I have been able to make a local call. This service is unsatisfactory. Perhaps I should find another phone service.

49 Felix Veral   (14-January-2014 2:06 PM)
I would like to know my telephone #. The installer didn't give it to me.

48 Raphael P. Panares   (14-January-2014 12:00 PM)

I would to inquire for the Telephone number of Phillip Morris Fortune Tobacco Corporation(PMFTC) at A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City. This is in regards for follow up employment application status of the company.

Thank you and I hope you can give the number.

47 mary grace suerte   (02-October-2013 3:00 PM)
I would like to ask on how to secure PLDT directory for business transaction purposes.

Thank you

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