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PNB (Philippine National Bank) Escolta Branch | Telephone Number
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Office / Branch Address

G/F, Regina Bldg., 324 Escolta St.
Sta. Cruz, Manila

Contact / Telephone Number
241-4454, 241-4279, 241-4239, 242-8358, 242-2237

Fax No.

Type of Industry
Banking / Financial Services

Email Address

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1 archiwald penamante   (17-December-2013 2:19 PM)
dear mrs. susann manahan,
i have been sending email to but it always bounces back to me. im getting so disappointed now because i cant reach u and have so many questions regarding my account. hopefully this will reach u. thank u and pls reply to my email as soon as possible and answer my questions about my account....

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