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Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Contact Number and Business Address in Cebu, Philippines
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Here's the Securities and Exchange Commission Contact Number and Business Address in Cebu, Philippines.

SEC Bldg., Englis V. Rama Ave., Cebu City

Securities and Exchange Commission in Cebu

Official Seal of Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines

Contact/Telephone Number
(032) 253-6987, 253-7221, 253-5337

Name of Acting Director
Lindeza R. Rogero-Gavino

Do you have any concern with SEC Office?

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42 Phillip Go   (29-September-2015 1:11 AM)
I would like to verify if the business entity below is registered to SEC since I encountered a web page error upon using the e-services on http://www.sec.gov.ph.

2/F Stall 12, The North Atrium, MC Briones St., Mandaue City

41 Agnes Alonzo   (04-September-2015 8:13 PM)
Good evening. I would like to ask something. Could I find out if a business is legitimate through SEC?
Thank you very much.

40 Aino V. Deutsch   (20-August-2015 12:17 PM)
Greetings; where can I pay the name registration fee, as Union Bank doesn't accept it anymore?
Also, I am registering a limited partnership. May I download the application form from the website, or do I have to go to your office. How do I apply for a single proprietorship? Thank you

39 Cristy lou F. Robante   (27-July-2015 11:30 PM)
good evening mam/sir, I would like to ask if what are the requirements for getting SEC cause I'm planning for a paluwagan online business. Hope you can answer my questions. Godbless

38 Gabriel Martinez   (02-July-2015 2:04 PM)
Marti Real Estate Development Corp was dissolved 10 to 14 years ago. I would like to get its LAST GIS sheet. How can I go about this? Thank you.
Gabriel Martinez

37 Gabriel Martinez   (23-June-2015 12:52 PM)
I would like to get the last GIS sheet of Marti Real Estate Development Corp. in Cebu City which has been dissolved for about 10 years. The corporation had a SEC Reg. No. 33394.
THank you.
Gaby Martinez

36 Clarissa J.Tabel   (09-June-2015 9:59 AM)
i wish to know when are the schedules for mutual fund investment licensure exams in cebu? How much is the fee. what are the requirements?


35 Cindy A R   (28-April-2015 9:34 AM)
Dear Sir/Maam;

We are an English School here in Dumaguete City.We are planning to transfer to a new building, So I would like to ask how to change our business address in SEC and its process. Our School are SEC registered.

Thank you


33 Franco Louis Luteria   (11-October-2014 5:43 PM)
I would like to ask if quasi-recruitment organization or entities under cultural exchange program of U.S. required to register with DTI? .

32 JerryBalbuena   (25-September-2014 11:45 AM)
Good morning Sir/Ma'am. I want to know the procedure in registering a non-stock corporation? And How can I find out of the name chosen for our company is already taken? This is Mr. Jeremiah Balbuena

31 jamz_185   (07-August-2014 3:31 PM)
I would like to inquire what are the requirements needed to register a public utility tricycle drivers association?

30 Rose M.   (11-June-2014 1:21 PM)
Good Day!

Hello ma'am/sir. We would like to ask about the General Information Sheet. We are a non-stock corporation and as far as we know, we need to abide what is stated in our GIS. However, we would like to amend the date of our Annual General Membership Meeting that is accessible date to all our members. Could you please inform us what are the necessary things we need to do or to submit to SEC in order to approve our request in changing the date of our Yearly GMM. Hope to hear from you ma'am/sir. Many thanks & God Bless!

Please feel free to contact us at 253-2758.

29 richard   (31-May-2014 9:44 PM)

I would like to inquire what are the requirements needed to register a public utility jeepney drivers association?

28 mark   (17-April-2014 2:10 PM)
What is the requirements to become member of our group

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