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Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Contact Number and Business Address in Cebu, Philippines
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Here's the Securities and Exchange Commission Contact Number and Business Address in Cebu, Philippines.

SEC Bldg., Englis V. Rama Ave., Cebu City

Securities and Exchange Commission in Cebu

Official Seal of Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines

Contact/Telephone Number
(032) 253-6987, 253-7221, 253-5337

Name of Acting Director
Lindeza R. Rogero-Gavino

Do you have any concern with SEC Office?

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33 Franco Louis Luteria • 5:43 PM, 11-October-2014
I would like to ask if quasi-recruitment organization or entities under cultural exchange program of U.S. required to register with DTI? .
32 JerryBalbuena • 11:45 AM, 25-September-2014
Good morning Sir/Ma'am. I want to know the procedure in registering a non-stock corporation? And How can I find out of the name chosen for our company is already taken? This is Mr. Jeremiah Balbuena
31 jamz_185 • 3:31 PM, 07-August-2014
I would like to inquire what are the requirements needed to register a public utility tricycle drivers association?
30 Rose M. • 1:21 PM, 11-June-2014
Good Day!

Hello ma'am/sir. We would like to ask about the General Information Sheet. We are a non-stock corporation and as far as we know, we need to abide what is stated in our GIS. However, we would like to amend the date of our Annual General Membership Meeting that is accessible date to all our members. Could you please inform us what are the necessary things we need to do or to submit to SEC in order to approve our request in changing the date of our Yearly GMM. Hope to hear from you ma'am/sir. Many thanks & God Bless!

Please feel free to contact us at 253-2758.
29 richard • 9:44 PM, 31-May-2014

I would like to inquire what are the requirements needed to register a public utility jeepney drivers association?
28 mark • 2:10 PM, 17-April-2014
What is the requirements to become member of our group
27 jojie • 3:22 PM, 13-April-2014
gud day mam/sir, I would like to inquire if what are the things to do in updating our articles of incorporation/by laws..their is a changes of persons concern. Thanks.
26 Rey Tejana • 4:35 PM, 06-February-2014
sir / madam

1 want to know what are the requirements for consultancy. Thanks
25 patricio c. bawas jr. • 9:18 AM, 08-November-2013
gud am madam, is it necessary to indicate the date of issue of TIN nos. of the incorporators during registration?
24 philipp • 8:22 AM, 01-November-2013
Good Day Sir,
I want to ask if what's the requirement for the registration for renewal of Philippine College of Physicians Eastern Visayas Chapter and how much is the fee?

23 adel • 2:27 PM, 07-August-2013

i would like to ask for the requirements in applying for a certificate of good standing
22 Melissa Galicano • 4:36 PM, 29-July-2013
To whom it may concern:
1. How much Do I need to pay in transferring of stock in a corporate company? there are a hundred thousand shares valued 1 peso a piece. I am transferring all 100 thousand shares and assigning four elected board of directors.
2. what are the requirements in SEC or form to fill out in changing the officers in the corporate company?Thank you very much. Hope to hear from you .
Kind Regards,
Melissa : Tel No. 0325118576
21 Jo Anne Pasco • 12:23 PM, 11-May-2013
Good Day!

Can you search this company if they are legal or not... PIKT English Online Tutorial.. they are operating in Cebu for almost 3 yrs.. they said they have a SEC but some says they are using different name just to continue their services. They are not giving proper salary to tutors even when japanese students pay very well... some tutors are not being paid since january...they get a lot of money but they do not pay tutors very well...
20 Leony Ando • 2:13 PM, 24-April-2013
Sir / Madam, i want to ask if where can i find the list of companies duly registered with the SEC because i want to make sure that this company i'm dealing with is a registered one... thank you
19 kristian morales • 12:00 PM, 24-January-2013
can u email me the SEC num of Alpha Sigma Phi Omega fraternity and Sorority
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