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Southwestern University (SWU) Cebu Address and Contact/Telephone Number
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Southwestern University Cebu, Philippines

Villa Aznar, Urgello St., Cebu City
Phiippines, 6000

(Picture) Southwestern University Logo

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57 jonathan dacera quiban   (16-November-2015 9:34 AM)
please reply thru my email add...thanks

56 jonathan dacera quiban   (16-November-2015 9:31 AM)
just inquiring how to avail your online Masters Degree program.

55 jonathan dacera quiban   (16-November-2015 9:30 AM)
just inquiring about the online masters degree for education...i earned already 42 units with comprehensive exam at St Paul University, Surigao City last 2002... got no time to finished my MA.. heard about your online offer for Masters degree.... willing to avail.. please..

54 Patty   (09-September-2015 7:44 AM)
To Whom It May Concern:

Do you offer Cultural Competency and Consultation, Screening, Delegation courses online? If so, where can I get more information for enrolling in those classes? Like how much will it cost me. Also do I need a student visa for American Citizen if I need to take just two courses/classes? Please advise. Thank you very much and have a wonderful day!

53 matilde mondejar tejano   (11-August-2015 12:07 PM)
hello...i've authorized someone to get my transcript of records yesterday in the office of registrar...my name is Matilde Rosell Mondejar BS Pharmacy graduated 1984...may I ask a favor if it will be sent in my email add for I need it as soon as possible.Thank you for your kind consideration

52 Matilde Mondejar Tejano   (11-August-2015 12:04 PM)
hello... someome i've authorized to get my TOR in southwestern university cebu city... may I ask if it will be send through email because I need it as soon as possible for my appointment in civil service. Hoping for your kind consideration. Thank you!

51 Ronel Pis-an   (04-August-2015 1:08 PM)
Hi...I would like to ask if the school is offering online master's degree for Public Administration and also I want to know how much it will cost. Thank you

50 marie jasmine sumatra   (31-July-2015 8:44 PM)
Goos Day!!
i would like to ask if how much will it cost if i take up Dentistry, i already have my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing.

49 melanie bayhante   (13-June-2015 12:05 PM)
Hi..good day!
I would like to ask about the classes in graduate courses..is it possible that I'll enroll on the day the class starts and what are the requirements in enrolling "early childhood"???..thanks

48 Girly Picaza   (13-May-2015 8:08 AM)
hello im Girly Picaza from davao city, i would like to ask if the school is offering Master in Hotel & Restaurant Management? is the school offer on line class?how often? how much is the tuition?..please give me feedback so i can decide early base on your response, thank you for considering this comments?have a blessed day ahead...

47 e.eugenio   (05-May-2015 7:07 AM)
i have finished my bsn program but im currently residing outside the country. id like to inquire if the school offer an online course for masters in nursing.
any pertinent information will be useful.
hoping for a response in a timely manner,
thank you

46 Mae E. Entice   (30-April-2015 11:42 AM)
i would like to study a sign language lesson, how much the fee?

45 Mae E. Entice   (30-April-2015 11:03 AM)
hi good morning ,i would like to inquire if you have a services offered who would teach a sign language to an undergrad students from other school. thank you

44 Cheche Villamil   (21-April-2015 1:57 PM)
Good day, i just want to ask if how long should we retake our minors subject. I've been out in school for about 6 years ang I'm planning to go back. My concern is, if you still credit the subjects that I've already taken. Hope for an answer as soon as possible . Thank you!

43 Ellah   (10-April-2015 12:22 PM)
Hi i would like to inquire if you have vacant for part time teacher. I am graduate of Psychology and graduate of MBA. thank you.

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