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Southwestern University (SWU) Cebu Address and Contact/Telephone Number

Southwestern University Cebu, Philippines

Villa Aznar, Urgello St., Cebu City
Phiippines, 6000

(Picture) Southwestern University Logo
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75 Jessy   (10 November 2017 9:56 PM)
Greetings!I would just like to inquire.I've got a friend of mine,she has a daughter whom she wanted to enroll in your great institution.My friend is a native born Filipino (her mother is a Filipino with a Chinese father) but was a Chinese citizen.Her daughter was born in China but grew up in Philippines and also a Chinese Citizen.In short,I wanted to ask if there is effect in her tuition to be?I mean,will she still pay for the same tuition fee price as natural Filipino did or will it be doubled or special price?She wanted to get medical course.Hope you can give us answer to our query.Thank you so much.God speed!

74 annelyn abao   (30 September 2017 6:15 AM)
can request my TOR and diploma im a dentistry graduate.thank you

73 Samuel Karakut   (11 May 2017 10:58 PM)
I am accepted to study at University of Southern Philippines Foundation in semester 2.Therefore I am wishing of changing the course and the course I am thinking of is BS in Marine transportation, which u offered there. So could you please send to me the date for second semester to begin and the cost for first semester.Thankyou very much, waiting for your favourable response as soon as possible.

72 RAMIL C TERSONA   (01 May 2017 7:40 PM)
Hello Sir/Mam,

Ako Po ay nagtapos ng MPA noong May 2011 at ang gard rites sa Waterfront..ask ko sana ang TOR, DIPLOMA at SO and CAV..magkano kaya possible ang aking babayaran...at ilang araw ang releasing...Po..? thanks Po..

Allah is with us.


71 Vicky P. Cabel   (31 March 2017 2:48 PM)
Good Day,

Re: Son's Name: Thng Fu An Micky June
IC # 9717348F

My son is going to pursue his studies in your institution in second semester 2017 in the School of Dentistry after completing his National Service in Singapore. However, the acceptance letter you issued had no specific date, when the class start for the second semester. As he needs to apply for and exit permit, ARMY wants specific date start & end of Two-year Pre Dentistry. (as Singaporean they are still liable for re-service)
Please refer to your record & amend the acceptance letter immediately and send to my email address.

Appreciate you could reply as soon as possible as time is running out.
We have to re-apply the exit permit on Monday, 3rd April.

Thank you & warm regards.
Mrs. Vicky Thng

70 rapunzel malasaga paler   (11 February 2017 8:44 PM)
good day sir/madame... i am currently working here in qatar and i wanted to request for a red ribbon document for my bachelor's degree.. tor, diploma and a certification(admitted as regular student) how much do i need to pay? thank you

69 HAZEL B. TENEFRANCIA   (18 January 2017 5:13 AM)
good morning...just inquiring how many weeks can i get my Transcript of record and can i get it though my email..i need it in AIMS exam..thank you..

68 Abelie L. Goyha   (07 January 2017 8:13 AM)
Good Morning! I am planning to pursue Doctor Of Education major in Educational Management. Can I have all the details needed upon enrollment? Thank you!

Cellphone #: 09505862805

67 Rodrigo Alcance   (25 October 2016 2:24 PM)
Gud pm

Could i possibly request for my Transcript of Record thru Fax since i needed this badly for my employment. I am the nephew of former Dean Jose Lardizabol of the College of Commerce My name is Rodrigo Lardizabol Alcance a graduate of Southwestern University with the degree
of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Accounting last May, 1975.

Rodrigo Alcance
Contact number: 09173966932

fax number (042) 710 2422

thank you..

66 Priscilla sison   (13 September 2016 7:11 PM)
Can i request online for my honorable dismissal & cert. Of good moral? Im from tagum city davao del norte...

65 AbhishekIndia   (27 August 2016 7:33 PM)
I am planning to study from Southwestern University CEBU,Philippines for the doctor of medicine.Please can you help me out by giving information to me regarding the all details of Southwestern University .
Given me your mail id or contact information so from which I will get the details of Southwestern University .

64 ASAH EMMANUEL   (22 July 2016 8:29 PM)
Please I want to inquiry about master of science in public health.

63 Justine   (28 June 2016 9:40 AM)
Good morning! I would like to inquire if you offer master of science in public health. Thank you!

62 sandra   (18 May 2016 5:27 PM)
hi i would like further information about yours masters programme in hospitality and tourism

61 Noel   (28 February 2016 2:38 PM)
Hi I want to transfer to SWU. I am also a masteral student here in my place. I just want to ask if my subjects will be credited. and if not atleast majority of the subjects will be credited? thank you.

60 Vincent   (15 January 2016 4:08 PM)
May I inquire if South Western University is accepting students from Taiwan in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing course. If so, what are the requirements and documents needed. How much is the tuition fee? When will it start?
Thank you for your most favorable reply.

59 Chad Nobert Misiel   (13 January 2016 6:44 AM)
Hi Sir/Madam

I'm a international student interested to study at your university.Please can you kindly help me with the requirements.Will be hearing from you soon.


58 Leopoldo Millan   (10 January 2016 1:56 PM)
Hi Sir/Ma'am,

Would like to know if you are offering on line Masteral Degree? Im a graduate of Mechanical Engineering and planning to enroll on line masteral course. Or any masteral course that could you offer for me that can also proceed doctorate after finishing the masteral course?

Thank you and waiting for your reply.

Mr. Millan

57 jonathan dacera quiban   (16 November 2015 9:34 AM)
please reply thru my email add...thanks

56 jonathan dacera quiban   (16 November 2015 9:31 AM)
just inquiring how to avail your online Masters Degree program.

55 jonathan dacera quiban   (16 November 2015 9:30 AM)
just inquiring about the online masters degree for education...i earned already 42 units with comprehensive exam at St Paul University, Surigao City last 2002... got no time to finished my MA.. heard about your online offer for Masters degree.... willing to avail.. please..

54 Patty   (09 September 2015 7:44 AM)
To Whom It May Concern:

Do you offer Cultural Competency and Consultation, Screening, Delegation courses online? If so, where can I get more information for enrolling in those classes? Like how much will it cost me. Also do I need a student visa for American Citizen if I need to take just two courses/classes? Please advise. Thank you very much and have a wonderful day!

53 matilde mondejar tejano   (11 August 2015 12:07 PM)
hello...i've authorized someone to get my transcript of records yesterday in the office of registrar...my name is Matilde Rosell Mondejar BS Pharmacy graduated 1984...may I ask a favor if it will be sent in my email add for I need it as soon as possible.Thank you for your kind consideration

52 Matilde Mondejar Tejano   (11 August 2015 12:04 PM)
hello... someome i've authorized to get my TOR in southwestern university cebu city... may I ask if it will be send through email because I need it as soon as possible for my appointment in civil service. Hoping for your kind consideration. Thank you!

51 Ronel Pis-an   (04 August 2015 1:08 PM)
Hi...I would like to ask if the school is offering online master's degree for Public Administration and also I want to know how much it will cost. Thank you

50 marie jasmine sumatra   (31 July 2015 8:44 PM)
Goos Day!!
i would like to ask if how much will it cost if i take up Dentistry, i already have my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing.

49 melanie bayhante   (13 June 2015 12:05 PM)
Hi..good day!
I would like to ask about the classes in graduate courses..is it possible that I'll enroll on the day the class starts and what are the requirements in enrolling "early childhood"???..thanks

48 Girly Picaza   (13 May 2015 8:08 AM)
hello im Girly Picaza from davao city, i would like to ask if the school is offering Master in Hotel & Restaurant Management? is the school offer on line class?how often? how much is the tuition?..please give me feedback so i can decide early base on your response, thank you for considering this comments?have a blessed day ahead...

47 e.eugenio   (05 May 2015 7:07 AM)
i have finished my bsn program but im currently residing outside the country. id like to inquire if the school offer an online course for masters in nursing.
any pertinent information will be useful.
hoping for a response in a timely manner,
thank you

46 Mae E. Entice   (30 April 2015 11:42 AM)
i would like to study a sign language lesson, how much the fee?

45 Mae E. Entice   (30 April 2015 11:03 AM)
hi good morning ,i would like to inquire if you have a services offered who would teach a sign language to an undergrad students from other school. thank you

44 Cheche Villamil   (21 April 2015 1:57 PM)
Good day, i just want to ask if how long should we retake our minors subject. I've been out in school for about 6 years ang I'm planning to go back. My concern is, if you still credit the subjects that I've already taken. Hope for an answer as soon as possible . Thank you!

43 Ellah   (10 April 2015 12:22 PM)
Hi i would like to inquire if you have vacant for part time teacher. I am graduate of Psychology and graduate of MBA. thank you.

42 Rowena R. Dagle   (08 April 2015 3:55 PM)
Good afternoon. I would like to inquire how much it will cost masters online specifically, masters in Educational Management per semester. Thank you.

41 José Jolas Lascuña   (10 February 2015 7:56 PM)
What kind of site is this?there's no answers....OMG!!!

40 joselascuna   (10 February 2015 3:47 PM)
Hello,I'm Jose Lascuna from General Santos City im an old student in this university taking dentistry course and that was 1983 but i didn't finish the course.My question is that can i get my transcript of records thru telecommunication?And i will pay my arrears in the school registrar if i have thru bank to bank.pls response ASAP or you can send to my email jolasmojo@gmail.com Thank you very much.

39 José Jolas Lascuña   (04 February 2015 2:26 PM)
Hello,I'm Jose Lascuna from General Santos City im an old student in this university taking dentistry course and that was 1983 but i didn't finish the course.My question is that can i get my transcript of records thru telecommunication?And i will pay my arrears in the school registrar if i have thru bank to bank.pls response ASAP or you can send to my email jolasmojo@gmail.com Thank you very much.

38 Edwin Ang   (14 January 2015 12:00 PM)
hello! i would like to inquire regarding on-line additional PT subjects(emergency procedures,delegation and screening, cultural competency. how much it will cost and when be these subjects offered? -edwin ang, you may contact me in my e-mail account: edwinang0824@gmail.com or cp# 09165153696 .thanks a lot!.

37 May Aznar   (16 November 2014 4:40 AM)
hello Good Day,
I am May Ann Aznar from Surigao City,Surigao DeL Norte
I would like to ask ,if how much ang tuition fee of Engineering course,MY sister was studying in Iligan City the Msu IIT taking up Technology Engineering ,she was a scholar in MSU IIT and then we are planning to let her proceed in engineering course coz she really want it.
You can also contact me po at this number 09302781907 or email me here jacky_jacky3@yahoo.com THank you AND GODBLESS

36 Cyril Ryan Castañeda Honoridez II   (04 November 2014 10:18 AM)
I would like to ask if how much is the tuition fee for BSHRM , I'm a first year student. Please answer thank you :)

35 Kelly Neri   (18 June 2014 11:49 AM)
I would like to ask if how much is the tuition fee for Dentistry, I'm a second courser and maybe some of my subjects will be credited.

Thank you :)

34 Filomeno S. Posadas Jr.   (17 June 2014 7:16 PM)
When will be the start of application for graduation of graduate school? thank you

33 Ma. Daisy S. Padao   (07 June 2014 12:48 PM)
Good afternoon! I would like to ask your late enrolment schedule for the graduate school program this semester. Is the MPA (comprehensive exam only)still effective this school year?

32 Cosme Sameon   (15 May 2014 4:20 PM)
Good Afternoon.

Can I request again of a Diploma..
How much the payment and how many days to be claimed?

Thank you very much and God Bless..


31 ayman deeb dahmous   (04 April 2014 1:42 AM)
Iam was one of your good school student 1990 for some reasons I left the school in 1991i was in my 3rd year pharmacy department I didnt get my papers pls I need that papers how can I get it need your advice asap thank u?

30 Jean Mendoza   (27 February 2014 1:59 PM)
Hi good day! I want to inquire , how much tuition fee in elementary. And how to transfer in another school?
Thank you for reading my inquiries..

29 ROMEO H. EBORDE, JR   (24 February 2014 2:55 PM)

28 lolit   (27 January 2014 10:50 AM)
Good day po. Im from Compostela Valley Province. I would like to ask if it is possible to get an Honorable Dismissal online?

27 eunice lopez   (13 January 2014 3:51 PM)
Dear Maam/ Sir
I am a Biology student. And i want to know how much will be your medicine tuition fee.

26 veena mae intong   (23 October 2013 4:45 PM)
how to get TOR and Honorable dismissal...can i get it without going to cebu?

25 julius chatto   (18 October 2013 2:53 PM)
Dear Sir/Madam
Christian Greetings to you and your family.
I would like to ask for an email address of your school. My uncle is a graduate of your institution and he needs some of his’ authenticated documents form your school. He is in Africa now and he is asking me to request the following documents from you:
1. Accreditation of the institution/University legal act
2. Programs offered by the institution
3. Institution’s prospectus/catalogue
4. Individual’s original transcripts.
I can provide you the official request letter if you need it. Thank you and God bless…

24 Rafael Fernando Arrindell   (28 August 2013 2:37 PM)
I have abachelors degree in Business administration from South Western University in Tucson Arizona and have misplaced my transcript and are in need of such. Please assist me in getting a new one. The graduating date was August 15th 1984. President Anthony Geruntino, Secretary Lucille Grawfod

Thank You

Mr Rafael Fernando Arrindell

23 Ruby Liza B.Durano   (04 August 2013 9:52 PM)
il be waiting for your positive response!Thank you very much.

22 Dambar Basnet   (01 July 2013 0:26 AM)
Dear sir/madam

I am from NEPAL. Kindly send me the details of your college, all fee details for foreign students intending to study Medicine course.

21 JAM   (28 June 2013 8:00 PM)
good day ma'am/sir,
i would like to know what contact number or email address i can connect with to inquire regarding medicine courses on your humble school.
thank you :D

20 JAM   (28 June 2013 7:58 PM)
Good day Ma'am/Sir, i would like to inquire regarding on tuition fee for medicine course. i'm a nursing graduate and would to proceed my studies on your humble school.
thank you :D

19 lourdes kusain   (30 May 2013 1:33 AM)

query lang pls..alumni ko medtech dept.batch 92-93(may).wan to request a new transcript of records ug diploma..how much would be the costs.As i remember my student no.is 1872875.i hope you could assist me this matter asap.

thank's much

lourdes kusain

18 LOrela Cabiluna   (15 May 2013 5:41 PM)
unsaon pag apply sa enyong scholarship programs?

17 armechi lucshi armenion   (15 May 2013 4:42 PM)
Hi Madam/Sir ... pwede cu mangayo sa telephone number sa MEDTECH DEPARTMENT? thanks :)

16 armechi lucshi armenion   (15 May 2013 4:37 PM)
Hi Madam/Sir, good day! may i know sa hotline number sa MEDTECH DEPARTMENT?

15 Carmelee P. Bonilla   (06 January 2013 2:18 PM)
Hello. Good Day, Do you offer a social work board review for 2013? i hope you will response my question. thank you and god bless.

14 jennybev buta   (01 January 2013 5:33 PM)
good afternoon sir and madam gusto ko lang malaman kong sino aang pwede ko makausap about sa school balance ko sa s.w.u gusto ko sana maka pagaral ulit i jus need opinions if ano dapat gagawin i have previous balance last 2008 in sacred heart hospital na transfer lang po sa school tuition ko ngayon gusto ko makapagtapos hope makapag email naman kayo importanti lang sana gusto ko sana mag working para kunti nalang ang sana mababayaran ko sa school thx and god bless

13 kundan singh mahato   (28 December 2012 12:44 PM)
My name is kundan singh mahato and i am from Nepal. I have sent my document 1 month ago but i din't get acceptance letter
reply soon,pleaz

12 kundan singh mahato   (28 December 2012 12:43 PM)

11 Katrina Uy   (03 October 2012 6:54 PM)
Hi! Good Day! I would just like to ask if where can i email my proposal with Food and Accommodation for October 21-29, 2012 UNIGAMES which will be held in Bacolod City. Thank you so much. Hope to hear from you the soonest.

10 Redd   (27 August 2012 11:54 AM)
uhm could i ask what are the available scholarships you have in the second sem and what are the requirements? pls reply important kasi

9 santosh   (08 June 2012 4:27 PM)
hi i want email id of dean of southwestern university,cebu, optometry dept.

8 hii   (29 March 2012 11:16 AM)
may i know kung ano po ang requirements ng mga working students po jaN.? gustong gusto ko ho sanang mag-apply bilang working student sa in.U jan. ! plzz send me a message & eMail me .. ! tNx. ?!

7 Jona Joy Oreta Ruaya   (11 January 2012 11:21 AM)
hello poh, may i know the contact no. of registrars office?thanks poh sa favor

6 Lorena J. Cabatan   (28 December 2011 6:04 AM)
i just want to ask if you offer a correspondence subjects that is accredited to canadian embassy?i need some more units inorder to complete the 72 units required.im here in cyprus now.

5 nancy   (05 December 2011 11:42 AM)
hello can i have the phone number plz?

4 nancy   (05 December 2011 11:40 AM)
hello plz i want to have the phone number,i wanna study there ,and can i have the curriculum of pre medicine?thanks.

3 faluyi folake   (02 December 2011 6:24 PM)
pls i want to know all about studying in your institution and if you are affiliated to any university in the USA and if it is possible to finish my last two years there.

i will also like to know on yearly bases the total cost implication of the tution, hostel accommodation, feeding, books etc to enable me budget for the admission if given.

If i so desire to undertake the USA examinations in stages during my studies, pls is it allowed or do i have to finish in school before i can start. It is my hope that SWU should be able to assist its students write the professional exams of USA and Canada.

THank you

2 Josell C. Estomata   (07 October 2011 8:33 AM)
Good morning! may i know the fax number of your school? We are planning to visit your school as part of our tour.

1 bryan saligumba   (27 September 2011 1:58 PM)