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Vicente T. Lao Construction Main Office | Telephone No.

Vicente T. Lao Construction

Vicente T. Lao Construction Main Office

Main Office Address:
Km 12 Diversion Road, Panacan, Davao City
Vicente Lao Construction logo

Contact Telephone no.
: (082) 234-0501 / (082) 234-0502
Fax no.: (082) 234-0577

Type of Industry
: Real Estate/Construction

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Total comments : 11
RUPERTO VILLAGANAS JR   (04 May 2016 1:32 PM)

I'm looking a contractor to join with us in Palau forthcoming project. It is horizontal project like, road, drainage, waterline and sewer treatment plant. The project duration estimated to complete in 24 months.

I'm looking forward to your reply.


Mc Rey S. Tigmo   (31 March 2016 1:25 PM)
good pm, i would like to apply your company for a civil engineer licensed? call me 09396322127 engr. mcrey s. tigmo

blue diamonds construction works   (29 March 2016 7:39 AM)
To : The President:

A blessed day!

My company is in consultancy services.

I would like to invite your company for a Hospital Project bidding (design and build) in the South worth 555M

Please call 09053765450 or 09291244105.



riza lyn tagalog   (29 September 2015 1:47 PM)
maam sir gud afternoon. i am inquiring for any job vacancies in your good company.i am accounting graduate and a cs prof eligible.i am very much willing to be a part of the team since i am also previously employed in a real estate business in tagum city. thank you and more power!

Henry   (16 May 2014 10:03 PM)
Please answer all questions posted here. I'm planning to apply with ypur company but reading this comments makes me doubt to continue.

farson   (14 November 2013 6:42 PM)
gud day,,, its been 1 year... yet until now your unpaid accounts with me is not yet settled

Ma. Theresa Samonte   (04 May 2013 9:02 AM)
Dear Sir,

I am currently renting your cement mixer here in General Santos City. How much is your rate/linear meter? we already paid 340,000 cash in advance and we were told that you can't deliver since your cement mixer bugged down. I am very disappointed with your service. What do you plan to do about this.

Ma. Theresa Samonte

Raiza Canon   (17 April 2013 2:03 PM)
Hi, you owe our company 1m since last year how come you guys never pay?

Ciphera   (23 January 2013 11:19 AM)
Good Morning!
I would like to ask if your company tolerate one of your employees to have an affair with someone who already has a family? And what's worst that woman is technically married to someone while she is carrying someone else's baby right now?

Adesa Simbajon   (05 November 2011 2:50 PM)
Hopefully you will give an immediate action to this. Just remember that your employees has a family who are waiting for the salary of there husband. you should be reasonable.

Adesa Simbajon   (05 November 2011 2:37 PM)
Please be considerate to your employees... why is that the salary are always delay..? they are working at the rght time and hour so you should pay them on the right time