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2011 National Science Club Month (NSCM) Celebration
The Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs (PSYSC) announces the holding of the 2011 National Science Club Month (NSCM) Celebration for science clubs in all elementary and secondary schools nationwide pursuant to Presidential No. 264, which declares September of every year as the National Science Club Month (NSCM). This year's theme is "CHEMERGY: Chemistry and Science Clubbing in Synergy". The theme means the power of cooperation of chemistry and science in working together to produce a result not obtainable by chemistry alone or by science alone. They need each other in order to produce a certain kind of result. Thus without the other one, the desired result cannot be achieved. As part of the 2011 National Science Club Month (NSCM) celebration, the PSYSC will conduct the following activities:

CHEMERGY Chemistry and Science Clubbing in Synergy
CHEMERGY: Chemistry and Science Clubbing in Synergy (picture)

National Science Clubs Summit - a mini camp for high school students
September 3-4
Regional Sites: Pangasinan, Laguna, Bicol, Capiz, Cebu, Pagadian, Koronadal and Cagayan de Oro.
PSYSC Science Olympiad - a quiz competition for both elementary and secondary students
September 3
(National Eliminations)

September 24
(National Finals)
Regional Sites: Pangasinan, Isabela, Olongapo, Kaguna, Bicol, Capiz, Cebu, Pagadian, Koronadal, Cagayan de Oro, Butuan and Quezon City
MathSciaKa - an engineering science competition for public and private elementary and high school students
September 17
Luzon-based activity

This year's celebration aims to:
  1. provide a venue for learning science, technology and environment outside the four (4)walls of the classroom;
  2. foster camaraderie and develop leadership skills among the science clubbers; and
  3. encourage active participation of students and teachers in the National Science Club Month Celebration and hence, the Science Clubbing Movement.
For more information, contact the PSYSC National Office at Unit 703, West Mansions Condominium, Nayong Kanluran, Quezon City at telephone no.: (02) 332-8151 or send a message through e-mail address: mail@psysc.org.
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91 jet   (06-September-2015 8:35 AM)
Good day! To whom should i address the slogan request for the 2015 Science Club theme? =)

89 edison   (19-October-2012 12:49 PM)
Science, Technology and Innovation:
Working Together for Growth and Development

88 Jet   (24-September-2012 8:50 PM)
Ngek. hehe. Try to give me first the "theme" in solid english para mas madaling mag isip

87 donn   (24-September-2012 6:14 PM)
hehe!,thanks po sa sggest,..pwede po bang english ung slogan,..nagbago po kac isip ng mga teachers eh!,thnks po uli:)

86 Jet   (24-September-2012 1:37 PM)
I think slogan na rin yung theme. Poster na lang ang kelangan siguro. Pero try mo pa rin itong slogan" Sa batang maalam , wastong pamamahayag ay iginagalang". Try a symbolic drawing of a kid with a light bulb head making "mano" to a lolo with a "book" body. The light bulb signifies intelligence while the book denotes information or pamamahayag. The blessing part denotes pag-galang. You may also want to try using a newspaper instead of the book. Gud luck.

85 donn   (24-September-2012 12:32 PM)
opo,tagalog or english po yan!,tnx

84 Jet   (24-September-2012 11:39 AM)
That's great Donn. That's nice to hear. Congrats! Glad to be of help. Taglish itong new theme niyo ah! Yung slogan ba ay parehong pwede sa either Tagalog or English?

83 donn   (20-September-2012 8:04 PM)
jet,tnx sa ibinigay mong slogan, nka'3rd place ako!,..hehe,.pwede bang humingi ulit ako ng slogan at poster., the theme is "Bright Child ay Siguraduhin Responsableng Pamamahayag ay Palawakin."tnx po ulit

82 Jet   (06-September-2012 8:32 PM)
Thanks khen. Wish I could really help more friends. =)

80 Jet   (06-September-2012 3:52 PM)
Ngek, Krhriz! hehe. Bakit kelangan ng word number limit? Maganda kasi sa slogan may konting rhyme para masarap pakinggan, Although the one I gave Donn started with a verb, I don't think he will share it kasi contest yata yun. Looks like you are asking for a tagline kaya short lang. Parang "It's more fun in the Phil." type which is not really a slogan. hehe. Sori my friend,I don't think I can think of any more. Dun palang sa words na science, technology and innovation eh 3 words na yun. paki tanong sa teacher nyo kung bakit. heheerick Banares

79 khriz reign   (06-September-2012 3:32 PM)
but friend jet maximum of 7 words lang and must begin with a verb kasali na dun ang apostrophe...pls po...kelangan ko tlaga xa nagun...pareng don...pakishare naman sa akin ung slogan mo..tanx..hehehe

78 khriz reign   (06-September-2012 2:52 PM)
pls give me a slogan po of 7 words sa theme natin this year "science,technology,and innovation; working together for growth and development..thanks po !!!

77 donn   (06-September-2012 5:11 AM)
salamat po!

76 Jet   (05-September-2012 11:06 PM)
Try this: " Mix half a glass of science, a tablespoon of technology and a pinch of innovation.
A super, healthy drink for the growth of the nation."

81 admin   (06-September-2012 3:56 PM)
Jet, very nice slogan! smile

90 Min   (05-September-2015 8:14 PM)
Can you please help/give me slogan? With the theme: "MateREALIZE: Synthesizing Ideas. Extracting knowledges. Forging Science Clubbers as Agent of Innovation" thank you in advance :D
5-10 words po pala

75 donn   (05-September-2012 6:00 PM)
english po

74 donn   (05-September-2012 5:57 PM)
english po

73 Jet   (04-September-2012 9:55 PM)
Donn, English ba o Filipino ang slogan mo?

72 donn   (04-September-2012 8:02 PM)
guys, pls!,..kailangan ko na tlaga this week,..tnx

71 donn   (04-September-2012 8:00 PM)

70 Archie Durano   (17-August-2012 9:23 AM)
HELP!!!!!!! what is the theme science month celebration 2000-2012

69 john   (07-July-2012 9:09 AM)
what is the theme for 2012 science month?

68 Michelle Jane Degracia Parreño   (13-October-2011 6:38 PM)
ung science clubbing po na essay .. dt0 po sasabhn ung mga dpt ung gawin kpg kunwari nasa isla ka.. d2 na po papasok ung mga pinag aralan ntn sa science on how to survive...

67 cheska   (03-October-2011 12:10 PM)
can you help me expain the theme ?

66 GLUVELL   (28-September-2011 10:34 AM)
grabeeeee kakalito tlga... idea pls.. sa painting and collage making

65 neil   (28-September-2011 9:44 AM)
okey ah

64 jet   (22-September-2011 9:13 PM)
im confused with the description. Are we referring to the "chemistry club" and the "science club" in synergy or are we referring to the subjects, Chemistry and Science that we intend to synergize in the event? Why are we treating the two as separate elements that need to be in synergy when we understand that Chemistry is already a science and that some sciences embody already chemistry. Perhaps the confusion lies on the description and i think it would be best to cite an example that clearly shows the importance of one without the other. biggrin

63 Raylie   (22-September-2011 10:18 AM)
What is really the purpose of the theme for the fact that it is also confusing?

62 krish   (20-September-2011 5:34 PM)
what can i draw that relate on the theme?

61 beige*   (18-September-2011 3:34 PM)
pls send me info aor sample for collage making and drawing of this years theme, tnx

60 john anthony tibas   (16-September-2011 7:09 PM)
please give me one quotation about the theme?

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