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List of PhilHealth Case Rates (Payment) for Common Diseases and Surgical Procedures

As your guide, here's a list of common diseases and surgical procedures that PhilHealth will pay (reimburse) to PhilHealth members.

PhilHealth Case Rates-Payment for Diseases
PhilHealth Case Rates (Payment) for Common Diseases and Surgical Procedures

Dengue I (dengue fever at dengue hemorrhagic fever Grades I & II) Php 8,000
Dengue II (dengue hemorrhagic fever Grades III & IV)16,000
Pneumonia I (pulmonya) (moderate risk)15,000
Pneumonia II (pulmonya) (high risk)32,000
Essential hypertension9,000
Cerebral infarction (CVA I)28,000
Cerebro-vascular accident (hemorrhage) (CVAII)38,000
Acute Gastroenteritis (AGE)6,000
Asthma (hika)9,000
Typhoid Fever (tipus)14,000
Newborn Care Package (you can also avail this to any PhilHealth-Accredited clinics)
New Cell
RadiotherapyPhp 3,000
Maternity Care Package (MCP)8,000
Normal Spontaneous Delivery Package (NSD) sa Level 1 hospitals (panganganak ng normal)6,500
Caesarian Section19,000
Dilatation and curettage (raspa)11,000
Cataract Surgery (pagtanggal ng katarata)16,000

Ang mga Sponsored Program members ay wala nang babayaran kung maaadmit sa mga accredited government hospitals sa buong bansa.

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