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PhilHealth Revised Employer Remittance Report (RF-1)
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Section 6.f of Title III Rule I of the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of the National Health Insurance Act of 1995 (R.A. 7875 as amended by R.A 9241), mandates PhilHealth to "establish and maintain an updated membership and contribution database".

PhilHealth Revised Employer Remittance Report (RF-1)
PhilHealth Revised Employer Remittance Report (RF-1)

In accordance with the above provision, the Employer Remittance Report (RF-1) has been revised specifically with the addition of box no. 8 "Date of Birth and Gender Column" to facilitate the immediate registration and generation of PhilHealth Identification Number (PIN) of unregistered but actively paying employed-members.

Consequently, all employers are hereby required to fill-out and supply the necessary information in box no. 8 of the revised RF -1 in case the employee/s being reported have not been issued with permanent PINs. As such, the supplied information in the designated box shall be the basis in the registration, generation of PINs and the subsequent issuance of PhilHealth Identification Cards.

Further, for updating of member data record and/or declaration of dependents, the employer shall still require their employees to submit a properly accomplished PhilHealth Membership Registration Form (PMRF) including applicable supporting documents and the same shall be forwarded to PhilHealth Regional/Branch Offices together with the Report of the Employee-Members (ER2).

The revised RF-1 shall be used in submitting the monthly remittance report applicable for premium remittances of April 2012 onwards- "Plus applies to both Hard Copy and Soft Copy formats.

This Circular shall take effect fifteen (15) days upon publication in a newspaper of general circulation.

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75 Rowena Mendina • 12:54 PM, 27-November-2014
Please send me a copy of rf1 form revised February 2014...
my e-mail add: rowenamendina@yahoo.com...thanks !
74 Rowena Mendina • 12:50 PM, 27-November-2014
May I request a copy of excel format of rf-1 revised february 2014, please send it to my email add:rowenamendina@yahoo.com
73 Rina Dr • 12:55 PM, 19-September-2014
Please also send the excel file: lunegoddess@gmail.com
72 Jurissa Silverio Ibardaloza • 1:07 AM, 24-July-2014
May I request a copy of excel format of rf-1 please send it to my email add: jurissa_1967@yahoo.com
71 Marife Lizardo Purugganan-Villegas • 8:23 PM, 23-July-2014
hi can you email me at mapet.purugganan@yahoo.com the rf1 excel format 2014 for 100 ees.
70 Mark Lim • 4:20 PM, 08-July-2014
Good Afternoon!

Can you send me the excel format of RF 1 in this account markgregory.lim@solidstateinfotech.com
thank you
69 Marie Destiny • 5:58 PM, 28-May-2014
Good afternoon.

Can you please send me a copy of the RF1 revised february 2014 excel format to my email address fliprockerz_24@yahoo.com

68 Jeric bugnalen • 12:14 PM, 19-May-2014
Good afternoon please send copy of the excel file to my email address jericho.bugnalen@neeyamo.com thanks you
67 Erika Fausto • 10:34 AM, 24-April-2014

Can you send the copy of the excel format in my email add : your_agape02@yahoo.com
66 melanie diones • 7:24 AM, 23-April-2014
May I request a copy of excel format of rf-1 please send it to my email add: diones.melanie@yahoo.com
65 bebe montero • 11:52 AM, 12-April-2014
May I request a copy of excel format of rf-1 please send it to my email add:bjm_jor@yahoo.com / bluecrest.0513@yahoo.com thank you in advance.
64 tina pialan • 6:02 PM, 09-April-2014
Good day, may i request for the excel format, thanks.
63 JESSIE GERONIMO • 4:56 PM, 07-April-2014
the Form RF1 like a RF 1 last 2013 because it can enter the names directly in
62 Gazelle S. Monteagudo • 11:06 AM, 02-April-2014
Good Morning!
May I ask for the copy of excel format of RF-1 for 2014, please send it to my gmail account gazellesmonteagudo@gmail.com. Thank you
61 JOD • 4:49 PM, 24-March-2014
Gud afternoon!
Can you send me the excel format of RF - 1 in this account jod_office@yahoo.com
thank you!
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