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Poem about Death: Car Crash Accident

Here's a poem about death caused by a car crash accident entitled "Lifeless" written by Immanuelle Anne A. Ocaya.

by: Immanuelle Anne A. Ocaya

Two blinding lights,
The screeching of tires,
A loud thud
That woman is dead

Her crimson blood,
In the rough, grey pavement
Her thin skin, like peeled onions
Exposing the tender flesh

A second ago, she was walking
But a speeding car hit her,
Threw her a few meters away
Ended her life in a flash

I walked towards the corpse,
Unexplainably in plain white,
Staring at the dead person
I held my breath

Tears ran down my face.
When I saw it was I,
Body bruised, blood spilled, lifeless
But I didn't know until now
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