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Very Nice Poem About Teachers

Here's a very nice poem about teachers entitled "Lucky I Am" written by Maria Carmela R. Caupayan (MONHS Alumna).

Lucky I Am
by Maria Carmela R. Caupayan

I'm lucky to know a kind person,
A person with a noble passion
She has this smile like no one else has
Every time she comes and leaves our class

She feeds my mind with knowledge and wisdom
And leads me in the path towards stardom
She nourished me with the values of life
Hoping I'll never stray and engage in strife.

She corrects me every time I am wrong
And I thank her for making me this strong.
Her patience endures throughout time
My memories of her stay a lifetime.

Now, I am who I wanted to be
Living well, honestly and happy
And how I lived a life far from hell?
I owe my teacher, for teaching me well

To the youth I speak, set aside your plays,
Come to school and listen to what she says!
For the genesis of known philosophers and kings
Is a passionate teacher and the knowledge she brings.

------ end ------

This poem is a tribute to all teachers of Misamis Occidental National High School who made a great contribution in shaping my life.

by: Maria Carmela R. Caupayan
MONHS Alumna
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