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Globe Balance Inquiry
Are you searching on how to inquire balance in Globe? You can inquire your Globe account balance in four (4) ways:

1.  Text BAL and send to 222

You will then receive a text message that shows your balance and free text.

Good thing: It's free.

2.  Dial *143# and press Call/Send

Several options will appear such as Choose Your Promo, Balance Inquiry, Load Card, All-Time Fave Promos, Surf Promos, GCash. Select Balance Inquiry.

3.  Call 222

An automated voice will answer you that you will receive your Globe balance through SMS or text message. You will then receive a text message that shows your balance and free text.

Take note: This option requires you 1 peso charge per balance inquiry.

4.  You can view your Globe Account at www.globe.com.ph

You must register your email address at www.globe.com.ph or log-in with an existing account.

Click the My Account link located at the top right corner.

Enroll your Globe account by choosing Add New Account.

The website will refresh and your Prepaid account will appear on the My Accounts list.

Select "View Account on GHP Prepaid and webpage will show your balance.

Take note: This option also requires 1 peso charge per inquiry.

Are you having problem with your Globe account balance?
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5 michelle blanco   (06-April-2015 8:16 AM)
I just want to ask my balance this month my account no. Is 848187625

4 Enzo   (26-March-2013 10:17 PM)
Hey, I just want to ask. Is there a balance inquiry in Globe's unli offers? I mean like when i turn my regular load into unli how can i check if when will my unli calls/texts expires and how much are left? Thanks you. Hope you can answer my question.

3 jake41   (21-November-2012 3:07 PM)
Why does Globe need to charge every balance inquiry call? If 50 million Globe subscribers are inquiring their balance through calling 222 in 1 day, then Globe would earn 50 million pesos in just 1 day.

2 jake41   (21-November-2012 3:04 PM)
It could have been better if Globe offers all those balance inquiry options for FREE.

1 Kyla   (21-November-2012 3:02 PM)
alam ko na ang pag-balance inquiry sa Globe. Kaya hindi mahirap. Meron din namang balance inquiry sa Menu ng Globe sim sa phone. Yung nga lang may bayad per inquiry.