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Talk N Text Load Balance Inquiry
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There are many ways to check or inquire your Talk n Text load balance.:

Talk n Text Load Balance Inquiry
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There are five (5) options where you can do Talk 'N Text Load Balance Inquiry:
  1. Using your Talk 'N Text SIM card in your phone, go to TALK N TEXT MENU > Balance Inquiry to receive your balance information via text.
  2. Or you can Text ?15001 to 214.
  3. Call 15001 and receive a message of your account balance. It costs 1 peso per inquiry.
  4. Go to https://my.smart.com.ph/ and register. This is the way to check your Talk 'N Text load balance online. This service is free of charge. But you need to link your Talk N Text account to your talk n text mobile number.
  5. Call *888 using your cellphone or call (02) 888-1111 with your landline and follow the voice instructions for balance inquiry.
Do you have any problem with your Talk N Text load balance?

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47 rodel   (07-June-2014 7:23 PM)
i cant open my talk n text menu on my mobile phone to access for my balance inquiry,

46 jayver   (01-May-2014 9:13 PM)
ung tnt sim q po hindi maka send or makatawag.. hindi din macontact ung costumerservice please fix my # 09104029972

45 Golda   (26-April-2014 2:19 AM)
sabi po eh na Invalid Request Format. Cannot be process daw.

44 Clinton   (19-March-2014 8:15 AM)
wala mang ka reply reply..!!!

43 Clinton   (19-March-2014 8:13 AM)
I loaded my number 3 times with 30/15/15 then woalla the load is gone it just given the notifications then nothing happen. please help ASAP.

42 John   (14-March-2014 8:09 PM)
Nakakainis naman tong sistema nyong ginawa sayang 60 load ko kinain lang no oofence pero sana baguhin nyo advice lang kasi sayang naman yung load namin

41 jay   (25-January-2014 9:06 PM)
ang pangit ng sistema nyo...kinakain nyo load...kapapaload ko lang..isang text ko palang zero balance agad....punyeta kayo...!!

40 Ryan Balmonte   (30-October-2013 9:22 PM)
I cant open my smart menu. Need help

39 Esmael Salik   (11-September-2013 9:35 AM)
Good morning, talk n text telcom. Nakita ko po ulit ang missing sim card ko. Ngayon ay gusto ko pa-loadan sana pero ang problem ko is diko na matandaan ang sim number. Is there any way para malaman ko ang sim number nito? Di ko din ma-balance inquiry kasi wala na nga load pero active pa din po sya. Hope you can help me, Thanks...

38 Arjay Fresco   (05-September-2013 12:35 PM)
i loaded my tnt number with regular load 15 php. after that i recieve a confirmation that i loaded
with 15 php load.i registered to u10 and send it to 4545, tnt replied with please load at least 15 pesos regular load. . . when i check my balance. it says that. i have 4 php balance remaining.
can you explain it to me? it happens to me 2 times

37 tressy   (11-August-2013 4:00 PM)
pwede ko po ba ma activate uli ung sim ko ...

36 tressy   (11-August-2013 4:00 PM)
na close ung talk n txt sim ko mi paraan ba para mabuksan ko yon uli with its same number...
na don kasi maraming importanting bagay na na save ko sa sim ko...pls help

35 gena   (10-August-2013 10:27 PM)
i was i able to text my friends but wen i was sending my msge it is not sending even once ,, i expected that my load will expired by tommorow

34 paolo   (20-April-2013 7:24 PM)
bakit invalid request format pagnagbabalance ako un ung narerecieve ko. paki ayos nmn. nakakaletse kc e.

33 chloe   (09-April-2013 7:24 AM)
talk n text deducted 30 pesos from my load even if I didn't text anyone. How can I refund that? please help thanks!!!

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