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Talk N Text Load Balance Inquiry

Due to your busy lifestyle, you might forget a very simple instruction or procedure on something that you really need to do. Like checking the load balance of your mobile phone. Did you forget the procedure on how to check your TNT or Talk N Text load balance? There are many ways to check or inquire your Talk n Text load balance.
Talk N Text Balance Inquiry
Talk 'N Text picture

There are five (5) options where you can do Talk 'N Text Load Balance Inquiry:
  1. Using your Talk 'N Text SIM card in your phone, go to TALK N TEXT MENU > Balance Inquiry to receive your balance information via text.
  2. Or you can Text ?15001 and send to 214.
  3. Call 15001 and receive a message of your account balance. It costs 1 peso per inquiry.
  4. Go to https://my.smart.com.ph/ and register. This is the way to check your Talk 'N Text load balance online. This service is free of charge. But you need to link your Talk N Text account to your talk n text mobile number.
  5. Call *888 using your cellphone or call (02) 888-1111 with your landline and follow the voice instructions for balance inquiry.

Tips and Suggestions:
  • To avoid your forgetfulness on checking your Talk N Text load balance, try to save this simple procedure on phone particularly in the Messages Menu, under Drafts or Saved Messages. For example, you can save this text to Drafts or Saved Messages: Balance Inquiry: Text ?15001 and send to 214).
  • Save the phone number 15001 to your Phone book and name it as Balance Inquiry Talk N Text.
Do you know other tips on remembering the procedure of checking your Talk N Text load balance?

Do you have any problem with your Talk N Text load balance?

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Total comments : 69
gelocaragay   (29 December 2016 0:01 AM)
paano mo ba malalaman ang sim number kopo using key number para makita ang phone number kopo? key number sana po kya paano kopo sya malalaman

joeybisco   (23 December 2016 2:39 AM)
panu po maactivate ung # q za tnt??
super tagal na po kc di naloloadan..

Naveed murtaza   (17 July 2016 6:37 PM)
Please reload on my number 03361830579

ann mary africa   (14 April 2016 9:24 AM)
i buy a new sim and when i reload it notify me that the number is not compatible of the load i want to load, my number is 09506638093 and its indicated it is a talk n text number. how come i cannot reload my sim talk n text and keep notifying me not my number is not compatible to the desire load.

arriane   (30 November 2015 12:02 PM)
password in my phone

Army joy Latoza   (28 November 2015 9:57 AM)
I tried the methods in balance inquiry but I can't get my balance. The content in message is only the date and time. Help me please. Thank you

Alex   (28 September 2015 6:58 PM)
I'm looking for a boyfriend call or text me 09172438796. I'll be waiting so hurry!

mechelle   (30 August 2015 10:28 AM)
i load my tnt 15 pesos why my balance was 2.50 pesos.hope you can help me.

Pixie.dust   (16 August 2015 10:15 AM)
Good day, is there any chance that i can pasaload to a sun user with my talk n txt number? I tried it many times, and a reply coming from 808 saying i type YES to confirm My pasaload and then i replied on that. But after that another reply saying i cannot avail the pasaload from them blah blah blah. .
Just wondering why would they reply a confirmation of pasaload if in the first place theyre not be able to transact pasaload to a sun user. I would like to call *888 but i have doubts bcoz i hav this dread feeling theyre going to deduct my load. P.s im a championsim user.

Mars   (30 July 2015 5:23 PM)
From my p300 load, i only made use P60 because of this thievery.... this happened to me around 3 times. Thats why I only buy P30 load.

Jeios capilitan   (24 July 2015 8:16 PM)
I load my tnt simcard but before i registered to unli call my balance was not enough.for how many time happen this to me.please make any changes.every time i load

fely a. lopez   (20 July 2015 7:19 PM)
gud pm. how come my P100.00 load vanished. I didnt accept any promos. kindly check your program.

Alliah   (30 June 2015 6:48 PM)
I texted talk n text about my load balance but I didnt recieve any text message.

jean sayo   (10 June 2015 7:07 PM)
I just registered in unlitext promo and didn't received any confirmation, I don't know if my registration is valid.
I also checked my balance and also didn't get any reply.

Ace   (01 June 2015 10:14 PM)
My Talk N Text Menu is not working! Every time i click Balance Inquiry it responds "Invalid keyword."

alice   (23 May 2015 9:31 AM)
i transfered my load to my another number i received the confirmation that it was successful but i didnt received the load. how can i get my load i've been trying to call your hotline but i can't connect.

maekay   (21 May 2015 4:05 PM)
I already have 30peso load yesterday and im unlimited txt for 1month...my problem is i can't pasaload to my sister because my balance in not enough..but why ?i have an extra load that was loaded yesterday afternoon ..then i check my balance by now the reply was i have 3peso lpad left ?where is the 27 ?

Walida Abdullah   (10 May 2015 9:34 PM)
Hai . When i check my balance . the tnt didn't reply me . I Can't recieve my balance inquiry .

Michael Angelo T. Amores   (05 May 2015 6:09 PM)
i loaded my sim with 60 pesos and 15 pesos consecutively and received both messages that i received them, but when i check my balance, i only had 60 pesos? why is that happening? Please help.

mj   (28 April 2015 10:20 PM)
my load was lost

mj   (28 April 2015 10:19 PM)
i've just loaded 10 and suppose to register to call promo but the time i check my balance its zero i never use my load or text.

rosalinda   (19 April 2015 1:00 PM)
i cant check my load balance. i follow the instruction above and tried 10 times. i did not work. please help me. God bless.

rodel   (07 June 2014 7:23 PM)
i cant open my talk n text menu on my mobile phone to access for my balance inquiry,

jayver   (01 May 2014 9:13 PM)
My Talk N Text (TNT) sim cannot send message and call. Unable to contact costumer service please fix. My phone number: 09104029972

Golda   (26 April 2014 2:19 AM)
it says "Invalid Request Format. Cannot be processed". why?

Clinton   (19 March 2014 8:15 AM)
No reply..!

Clinton   (19 March 2014 8:13 AM)
I loaded my number 3 times with 30/15/15 then woalla the load is gone it just given the notifications then nothing happen. please help ASAP.

John   (14 March 2014 8:09 PM)
Your system is annoying. My 60 pesos load was lost without notification. No offense. Change it just an advice. Our load is wasted unreasonably.

jay   (25 January 2014 9:06 PM)
your system is worthless. Load are being diminished without reason or notification. I've just loaded, and sent just one text then, I have zero balance remaining. What the...?

Ryan Balmonte   (30 October 2013 9:22 PM)
I cant open my smart menu. Need help

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