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How to deactivate Talk N Text Roaming

The situation might be like this. You came from abroad and went back here in the Philippines. Your Talk N Text roaming (in other country) is still active. You notice that you cannot send or receive calls and data. Why? Because your Talk N Text international roaming is still active. So, you should deactivate it in order to successfully call or text here in the Philippines. How? Follow the procedure below:
To deactivate Talk N Text (sim card) Roaming
  • Text ROAM OFF and send to 333.
Your roaming will be deactivated after 1 hour.

Are you having any problem deactivating your Talk N Text sim (phone)?

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joanne   (26 July 2017 6:21 AM)
Before deactivating the roaming here in the philippines does the sim card should have an existing load balance?

Dane   (31 January 2016 11:47 PM)
There is a problem with your account. Please contact the call center before making another call. Thank you.

-that's what it says whenever I'm trying to ROAM OFF my sim. I am a solid TNT user and I can't change my contact number as it is important to me already. I really wish I could ROAM OFF this one so it could be of use to me. I need help.

I reload 130PhP and I didn't receive any confirmation that I had received it. I can't receive calls nor do I have the privilege to sending messages. Please understand that this number is so important to me. thanks

jojean conda   (25 January 2014 6:19 PM)
i cant access my roaming sim here in shanghai china.