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How to Convert Sun Load into Flexi Load 50
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Steps on How to Register or Convert Your Sun Cellular Load into Flexi Load 50

All loads are available via Sun Xpressload and Load Conversion. Available Call and Text Unlimited Denomination is 50 pesos.

Xpress Load is the electronic prepaid reload service of Sun Cellular where you can buy load "Over-the-Air” via an accredited Sun Xpress Load retailer.
Load Conversion allows Sun subscribers to convert their regular load to special load e.g. Flexi50, etc.

Sun Flexi Load 50 Conversion
The most flexible load and the first of its kind! We give you the power to choose!

 Sun Flexi Load 50 offers subscribers the following benefits:

·          Special "Flexi Rates” for calls and texts both to Sun and to other networks

·          Ability to convert this load to other Sun Special Loads (e.g. Call & Text Unlimited, Call & Text Combo, etc.)

·          Enjoy Flexi Rates when you load Regular Load within the validity of your Flexi Load (5 days!)

To register or convert  P50.00 : Text Flexi50 to 247

       Description: 5 days Validity, P0.25 rate Sun-to-Sun Texts, P0.50 rate Texts to other Networks, P0.50/min rate Sun-to-Sun Calls,     P5.50/min rate Calls to other Networks

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