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Report Phone Numbers That Scammers Use in the Philippines!

Scammers or swindlers are becoming high-tech nowadays. They know that mobile phone industry is booming and mobile phone users are increasing significantly. That's why they call or send fake messages to your phone to entice you to do what their message intends you to do. If you know such phone numbers sending scam messages to your phone, please report it here. Or post it in the comment below. Here are some of the messages that scammers send to their victims.

Phone numbers and text message scam in Philippines

Samples of Text Messages That Scammers Send to their Victims

A text message scam from 09222154715 (+639222154715):

Test Message of Phone Scammers

This message intends to transfer Php300 load to the following phone number: 09261357720. This is a Globe phone number.

Another text message scam from 09268700672 (+639268700672), a Globe phone number.

Text Message of Phone Scammers

This message intends to send load to the following phone number: 09395102122. This is a Smart/Talk 'N Text phone number.

Another text message scam from 09223456549 (+639223456549), a Sun Cellular phone number:

"GLOBE ADVISORY: Sir/Ma'am, Due to systems failure yesterday your line has been charge P300 for technical error, to cancel the charges just text 300 CANCEL and send to 29269797342 reply YES on the text message to confirm. GLOBE TELECOM."

List of Phone Numbers That Scammers Used in their Text Scams:
  • 09430497978 (+639430497978)
  • 09269681923
  • 09430835602 (+639430835602) 
  • 09269691284
  • 09222154715 (+639222154715)
  • 09069035480
  • 09425572685 (+639425572685)
  • 09756748758
  • 09430835650 (+639430835650)
  • 09975712009
  • 09327139957 (+639327139957)
  • 09262545932
  • 09329209569 (+639329209569)
  • 09269686010
  • 09239267241 (+639239267241)
  • 09973069611
  • 09223456549 (+639223456549)
  • 09269797342
  • 09329208432 (+639329208432)
  • 09269691284
  • 09323947186 (+639323947186)
  • 09975236850
  • 09321030317 (+639321030317)
  • 09975238832
  • 09975236346
  • 09330726233 (+639330726233)
  • 09975236785
  • 09432152639 (+639432152639)
  • 09751424105
  • 09975236307
  • 09432436802 (+639432436802)

Don't ever believe with these type of text messages. Don't be a fool thinking that those text messages are real. If they're real, try to contact those numbers by calling them. Some will answer and some don't. If they answer, try to ask personal details about them, their names, their address, how are they related to your family. Scrutinize their identity. How true is their message? Can they prove the authenticity of their message? How did the incident/message happen? How did they know your phone number? Be specific as possible. If they give you with no direct answers, you should start to doubt.

If you receive somewhat similar message like those posted above, please post them in the comment below the phone number that scammers use including the name they use, their personal info (if there's any) and the message they send to you.

Please help your friends and family by sharing this article to them thru your Facebook account or Twitter account.

Are you one of the victims of phone e-load scam?
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3 Scammer alert   (22 January 2017 5:19 PM)
The following numbers are being used as a scam to extract money from their victims via an online dating app. One of which is the app "tagged"

Uses a foreign number from Oregon: +971 6454354
Uses a philippine number: 0928-8769028

BEWARE!!!! and don't be scammed!!!

2 Estrelia Marie J. Lim   (29 October 2016 3:27 PM)
Good day!
I wanna report Angel Labaro and Francesh Amanduron for scamming me and my friend. We availed their iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s for P15,000. We paid P6,000, this morning at 9AM because she was in a hurry to get it and she promised me, the courier will arrive or we'll be able to receive the phones anytime before 5PM. We found their post on eBay PH. What was stated in their post was "iPhone 7 rush sale for child with cancer" and "iPhone 6s rush sale for child with cancer". Right when I just sended the money, she immediately texted me to please change the receiver's name to Angel Labaro, but I wasn't able to change it anymore. She still got the money though. I wish, pray and hope, you'll be able to get them. Please do solve this crime. Alot have been scammed or have been victims by them. Thank you! Their contact numbers are: 09758021412 and 09971750670

1 emdb   (17 August 2016 11:51 AM)
Madalas mag text ang number na ito sa akin. Ilang beses ko na siyang sinabihan na huwag na mag text dahil hindi ko naman siya kilala at wala akong interest na kilalanin siya pero patuloy pa rin siya sa pag tetext , minsan group message minsan nanghihingi siya ng load. +639505091077