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Sun Cellular GPRS Settings for Internet Connection
Do you want to connect to the internet using your cellphone/mobile phone? Here's  a guide to correctly set up the GPRS settings of your cellphone for internet connectivity using your Sun Cellular sim.

Sun Cellular Mobile Internet

How to Get Started

To enjoy mobile internet, activate the GPRS and make sure to configure the cellphone/mobile phone settings correctly.

Here are the steps:

How to Activate your GPRS

Two ways to activate your GPRS:
1. Text ACTIVATE to 2300
2. Call 200 using your Sun phone or 395-8000 via landline, and a customer service representative
will assist you

Configure your Cellphone

Two ways to configure your cellphone:
1. Text SETTINGS to 2300
2. Manually configure your handset. Click Here!

Note: Handset settings vary depending on phone model. GPRS activation and handset configuration is free of charge.

Start Surfing!

Go to your phone’s web browser and visit http://wap.suncellular.com.ph for free*! Or you can directly go to the following popular sites:

Social Network


E-mail m.gmail.com

To get list of suggested sites, text SITES to 2300. 
  * Use ‘wap’ apn.

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Total comments: 62
62 Joel Lopez   (03-June-2015 12:25 PM)

Same here, I have a new handset, Galaxy-E500H, I already called Sun Customer Care for the settings, still, no mobile data received. My phone is dual sim and openline, yat, I can't connect to the internet.

61 Melinda Alona Amor   (09-January-2015 7:47 AM)
I can't activate my samsung star mobile. unable to activate. Why?

60 Rhea Tan Marquiso   (28-August-2014 10:28 AM)
I can't activate my cherry mobile Hyper. unable to activate. Why?

59 Rhency Raviz   (24-August-2014 7:53 PM)
my phone is cherry mobile flare S ? i cant access the internet why ? please help....

58 Rustico   (09-June-2014 9:48 PM)
please phone settings po ng O+ 8.36z paano try na ako sa 2300, unable to activate, youre phone is not supported. pls tulong

57 michael   (21-May-2014 2:28 AM)
my mobile phone is made in china it is SKK MOBILE so its hard for me to find the settings to activate my GPRS.My problem is my GPRS or my cp internet is not activated..pls help me to activete my cp...

56 aprilshine   (11-April-2014 3:38 PM)
how to connect in face-book in the mobile phone q9TV? also me did not connected i follow all the instructions too. but i cannot connect it...all is useless..

55 TREEKS FARDZ   (13-March-2014 10:29 PM)
same here i cant use internet..........N2700

54 Ronald Doguiles   (06-March-2014 5:33 PM)
my handset is Alcatel Onetouch 5036
i cant browse internet, pls help... open my gprs i did the activation process

53 Hannah   (24-December-2013 0:00 AM)
how do you connect to the sun cellular internet with the Galaxy S4? GT-9505 isn't on the list :/ i just recently subscribed to one of the unli promos and its such a waste now since i can't use it. I'm using a postpaid sim if that means anything...

52 Janus   (19-December-2013 7:48 PM)
Hi .

51 windy   (14-October-2013 4:08 PM)
Im a sun cellular subscriber. How can I configure my handset HTC desire HD? pls help!!

50 ericxon guariro   (11-October-2013 4:53 PM)
i follow instruction why still cant set my handset

49 ericxon guariro   (11-October-2013 4:50 PM)
please help for handset setting of arc mobile arcade 3

48 maecah   (30-September-2013 12:52 PM)
i cannot open my internet, i follow the instruction. my mobile is samsung pocket gt s5301.

47 marilou mallari   (26-September-2013 7:05 PM)
i follow all the instraction in 2300,how much i load just to open my internet,but still nothing happend,is this the kind of service u have?i call to youre customer service but still nobody answer!!!!!!and way everytime i cheack my balance,all my load almost finish?

46 marilou mallari   (26-September-2013 6:59 PM)
my mobile is blackberry

45 marilou mallari   (26-September-2013 6:58 PM)
way i cant open my internet in my mobile?

44 jordan   (11-September-2013 9:02 PM)
Helloo.. I need help for my Phone Samsung Galaxy S 4G handset settings. Cannot activated.

43 kristina   (10-September-2013 1:23 PM)
i cant used my internet connection in my phone, how many times i follow the instruction according to the customers service but Then its not working, my phone model is Nokia Lumia 520 its a WINDOWS PHONE....

42 evelyn   (18-August-2013 8:38 AM)
i have a fon cherry mobile t11 its seems i cannot connect to internet when i use sun cellular. i already activated my GPRS after that theres a reply from 2300 that i should be set my handsettings through 202 i already done everything except those handsettings ...... i want to access internet by the use of sun cellular plsssss. can set my handsettings? now i use other network to access fb but i want also to other sites like google,yahoo. others..
plsssssssssssssss help me

41 Jennifer   (17-August-2013 10:10 PM)
Hi, I tried everything the customer service person told me to do, and 2300 sent me a message that it will activate my internet in a few hours. But 24 hours has passed, and I still can't get on the internet! This is my first time using mobile internet w/o wifi, and i dont know how to do it. :( Help?

40 sherlyn   (15-August-2013 5:49 PM)
i cant used my internet in my phone...firefly r60..can you share what im going to do?

39 Jelord S. Javier   (10-August-2013 2:38 PM)
hello!my cherry mobile q9tv has a fb icon and it wont open.pls. tell me how to open it..

38 cris   (06-August-2013 12:19 PM)
pa activate po ng gprs ng sim ko tnx

37 Rosette   (01-August-2013 2:42 PM)
Please send me a handset setting for Titan TV Cherry mobile

36 Jhong   (24-July-2013 8:39 AM)
Good Day... How can i get a free enternet settings to browse a free surfing without any cost just like a smart sim?

35 aliyah   (12-July-2013 1:27 PM)
hi i'm a suncellular subscriber. and i cant activate my handset settings... can you please send me a phone settings in my iphone 4, thanks!!!!

34 jhosa mae   (10-July-2013 8:07 PM)
hi i'm a suncellular subscriber. and i cant activate again my handset settings cuz its gone... can you please send me a phone settings in cherry mobile t2i model:CM-4z...i already lose my connection today...please help.. :(

33 Carla rose   (10-July-2013 1:36 PM)
hi i'm an suncellular subscriber. and i cant active my handset settings... can you please send phone settings in samsung gt- s5230...i already lose my load today...

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