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New PAG-ASA Website: Like to visit? - web.pagasa.dost.gov.ph

Not all something new is better. The weather bureau of the Philippines, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) launched its new website recently. The new website can be accessed at http://web.pagasa.dost.gov.ph/
Yes, it replaces its old and dull website. The new design is more interactive, intuitive and cool but what annoys the site visitors is its very very slow page-load speed. What causes it?

Possible Reasons

The main cause of the slow page speed might be the bandwidth limitation of the server where the new PAGASA website is hosted. To make the site load faster, it should be hosted at a reliable hosting company and with a server with unlimited bandwidth.

The other cause would be too many scripts. Unoptimized and too many scripts can increase page load.

Good Initiative

Though poor in page speed, the new PAGASA website is more intuitive and has a lot stuff embedded in the home page. This is a good initiative of the Philippine government to take further step in creating a better PAGASA website for the public. Since Philippines is a typhoon-prone area in the Southeast Asia, the PAGASA website is the go-to website for those who want to get the latest weather update in the Philippines.

For those who cannot access the new website, here's the home page of the new PAGASA website:

PAGASA website
Photo Screenshot - Home Page of the New PAGASA website (http://web.pagasa.dost.gov.ph/)

As you can see, the dominant color of the website is sky blue which signifies sky or weather. The latest weather updates can be seen in the first box of the right sidebar under WEATHER Warning/Advisories. The image of the weather satellite is located at the first box below the temperature conditions container. Latest tweets from PAGASA is contained at the right sidebar below the temperature conditions container. More icons have been designed to make the site more intuitive.

Some Pages are Unavailable

Some pages are unavailable such as the download page of the Android application of the PAGASA website. Other pages that are not available are:
  • PAGASA Regional Services Division (PRSD) of NCR
  • PAGASA Regional Services Division (PRSD) of Norhtern Luzon
  • PAGASA Regional Services Division (PRSD) of Southern Luzon
  • PAGASA Regional Services Division (PRSD) of Visayas
  • PAGASA Regional Services Division (PRSD) of Mindanao

If you're using a poor or slow internet connection, chances are you cannot access the new PAGASA website. Some visitors are complaining that they cannot access the website on their smart phones.

For those who cannot access the new website, don't worry, you can still access the old version of the website by going to http://kidlat.pagasa.dost.gov.ph/

Receive Latest Weather Updates To Your Mobile Phone

To receive regular updates from PAGASA, you must register first (one-time registration) by texting:
  • ULAN<space>REG<space>NAME/ADDRESS/AGE and send to 717-ULAN (7178526). 
Then, to subscribe, text:
  • ULAN<space>PUSH <space>ON send to 717 ULAN. 
If you want to stop the updates or to unsubscribe, text:
  • ULAN<space>PUSH <space>OFF send to 717 ULAN. 
Other procedures of receiving weather updates from PAGASA:
  • Text ULAN<space>INFO<space>ADVISORY and send to 7008526 - for the daily weather 
  • Text BAGYO<space>INFO<space>ADVISORY update and send to 7008526 - for the tropical cyclone 
  • Text SIGNAL<space>INFO<space>ADVISORY and send to 7008526 -  for the public storm warning signals raised
Have you encounter any problems in accessing the new PAG-ASA website? Do you think the new PAGASA website needs a new server? Tell us in the comment below.

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ROMY M. PACQUIAO   (17 January 2017 10:10 AM)
Good morning Pag-asa team, tanong ko lang po if may weather published ba na weather forecast for the whole year 2017? Philippine area..