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How to Reset Epson T60 Printer
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Do your Epson T60 Printer experienced blinking 2 led lights alternately as if your printer will no longer be used or it will not print anymore? Well, I guess it reaches its Service Life age. Do you want to used again the printer instead of buying a new printer in order to save money?

Epson T60 Printer picture
(Picture of Epson T60 Printer) Printer Resetting Procedures

The solution is reset your Epson T60 printer.

Resetting Epson T60 Printer is very easy. Just follow these simple 6 steps to reset your Epson T60 printer:
  1. Download the Epson T60 here. Click this link: Epson T60 Adjustment_Program_Resetter_Program.zip
  2. Unzip the file. Run the Adjustment Program for Epson T60 printer. Select the right port for usb. The port should be selected in Auto Selection. Click Particular adjustment mode.
  3. Point on Waste Ink Pad Counter and press Ok.
  4. Press Check Button to check the Waste Ink Pad Counter.
  5. Click Initialization to reset.
  6. Turn off the printer and turn it on again....Tantararahhhhh. You're printer is now reset.
These are simple ways in resetting your Epson T60 Printer.

If you found communication error after several resettings, there's a working solution for that. You must download the Epson T50 Adjustment Program/Resetter. Use this Epson T50 resetter. The error is due to the incompatibility of the chip of Epson T60 board and the resetter you've used. It will work now without error if you use Epson T50 Resetter.

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52 ana maria embalzado • 12:39 PM, 20-May-2014
what we will do if the error is 21000068
51 annalyn • 11:39 PM, 04-April-2014
how to epson t60 resseter i have a problem error 20000010? pls help me..i want this solve the prob
50 michael • 12:04 PM, 31-March-2014
fix the printer
49 manoj meshram • 1:19 AM, 28-March-2014
sir pls i have download resseter t60 and t50 but printer is not resset error whowing on communication
48 louie • 11:00 PM, 20-March-2014
mahina net. failed network error
47 Shane • 1:12 PM, 09-March-2014
Hi i need help. nag eeror po kasi eto nalabas .20000010..badly need to fix it today.Thank you po in advance
46 kashif • 2:41 PM, 18-September-2013
45 Kyaw Kyaw • 3:53 PM, 11-September-2013
i use Epson t60 re setter but that say communications error why?
My OS (Operation System ) is windows 7
44 rahul sharma • 4:59 PM, 02-August-2013
i am receiveing error code 21000068
43 Ric • 10:53 PM, 26-July-2013
sorry, im looking for epson t50 resetter (not reseller).. anybody who can help..pls..
42 Ric • 10:34 PM, 26-July-2013
anybody here who can provide the link for epson t50 reseller? i'll appreciate it bigtime..
41 Ric • 10:32 PM, 26-July-2013
hi khen.. mind if you can provide the reseller for epson t50? thanks a lot.
40 Ric • 10:32 PM, 26-July-2013
pls help provide epson t50 resetter.. need it urgently..thanks.
39 Eric • 4:25 PM, 19-July-2013
The Epson T50 resetter after i downlaod also shows Epson T60~ not T50 anymore~ any T50 resetter link ?
38 rene • 11:04 AM, 09-July-2013
ayaw aman madownload
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