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ACLC College Mandaue, Cebu Courses Offered
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ACLC (AMA Computer Learning Center) in Mandaue City, Cebu offers the following courses:

ACLC AMA Computer Learning Center Mandaue Logo
ACLC COLLEGE Mandaue Campus
(A member of the AMA Education System)

College of Computer Studies:

College of Business Education:
HRM Courses:
  • B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • 2 Year Hotel and Restaurant Services
Two-Year Diploma Courses:
  • Software Development
  • Computer Systems and Network Technology
  • Office and Information Systems
  • Computer-Based Accountancy
  • Web Applications Development
Modular Short Courses (in just 2 weeks):
  • Microsoft Office with Internet Application
  • MS Access Programming
  • Visual Basic Programming with My SQL
  • AutoCAD (2D/3D)
  • Culinary Arts
  • Network Installation/Configuration
  • PC Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Bar Tending
  • Web Page Design
ACLC (AMA Computer Learning Center) Mandue address:
Northpoint Business Center, MC Briones St., Mandaue City, Cebu

Contact/Telephone number: (032) 345-1237, 345-2281, 422-0018

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49 Chanvie Manos • 8:55 PM, 04-August-2014
hi good evening,, is there any scholarships offer in aclc and how many years. and what courses are they? thank you im hoping for your response :)[color=blue]
48 Sherwin • 4:18 PM, 09-June-2014
Gud pm, I would like to ask if there is an evening class for Visual Basic Programming with My SQL? Because my only available day is Saturday and I work on weekdays >_<
47 JEROME TRUYA • 10:17 AM, 01-June-2014
i want to ask the schedule of the short term class particular in medecal transcription, if there is evening class or weekend. in mandaue or ormoc. tnx more power
46 Jezriel • 5:32 PM, 30-May-2014
gud pm ACLC, i would like to ask how much is your tuition fee on autoCAD2D/3D..
45 Mary Jiezsa Lucero Puerto • 3:55 PM, 21-May-2014
Good Day! I would like to ask, how many years does ACLC (AMA) BSA take?
44 Mary Jiezsa Lucero Puerto • 3:53 PM, 21-May-2014
I would like to ask, how many years does ACLC (AMA) Bachelor in Science major in Accountancy course take?
41 Jervy • 5:26 PM, 18-May-2014
Anyone want to enroll in "Modular Short Courses?" please text me 09323520177 for any computer literate.
40 xtian • 10:42 AM, 10-May-2014
I would like to ask if how much the exact tuition fee of B.S Information Technology ?

I need your response pls..
39 dinamae • 6:26 PM, 08-May-2014
about the course of bachelor of science in hotel management
38 dinamae • 6:25 PM, 08-May-2014
good evening i would like to ask if the enrollment of your school is on going i just needed your response
50 Dexter Lumanta Jorolan • 3:27 PM, 22-September-2014
hi dexter here i can offer you 30 percent discount if you would like txt me in this number 0923446148
37 jhon dave • 5:26 PM, 07-May-2014
i would like to ask how much is the exact tuition fee for HRM course?!
36 meggyV • 10:49 PM, 06-May-2014
Good evening ma'am/ sir,
just wanna ask about the tuition for 2 yrs hotel and restaurant services. and also include the BSHRM info.
what are the avialable schedule for it? and when is your enrollment closing?
thank you, hoping for a quick reply.
35 peter • 7:57 PM, 29-April-2014
good eve. may I know if how much would be the tuition fee for autoCAD and bar tending?
thank you in advance.
34 Tara • 6:36 AM, 13-April-2014

May I know the tuition fee for culinary arts and bar tending?
33 angelo decoy • 2:35 PM, 06-April-2014
how much is your tuition fee
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