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ACLC College Mandaue, Cebu Courses Offered
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ACLC (AMA Computer Learning Center) in Mandaue City, Cebu offers the following courses:

ACLC AMA Computer Learning Center Mandaue Logo
ACLC COLLEGE Mandaue Campus
(A member of the AMA Education System)

College of Computer Studies:

College of Business Education:
HRM Courses:
  • B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • 2 Year Hotel and Restaurant Services
Two-Year Diploma Courses:
  • Software Development
  • Computer Systems and Network Technology
  • Office and Information Systems
  • Computer-Based Accountancy
  • Web Applications Development
Modular Short Courses (in just 2 weeks):
  • Microsoft Office with Internet Application
  • MS Access Programming
  • Visual Basic Programming with My SQL
  • AutoCAD (2D/3D)
  • Culinary Arts
  • Network Installation/Configuration
  • PC Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Bar Tending
  • Web Page Design
ACLC (AMA Computer Learning Center) Mandue address:
Northpoint Business Center, MC Briones St., Mandaue City, Cebu

Contact/Telephone number: (032) 345-1237, 345-2281, 422-0018

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60 Kareen Molabola   (02-November-2015 2:34 PM)
I would just like to ask, How much does it cost to enroll in a 10 days Microsoft Office with Internet Application training? I would also like to ask if it's okay if you sometimes absent in the training. I'm just curious because I'm working now but I really want to undergo training.

59 jelian buenaflor   (11-August-2015 1:28 PM)
Hi good day i would like to inquire about 2years i formation technology if how much is the tuition fee? And entrance fee thank you

58 tessie cabucos   (04-August-2015 8:41 AM)

57 jenerose inot   (05-June-2015 2:22 PM)
God day I would like to inquire about the 2year hotel and restaurant course if how much is the tuition fee?thank you!

56 emmalyn Balaba   (26-May-2015 10:51 AM)
Good day i would like to inquire about the modular short courses if how much is the tuition fee? thanks

55 Roselyn Tampus   (23-May-2015 10:59 AM)
Good Day Ma'am/ Sir!

I just want to ask how much is the tuition fee for Microsoft Office with Internet Application in Modular short courses and also what are the schedule's? Is it every weekdays or every weekend?And lastly how many hours every session?
And before i forgot what are the requirements if ever I like to enroll?

Thanks! I'll be looking forward for your answers thru e-mail.

Best Regards

54 Edji Lucot   (05-May-2015 7:55 PM)
Good day,

Hi..May I ask how much is the tuition fee for a Business Administration course? Please advise asap. Please also indicate the requirements for incoming 1st year college Business Ad. Thanks.

Best Regards,



53 Roy Mansanadez   (04-May-2015 3:05 AM)
Hi good day maam/sir!
I just wanna ask how much does it cost for modular classes?Do you have an evening classes avalaible?

52 aaron paul   (29-April-2015 0:18 AM)
i want to ask if the enrollment is open. and what is the requirements for freshmen. i need your response As soon as possible please email me.

51 rey lupian   (23-April-2015 9:39 AM)
hi good afternoon i have an uno all acess card how much discount would i have, if i get an bsit course?
thank you hope you response....

49 Chanvie Manos   (04-August-2014 8:55 PM)
hi good evening,, is there any scholarships offer in aclc and how many years. and what courses are they? thank you im hoping for your response :)[color=blue]

48 Sherwin   (09-June-2014 4:18 PM)
Gud pm, I would like to ask if there is an evening class for Visual Basic Programming with My SQL? Because my only available day is Saturday and I work on weekdays >_<

47 JEROME TRUYA   (01-June-2014 10:17 AM)
i want to ask the schedule of the short term class particular in medecal transcription, if there is evening class or weekend. in mandaue or ormoc. tnx more power

46 Jezriel   (30-May-2014 5:32 PM)
gud pm ACLC, i would like to ask how much is your tuition fee on autoCAD2D/3D..

45 Mary Jiezsa Lucero Puerto   (21-May-2014 3:55 PM)
Good Day! I would like to ask, how many years does ACLC (AMA) BSA take?

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