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DepEd Learner Reference Number (LRN)

In order to facilitate the tracking of pupils, students or learners and their performance, a Unique Learner Reference Number (LRN) will be issued to all public school pupils and students and Alternative Learning System (ALS) learners based on School Year (SY) 2011-2012 Masterlist of Students, Pupils or Learners submitted per DepEd Order No. 67, s. 2011.

The LRN is a permanent twelve (12)-digit number which the pupil, student or learner shall keep while completing the basic education program, regardless of transfer to another school or learning center in the public or private sector, and promotion/moving up to the secondary level.

The LRN shall be incorporated in all documents, forms, examinations, surveys and databases which refer to a pupil, student or learner. In particular, the LRN shall be indicated in the pupil's or student's Permanent Record, (Form 137), Report Card (Form 138), ALS Certificate, Diploma or Portfolio, National Achievement Test (NAT), and Accreditation and Equivalency (A & E) Examination.

The Database Management Unit-Office of the Planning Service (DBMU-OPS), shall be responsible for issuing the LRNs to all pupils, students or learners. The Regional or Division Planning Officers shall be responsible for releasing the LRNs of pupils or students to all public schools while the Regional and Division ALS coordinators shall be reponsible for releasing the LRNs of ALS learners to all mobile teachers and learning centers.

The school heads (SHs), district ALS coordinators, and mobile teachers shall be responsible for requesting the issuance of the LRN to pupils, students or learners who still do not have one. The request for additional LRNs shall be sent to the division office (DO) and should use the electronic template specified under DepEd Order No. 67, s. 2011 which can be downloaded at the DepEd website address: http://www.deped.gov.ph/downloads. The DO shall consolidate the requests to ensure that the correct template is used before sending them to the DBMU-OPS.

The school heads (SHs), district ALS coordinators, and mobile teachers shall also ensure that information about a particular pupil, student or learner is accurate. They will also be responsible for requesting the deactivation of the LRN due to multiple issuance of LRN to an individual or for any other reasons. The Request for Correction in the LRN shall follow the format in Enclosure No. 1, while the Request for the Deactivation of the LRN shall follow the format in Enclosure No. 2.

The DO shall submit a Status Report on the Implementation of the LRN indicating the number of pupils, students or learners who do not have any LRN yet following the format in Enclosure No. 3 by April 15, 2012 to the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning, Attention: DBMU-OPS.

All DepEd personnel conducting monitoring activities in the schools and learning centers are enjoined to monitor the compliance of the incorporation of the LRN in the pupil's or student's Form 137, Form 138, ALS certificate and diploma or portfolio by the concerned SHs and other DepEd field personnel.

The identity or other information that may reasonably identify the pupil, student or learner shall be kept confidential.
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1453 Vincent Peduche   (08 January 2017 4:22 PM)
I would like to know my LRN as soon as possible for my SHS application. Here is my email johnpeduche@gmail.com just email my LRN (John Vincent Balot Peduche). Thanks

1452 andro nico sanchez   (08 January 2017 8:02 AM)
Hello po good morning...parequest nman po lrn no. ni kathleen nicole sanchez..salamat po...09364161285

1451 andro nico sanchez   (08 January 2017 8:00 AM)
Parequest po ng lrn ni kathleen nicole sanchezbtnx...09364161285

1450 andro nico sanchez   (08 January 2017 7:37 AM)
hello po parequest po LRN ni kathleen nicole T. Sanchez need po kc sa nilipatan nya na school...tnx..hoping po sa answer 09364161285

1449 Ricky Onato   (07 January 2017 10:02 AM)
hello po parequest po ako ng LRN ni Ricky Julian A. Onato, kailangan po kase un sa application pra sa SHS... hoping po sa answer rockyrender@gmail.com po ang aking email... salamat po.

1448 Aldrica Tucjang   (25 December 2016 5:58 PM)
I would like to ask if you can send me my LRN ? as soon as possible I really need for my JHS application ? Thank you. foldraygray@gmail.com

1447 Blanche Veneer Ginson   (14 December 2016 10:21 PM)
I really need my LRN number as soon as possible. It will be needed for my voucher next year. Blanche Veneer A. Ginson from St. Joseph School La Salle, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.

1446 Mika Mae Mabanta   (07 December 2016 8:37 AM)
Please give me my LRN, I need it for application. Kindly send it to my email. Thank you!

1445 Lanz Louie D. Alamo   (05 December 2016 5:28 PM)
I need my LRN.Masipit Elementary School batch . Lanz Louie D. Alamo. I really need it as soon as possible. Thank you

1444 Lanz Louie D. Alamo   (05 December 2016 5:27 PM)
I really need my LRN number , as soon as pissible. Lanz Louie D. Alamo from Masipit Elementary School. Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro. Thank you

1443 Alexandra Albien B. Labong   (05 December 2016 1:56 PM)
Good day, Maam/Sir.

I would like to know my Learner's Reference Number or LRN because I really need it for my Senior High School Application for the School Year 2017-2018. Please send it to my Email as soon as possible.

Thank You!

1442 honorato P. mata   (05 December 2016 11:43 AM)
may i request the LRN number of JOHNARVIE BIGUILLA, PWD PO PAKI SEND SA EMAIL ADD. KO honoratomata@outlook,com. Maraming salamat po

1441 John Vincent Pavia   (05 December 2016 10:47 AM)
Good day, it is possible if i can get my LRN to be used for my financial assistant application at OVAP.
Thank you in advance.

1440 Jenny ann p. obial   (05 December 2016 10:00 AM)
PWEDE ko po bang malaman ang LRN NO. KO ngayon na po kailangang kailangan ko po talaga.

1439 Louise Nicole   (04 December 2016 5:59 PM)
May I know my LRN? Louise NIcole Balisi. I need it ASAP or Now for my application form.

1438 Myra Isabelle S. Solayao   (02 December 2016 5:26 PM)
Can i ask my LRN because i really need it to my senior high school please send it to me.

1437 Mary rose adian   (02 December 2016 5:06 PM)
gud pm mam / sir I would like to request my daughter LRN we need it asap.
name:alihana avestruz adian
school:maharlika elementary school annex II in taguig city.
I hope we receive your answer asap sir/mam because we really need it. thank you god bless

1436 Ram Raven R. Ruedas   (28 November 2016 10:20 PM)
Can I ask for my LRN number,because it is not indicated in NCAE result paper, I really need it for my senior high.

Thank You.

1435 Nicole Magalso Briones   (25 November 2016 3:34 AM)
Good day! I would to know my LRN or my Learner's reference number, so, pleases kindly send it to me. I badly need it for my Senior High School. Thank you Very much for your Hardwork.

1434 angel   (22 November 2016 6:42 PM)
pwede ko malaman ang LRN KO

1433 Gidelyn Mae D. Jaen   (21 November 2016 10:15 AM)
ako din po pweding malaman ung lrn # ko? pa send nman po sa email ko erzascarlet010@gmail.com

1432 Ma. Kehsel S. Milloroso   (13 November 2016 9:48 AM)
May I ask for my LRN Because I really need it for my senior high school application.

Thank you l.

1431 Ma. Kehsel S. Milloroso   (13 November 2016 9:44 AM)
Can I ask for my LRN number,because it is not indicated in NCAE result paper, I really need it for my senior high.

Thank You.

1430 Michel cruz   (11 November 2016 5:41 AM)
May i ask the LRN of my daughter khloeymitch Cruz,(private school),Birthday December 14,2010 school year 2016.asap.thank you!

1429 Carlbrian Adamero RIeza   (10 November 2016 1:20 PM)
I really want to know what's My LRN. My recently school is PEDHS

1428 Christine Jacey Chato   (06 November 2016 7:16 AM)
I want to ask for my LRN number i really need it now. Thank you

1427 RAYMUND CARCUEVA   (06 November 2016 6:53 AM)
Good Day!

May I ask the LRN of my student from Panabo Christian School(Private). Jannel Arboradora Hilamon; Birthdate: November 11,2000. Thank you

1426 Shiloh Mae R. Maghinay   (05 November 2016 7:28 PM)
Hello, may I know po what my Learning Reference Number is? Badly need it as soon as possible. Shiloh Mae R. Maghinay po, year 2012-2013, Miraculous Medal Academy, El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental, birthday po is 12-18-00. Thankyou! :) please please please, respond :(

1425 Joey   (04 November 2016 10:44 PM)
Good evening po!..pwde makuha ung LRN nang pamangkin ko..salamat po!


1424 LADY DIANNE PAULO   (03 November 2016 10:09 AM)
can i ask my LRN?

1423 Tricia Agullana   (02 November 2016 6:53 PM)
HI THERE. What is my LRN po? Tricia May Panes Agullana po name ko. Thanks

1422 Louwella Marie Albo   (02 November 2016 11:06 AM)
I would like to ask if you can send to me my LRN ? ASAP I really need it po kasi Thank You .

1421 Bianca L. Llarin   (29 October 2016 8:17 AM)
I would like to ask to you my LRN. Thank you.
And i have a question. What if, if i have nothing LRN? What can i do to have LRN?

1420 Christian Noriel L. Regoita   (26 October 2016 11:58 AM)
I would like to ask to you my LRN.Thank You

1419 Beatrice Sophia L. Capaciete   (24 October 2016 5:13 PM)
I would like to ask what is my LRN, i need it for my school application in JHS

1418 Marianne R. Cunanan   (24 October 2016 10:49 AM)

I would like to request for my LRN... Thank you so much

1417 Beatrice Sophia L. Capaciete   (23 October 2016 10:04 PM)
I would like to request for my LRN.

1416 Grant Adrian E.Escaner   (23 October 2016 7:35 PM)
Good day.I want to know my LRN NO.please send.ty.my birthday is March 05 2000.

1415 Julia Isabel A. Arandia   (23 October 2016 7:23 PM)
Please send it ASAP

1414 Julia Isabel A. Arandia   (23 October 2016 7:22 PM)
Magandang gabi po kailangan ko lang pa ang tulong nyo dahil kailagan po nang kapatid ko na si Justine Karl A. Arandia ang kanyang LRN sana po ay text niyo nalang po ang kanyang LRN sa cellphone number ko 09194592250 siya po ay nag aral noong grade 10 sa Jose P. Laurel High School Q.C

1413 Jelai E. Perez   (20 October 2016 4:48 PM)
Good Day Sir/Madam,

I would like to ask what is my LRN because I need it for my early enrolment in SHS. My school name is Gulod National High School, at Cabuyao City, Laguna. Region 4-a Calabarzon. Thankyou For you understanding. I need it as soon as possible. Godbless.

1412 andre cyrus s.j macalintal   (20 October 2016 12:38 PM)
i need my lrn asap pls

1411 Jessie Lansangan   (19 October 2016 6:22 PM)

1410 James Angelo C. Dizon   (18 October 2016 7:03 PM)
I need my lrn :<

1409 Glyzel Ann C. Madlangbayan   (18 October 2016 12:11 PM)
What s my LRN?Previous school is in Imus Institute of Science and Technology. Birthday is on September 3, 2001.

1408 Raizelle Therese Angeli B. Gozum   (11 October 2016 5:39 PM)
can you please sent me my LRN. My name is Raizelle Therese Angeli B. Gozum. And my previous school is in St. Aloysius Academy of Dasmariñas. Birthday: June 27 2002

1407 Gladys Faith Dayao   (08 October 2016 2:35 PM)
May I asked my LRN no immediately because I need this to apply for ,
my senior High

1406 christamae corpuz   (08 October 2016 2:22 PM)
good after i want to ask what is the list of my LRN

1405 DHARIES CATIBOG MAGPANTAY   (20 September 2016 8:54 PM)
Pwede ko po makuha LRN ko. Dharies Catibog Magpantay po name ko

Birthday:Feb 7 1999


1404 DHARIES CATIBOG MAGPANTAY   (20 September 2016 8:52 PM)
Please give me my lrn.

1403 Althea B.Tenorio   (15 September 2016 5:31 PM)
give me my lrn

1402 Althea B.Tenorio   (15 September 2016 5:31 PM)
give me my LRN

1401 lovei salmorin   (13 September 2016 1:39 PM)
please po paki sent po yung lrn ko

1400 Shiela May S. Santos   (13 September 2016 9:11 AM)
May I request the LRN number of Ram San Juan Santos and Ragne San Juan Santos. Than You.

1399 Ermelyn A. Lacsi   (09 September 2016 5:29 PM)
May I request the LRN of Jhon Michael Montero Cadampog. He is studying in Iligan City East National High School - Sta. Filomena. His previous school is Iligan City National High School.

Birthday: May 23, 1997

Thank you.

1398 LAWRENCE TABORLUPA   (07 September 2016 7:02 PM)
please po paki send po saken ung lrn ko sa fb, kailangan lang po kase lawrence taborlupa po ung pangaln ng fb ko. maraming salamat po

1397 Marshdel   (06 September 2016 3:05 PM)
Good afternoon po.. baka pwde ko po makuha ung lrn number po ng anak ko. Need po Kc sa school na nilapatan ng anak ko. Dan Mitchell ongjoco po name ng anak ko. Salamat po

1396 Marshdel   (05 September 2016 9:37 AM)
Good morning po mam, sir. Baka po pwde ko namn po makuha ung lrn ng anak ko.. name: DAN MITCHELL A.ONGJOCO. nag transfer po kc anak ko hinahnapan po ako ng lrn ng anak ko. Pakisend nlng po sa fb ko ung lrn ng anak ko. Thanks po

1395 john leo l. Pilit   (04 September 2016 7:30 PM)
good day! i request for my LRN:

navotas elementary schoool, balayan , batangas
s.y. 2012-2013
salamat po!

1394 Eleazar C. Ofalsa   (03 September 2016 8:26 PM)
Di ko po alam LRN ko pde po pa send po sa email ko eleazar.ofalsa08@gmail.com

1393 marcelina B. andrade   (03 September 2016 5:14 PM)

1392 Clarenz D. Rey   (01 September 2016 1:26 PM)
pwede po ba na paki send sa fb ko ung lrn ko need ko kasi eh alejandro po ung name ng fb ko ung e-mail po ay mangxander90@yahoo.com tnx po

1391 macariola robin basi   (30 August 2016 5:49 PM)
thank you

1390 macariolarobin   (30 August 2016 5:48 PM)
salamat sa lahat ng mga tumulong sa akin mula grade 7 hanggang 11 sa mga mahal na mahal kong teacher salamat to all as much as possible hindi ko kayo makakalimutan

1389 ronnie silvano   (30 August 2016 4:39 PM)
hello po hindi ko po alam ang LRN number ko,,,, pwede po ba pakisend po sa email ko,,,, ito po ang email ko,,,,
tnx po

1388 Angelo Saucelo   (27 August 2016 10:03 AM)
Hindi ko po kasi alam yung LRN number ko, maari bang paki send na lang po sa aking Facebook account ito po yung email : Angelosaucelo25@yahoo.com Ganun rin po yung email ko sa Yahoo : Angelosaucelo25@yahoo.com maraming salamat...

1387 Angelo Saucelo   (27 August 2016 10:01 AM)
Hello, po ako po si Angelo G. Saucelo , nais ko lang naman pong malaman ang aking LRN number hinihingi po kasi sa amin, ngunit di ko naman kabisado... Nag-aaral po ako sa Caloocan High School, Grade 10 student... paki-message na lang po facebook email ko : Angelosaucelo25@yahoo.com ganun din po yung email ko sa Yahoo : Angelosaucelo25@yahoo.com Maraming Salamat po...

1386 Venu Encinas   (25 August 2016 8:34 AM)
kindly send me the LRN number of my son Jhoven E. Tantingco (school)Sapang Biabas Resettlement Elementary School thank you

1385 Dayto ,Raymond Luris   (24 August 2016 7:01 PM)
Good day, I would like to know my LRN number
i study last school year in pledge of Love school and
Now I study in Deparo high school in Caloocan.
Thank you.

1384 Lucille G. Bisnar   (24 August 2016 1:15 PM)
Good day! I would like to ask you the LRN number of our student. Please provide me. Thanks.

1383 april de guzman   (23 August 2016 12:43 PM)
Gud pm po kindly send me an lrn number of my kids name Ma. Khesney R. De Guzman and Arkhine R. De Guzman please kindly send it to ma email address thanks po

1382 jorge   (22 August 2016 7:47 PM)
Kuhain ko po lrn ko from need po kc jorge traquena jr po shs po ako galing coronados school qc

1381 tatiana01   (22 August 2016 1:12 PM)
by the way the complete name of my son
Thirdy Justin S. Galleniro
January 3, 2010
St Joseph Academy
San jose Northern Samar

1380 tatiana01   (22 August 2016 1:11 PM)
hi good day!
i would like to ask, how can i find the LRN number of my son who study in a private school in Northern Samar, the name of the school is St. Joseph Academy in San jose Northern Samar. we ask the nun to give us the LRN number of my son they just told us to check on internet.

hoping you can help us!

thank you so much

1379 Rhea Ann B. Tablo   (19 August 2016 7:48 PM)
Pwede po ba hingin ang lrn number ko po? Kailangan po kasi sa Senior High, sa Jesus Is Lord Christian School Malate po ako nag Junior High. Maraming Salamat po

1378 reziel malibago   (18 August 2016 8:25 AM)
because she need a LRN

1377 reziel malibago   (18 August 2016 8:24 AM)

1376 Jayashnava Omac   (18 August 2016 7:30 AM)
Hello po pwede po bang manghingi ng LRN ko? Sa Bayugan National Comprehensive High School po ako nag aaral. Region Caraga. Please po kung pwede i send sa email na ito: Officialjevy@gmail.com or sa number ko 09128135206. Kailangan na kailangan ko talaga ito kasi may exam kami. Thank you po.

1375 RICKY JUANGA CRISOSTOMO   (16 August 2016 7:05 PM)


1374 jong o. gallardo   (16 August 2016 3:19 PM)
May request the LRN of Emarie Mae Solano Ayson
Her present adviser in Grade 1, West Central School Dagupan City
cannot retrieve her LRN which will be submitted immediately at the school office.
Please help us to have the LRN of Emarie! Her adviser dared us to send her back to kindergarten if we can not provide her the said LRN,
Thank you so much

1373 jong o. gallardo   (16 August 2016 3:09 PM)
Please provide me the learner's reference number of Emarie Mae Solano Ayson now enrolled in West Central Elementary School, Dagupan City. Her previous school as a kindergarten was in UMC Twinkle Learning Center, Incorporated, Dagupan City.

1372 Stephen M. Tamayo   (13 August 2016 9:31 AM)
Can I request my LRN from Tayabas Western Academy S.Y.2015-2016?

1371 angelmae   (10 August 2016 3:46 PM)
i ned my lrn

1370 abdulhan h. jawari   (10 August 2016 2:11 PM)
Good day poh! sir/ma'am tanong ko lang poh kung puwede poh ba parents na lang mag apply nitong LRN kasi yung shool poh ng anak ko wala daw po LRN sa private school poh sila.. ngayon nag kaka problema na dahil dito sa LRN kasi kung lilipat daw poh sila sa iban school e di naman tatanggapin kilngan daw balik sa kinder e grade 1 na poh tsaka prep yun kawawa naman poh babalik sila sa kinder... maraming salamat poh mabuhay poh kayo!

1369 Aljin A. BALABA   (10 August 2016 8:20 AM)
Can i request the LRN of my student JEFF NICHOLAS TOMO CAME FROM EDNA GUILLERMO MEMORIAL NATIONAL HIGHSCHOOL hoping for your response by txting on this number 09106358623

1368 nicahelamanatiga   (08 August 2016 3:42 PM)
manatiganicahela weres may pic pls

1367 nicahelamanatiga   (08 August 2016 3:42 PM)

1366 giovanni paghid   (07 August 2016 8:24 PM)
hihingi poh ako ng LRN from City Covenant Antipolo poh wala pong LRN ang School. help poh hingi po ako LRN sa anak ko jareed Hernandez

1365 giovanni paghid   (07 August 2016 8:22 PM)
hello poh pwede pa poh ba magoperate ang school na walang LRN? galin poh kami private school transfer to public hindi po kami tinanggap dahil wala pong LRN ang anak ko. Jareed Hernandez po from City Covenant Antipolo hihingi poh sana ng LRN pls poh Help. Thanks

1364 kevin john De vera   (07 August 2016 6:57 PM)
pwede po paki send yung LRN ko ito po yung number 09212352612

1363 kevin john De vera   (07 August 2016 6:55 PM)
ano po yung LRN ko?

1362 junel janio   (06 August 2016 5:18 AM)
sir/maam, pwede ko pa ba malaman kung ano po yung L.R.N ko po?? kasi kinakailangan na po kasi. als passer po ako noong 2013-2014 dito sa region X. salamat po

1361 Nurmina Molina Abdulla   (06 August 2016 0:37 AM)
Hello po saan ko po makikita kung nai-sent na yung LRN ko?

1360 Nurmina Molina Abdulla   (06 August 2016 0:32 AM)
Good morning po,, hingiin ko po yung LRN ko.. Ito po yung number ko 09773242854. Thank you po.

1359 Nurmina Molina Abdulla   (06 August 2016 0:24 AM)
Good morning po, pwede ko po ba mahingi LRN ko.?? Salamat

1358 rowena   (05 August 2016 7:16 PM)
hi please send me my lrn of my son von owen a. trajano and antonia sophia a. trajano..please send it toskeewafu@yahoo.com thanks...the king solomon academy of cavite..this is my number 09062950464

1357 miriam n. cruz   (03 August 2016 12:23 PM)
Hello.. pwede ko po ba makuha ang LRN number ng anak ko.. Jhon Ryan N. Cruz. Psent na lang po sa email acct ako.. or 09271294308 thank you in advance..

1356 reina jane aldovino   (01 August 2016 10:00 AM)
good morning will you please send me the LRN of my daugther jhayezelle shane r. aldovino kindly send it to 09277755889 thank you

1355 reina jane aldovino   (01 August 2016 9:57 AM)
can i get my daugthers lrn number jhayezelle shane aldovino please send it to 09277755889

1354 rhaysell e pitogo   (28 July 2016 12:58 PM)
gud day! can you pless give me the lrn of my daugther Rhaysell Encierto Pitogo shes now on grade two student she need her LRN assap you may give or send me at my email add. krisellencierto@yahoo.com Thankyou in advance !

1353 Chesca   (24 July 2016 7:32 PM)
Hi! I'm an incoming senior high school student at the University of Santo Tomas. My name's Franchesca Maree M. Deluyas. As soon as possible, may you please give me my LRN (to the email address I've given, frcdeluyas@gmail.com) since I desperately need it for my data in UST. Thank you in advance!

1352 Brian Matthew M. Saludo   (24 July 2016 1:33 PM)
Hello! May i request my LRN no. I really need it for it is a requirement in SHS please send it in this email b.saludo83@gmail.com ASAP please. Thank you

1351 Lea   (23 July 2016 11:32 AM)
Hello po! Pwede ko po bang mahingi yung LRN ko? Sa USTJHS po ako nag-aral. Kelangan lang po para sa SHS. Thank you po. Pasend nalang po sa lea.llamas.ll@gmail.com thank you po.

1350 Cyrus Cigarreye I. Mendoza   (21 July 2016 6:23 PM)
pwede ko po bang mahingi LRN ko po i need it please ..

1349 johnmark Calma   (21 July 2016 9:15 AM)
Can ihave my LRN ,i studied in Becuran High School Sta Rita Pampanga ,John Mark S. Calma ,to send 09491225072 i really need right now....
thank you!

1348 johnmark Calma   (21 July 2016 9:09 AM)
I need my LRN,i studied in Becuran High School Sta Rita Pampanga ,Because i forget it and send to 09491225072 I really need right now ..thank you

1347 arnelle   (20 July 2016 12:27 PM)
student that needs lrn

1346 arnelle   (20 July 2016 12:26 PM)

1345 Neil Andrei R. Dela Peña   (19 July 2016 8:03 PM)
I need my LRN, I studied at Saint theresa de Avila School at parañaque city. Thank you.

1344 Abigail Verbo   (19 July 2016 7:45 PM)
Can you please send my LRN to 09177015541, I badly need that for applying on Senior High School.

1343 Neil Andrei R. Dela Peña   (19 July 2016 7:28 PM)
I need my LRN, i studied in Saint theresa de Avila school at Parañaque city

1342 Mich   (19 July 2016 8:01 AM)
Hi can we request the LRN of my son Yuan Landrics L. Basa? Kindly send to my email add. Thank you.

1341 micah mercado llanes   (18 July 2016 10:32 PM)
i need to know my LRN no.??

1340 Temple xien aban pascual   (18 July 2016 9:18 AM)
I need my lrn

1339 Chrysyll Babe C. Bernades   (17 July 2016 8:12 AM)
Hi , can you please send me my LRN because I forgot what is it . I really need it right now .. Please send it to 09436097738 .. Thank you very much .

1338 Lancelot G. Suarez   (16 July 2016 9:47 AM)
I would like to know my lrn number , I studied at benigno ninoy aquino high school batch 2015-2016

1337 kizm   (15 July 2016 7:56 PM)

1336 Mindanao Business College   (15 July 2016 8:12 AM)
May we know the LRN # of the follwing students:
Tingson,Hoven Jeff and
Marquez, Bryan pls send to oue email add thank you

1335 Vincent James Ortiz   (14 July 2016 9:35 PM)
I need my lrn. Send it please. This is my numberr 09264266539

1334 jJoaher   (14 July 2016 7:38 PM)
Hi. i need my LRN im Joaher A. DAlama i hope you will sent in my email @ jhoedalama@outlook.com

1333 John Kyle Delos Santos   (14 July 2016 2:18 PM)
Pwede po ba mahingi yung LRN ni Yesha Francine W. Coyyao. Pls. Kailangan niya po sa NAT. Thanks.

1332 Clint Agustin M. Robles   (13 July 2016 9:01 PM)
I need my LRN pls send it to me right now...thank you..this is my number 09983442745

1331 ericka Mae G. Mata   (13 July 2016 6:15 PM)
may i know my lrn ericka mae g. mata hope to send my lrn in this number 09126506742

1330 ericka Mae G. Mata   (13 July 2016 6:12 PM)
hope to send my lrn

1329 ericka Mae G. Mata   (13 July 2016 6:12 PM)
can u send my lrn. now?? ahm i need now

1328 ericka Mae G. Mata   (13 July 2016 6:10 PM)
i need my lrn now. can u send to me. in 09126506742 my lrn is in jose panganian camarine norte in bicol sent to me now pleaase be active. thank you.

1327 althea a. aguelo   (13 July 2016 6:00 PM)
Please send my lrn asap

1326 minvie a. Nogar   (12 July 2016 7:52 PM)
Goodevening..pls.i need help po..need ko LRN no.of my son Marco Antonio A. Nogar
Pls send to asap.tom napo kc NSAT
Heres my no.also 09162248686 09333272648
You can massge to me the LRN no.pls.pls.pls.

1325 Mae Ann Culpa Amora   (11 July 2016 10:29 AM)
Goodmorning po :) I need my LRN right now po. Will you send it to me? MAE ANN CULPA AMORA, LUPON NATIONAL COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL of LUPON, DAVAO ORIENTAL, BATCH 2013-2014. This is my number po 09757652336. ASAP! Thank you :0

1324 Mary Jane Tomines   (09 July 2016 4:00 PM)
Good Afternoon po! Can I request the LRN of my Nephew Mark Drexter Dela Cruz please kailangan po nya sa Grade 1.. Maraming Salamat po!.. this is my number 09475621638.

1323 lydia n. era   (08 July 2016 11:32 AM)
can you send the LRN of my son, JYLE SIMOHN N. ERA, hes graduated from sta. catalina college, legarda, manila year 2016-2016, thank you

1322 ErwinLord Menor   (08 July 2016 9:43 AM)
I need my LRN my new school require it
Please send it to me as soon as possible
My cellphone is 09358691498

1321 Melanie ramat buquel   (07 July 2016 7:57 PM)

1320 John Ezequiel Mediana   (07 July 2016 5:39 AM)
I Need my LRN right now Please send it to me! Thanks and God Bless. This is my number 09355907660

1319 rechina beleran   (05 July 2016 6:53 PM)
I need my LRN please. I'm Rechina Beleran. just text me here in this number. 09974178077

1318 jhayden priam m. francisco   (04 July 2016 10:29 AM)
Can i request the LRN of my son jhayden priam mesina francisco

1317 Analon Florencio   (03 July 2016 9:57 AM)
Pwede po ba mahingi ang LRN ni rezalyn agdeppa salamat kailangan nya po sa grade one hinihingi po kasi salamat.

1316 Jericho Binamira   (01 July 2016 2:26 PM)
Please i need it ...

1315 Aiman Tamano   (01 July 2016 6:28 AM)
Good day po. Hindi na po namin mahanap LRN ng pinsan ko. Please help us, pinapabayad po siya ng 30,000 para makuha yung LRN.

1314 annabelle reyes   (30 June 2016 10:31 AM)
good am to all may i request the LRN of my daughter Glynnisse Ann G. Reyes because the status of her enrollment is temporary due lack of LRN. Thank you very much

1313 Krychelle Ann T. Samonte   (30 June 2016 8:35 AM)
good day...yong anak ko po nag kinder 1 and nag preparatory po siya..ngayon po grade 1 na siya kaso po hinahanapan na po siya ng LRN ng public school and by the way galing po kasi siya ng private school. ano po ba magandang aksyon para po sa dati nyang school na hindi po naka register sa inyo and hindi din po sila nakiki-cooperate para makakuha man lang yong bata ng LRN or kahit samahan na lang po kaming mga magulang dyan po sa DepEd para mkapag exam po ang anak namin..please po paki sagot naman po ito...maraming salamat po!!!

1312 reymond   (27 June 2016 10:06 AM)
paano po kng summer program lang po ung bata sa isang school
at hinahanapan sya ng LRN ano po gagawin namin

1311 Maggie N. Hernandez   (24 June 2016 1:10 PM)
Good day!

Can you please send the LRN of my son VOSHON LENARD N. HERNANDEZ? He studied in A.R.E. Playschool Academy in Verdant, Las Piñas City.

Will appreciate your prompt reply. Thank you very much!

1310 haynako   (23 June 2016 1:46 PM)
mga ungas ba kayo? bakit kayo magtatanong ng LRN number ng mga bata dito? binibigay naman yan sa school na pinanggalingan nila.. maliban na lang kung may utang kayo sa school! yan ang kagandahan ng lrn! hindi makakatakas sa utang ang mga balasubas na magulang na hindi nagbabayad ng tuition fee!!

1309 Jellyn L. Olaguer   (23 June 2016 12:32 PM)
Good Day!

I would like to ask for LRN of Mindsfield Learning School, Inc. Taguig City.

Thank you.

1308 Ronaldo M. Paguinto Jr.   (22 June 2016 6:09 PM)
Please send me my LRN because I loose my ID, thankyou

1307 Kamille D. Soliven   (22 June 2016 9:13 AM)
hi good day..May i know what is my child's Lrn.her last school wont give it to me because of her unsettled accounts...can you please help me with this..please email me her Lrn thank you...
Student name: Kanizha Ezikiel D. Abella
Former Student of:
Little Heirs Academy,Blk. 72 Lot 11 Bulihan,Silang Cavite
DepEd School ID: 424099

1306 rolene castillo   (21 June 2016 9:51 PM)
hi good evening...may i ask about my cousin's lrn....her name is Prea Mariz Castillo...she's from dinahican elementary school in quezon province...but now currently enrolled to san jose elementary school in rodriguez rizal

1305 Angelika Vicedo   (21 June 2016 6:35 PM)
How will i know my LRN?

1304 Dwayne joseph p. Macaranas   (20 June 2016 7:49 PM)
May i know my LRN i need to give information to my teacher and school

1303 ivy joy basilio naneng   (20 June 2016 6:19 PM)
can i know the lrn of breneth calsi atuyao as soon as posible

1302 ivy joy basilio naneng   (20 June 2016 6:18 PM)
can i know my lrn as soon as posible my name is ivyjoy basilio naneng.

1301 ivy joy basilio naneng   (20 June 2016 6:16 PM)
good evening ma'am/sir can i know my lrn no. my name is ivy joy basilio naneng and can i know my cousin lrn his name is breneth atuyao. as soon as possible because i' m rushing to know my lrn ., thankyou

1300 Cathlyn   (19 June 2016 6:26 PM)
Good day, may I kindly ask for my lrn. Paglinawan, Cathlyn B. Former student of Santa Isabel College. Please email me asap thank you very much.

1299 Carla Louisa S. Adap   (18 June 2016 3:39 PM)
May i know what is my LRN. It required for NAT Exam.

1298 Robert b deleon   (18 June 2016 3:27 PM)
Hi good day may i know the LRN no.
Of my brother his name is ramil basal deleon
His former school is don marcelo memorial politecnique institute in poblacion dasol pangasinan
2411 but nuw he tranfer at bulacan ,so pls help me because this LRN no.is nw needed thankyou

1297 Madelyn B. Navallo   (17 June 2016 1:56 PM)
may i know the LRN of my son John Mathhew B. Navallo who took junior high at living lamp academy silang cavite..pleasse send it thru my email.
thank you

1296 Madelyn B. Navallo   (17 June 2016 1:51 PM)
Good PM..can i have a copy of my son John Matthew B. Navallo's LRN, he was a former student of Living Lamp Academy SIlang Cavite..Please send it thru my email..thanks

1295 Jose Pedro V. Perez, Jr.   (17 June 2016 5:26 AM)
I need LRN of my niece AURBEY LAINE A. SANTOS studying at
Junior High School: LITTLE CHILD JESUS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY City/Municipality: CABIAO QVR No.: CF8BRVCYV Validity: Grade 11, School Year 2016-2017 to Grade 12, School Year 2017-2018 only

please email me Thank you

1294 Raymund   (16 June 2016 5:10 AM)
Reylind mae P. Pelayo name of my dauhter
brgy 618 makisig st. santa mesa manila.
i need LRN in kindergarten,plz help me..sent to my email...

1293 Joy   (14 June 2016 6:01 PM)
Hi., may I have a copy of my children's LRN please? From New Era University, Jhudiel Angelo Meim and Jaelah Angeline Meim . Please send it to my email above. Thank you.

1292 Dante Barroso   (14 June 2016 4:49 PM)
I would like to request my son's LRN as soon as possible, please.
Name: Charles Kenneth A. Barroso
School: Saint Francis of Assisi College (2015-2016)

Email me at: dbarrosojr@gmail.com

1291 rolando roble   (14 June 2016 4:44 PM)
I would like to request my LRN as soon as possible, please.
Name: Shiena D. Tomilas
School: Upsouth Education Foundation,Inc. (2015-2016)

Email me at: itsuka1498@gmail.com

1290 Danica Torremocha   (14 June 2016 4:16 PM)
I kindly request my LRN number. My full name ks Danica Hershey E. Torremocha. It is a requirement for taking NAT exams

1289 Danica Torremocha   (14 June 2016 3:40 PM)
I kindly request my LRN number. My full name is Danica Hershey E. Torremocha. It is a requirement for taking NAT exams. Thank you

1288 Albert Yapana   (14 June 2016 3:40 PM)
good day
i would like to know lrn number of my nephew john nathan a. dela cruz a kindergarten student of gallilee grace academy sta.maria bulacan please help us thank you asap

1287 Kana Lorraine Espiritu   (14 June 2016 0:44 AM)
I would like to know angel ysabel mirador espiritu's lrn
Kindly please email me..thankyou

1286 Rudelia Jane Hipolito   (13 June 2016 11:42 PM)
Hi! Can I get a copy of my children's LRN if they already have one? I'm not quite sure if the school already registered them with DepEd. Thanks in advance!

Here are their names:



1285 jhon wilson francisco lalic   (13 June 2016 9:17 PM)
Can't get my lrn for study in public school. Name of shool . San Francisco elementary mabalacat city

1284 jennalyn espinosa   (13 June 2016 5:33 PM)
i need LRN , gor my son .
please proceed. !

1283 sheryll moguer   (11 June 2016 8:34 AM)
i want to know if the DIGIKIDS LEARNING CENTER in Bagbag Novaliches Q. C. is accredited for having an LRN?
please reply, so that i will know if my son have to transfer in another school.

1282 nurain abdullah mapandi   (09 June 2016 8:49 PM)
i dont have my LRN my school needs it for info.

1281 ykkan nicolas sargento   (08 June 2016 3:30 PM)
im from culiat elementary school. what is my lrn number?

1280 ykkan nicolas sargento   (08 June 2016 3:28 PM)
i want to know my lrn please.

1279 Arlene P. bangcong   (06 June 2016 10:37 AM)
Good day! My son is a pupil as K4 of Casisang International Christian School (CICS) last year 2015-2016 but unfortunately the administrator told us that K4 has no LRN only the K5 to High School and the Malaybalay City Central School will not accepted him since he has no LRN what will i do?

1278 marlita tayao   (03 June 2016 9:27 AM)
hi my daughter is khrizta Mae T. bayonito
i enroll her at grade 1 but they cannot accept her because we don't have a card..she already pass his kindergarten ..we prove I'll bring his Lrn in the school but they said they check it please i don't want mychild back again in kindergarten..please prove that she accredited tobe grade1

1277 kim ann   (02 June 2016 9:57 PM)
Can you send to my email the lrn or student number of my daughter Khimcen Fym Rapisora Tayong studied at Calayan Educational Foundation Inc. Lucena city

1276 teri hernando   (02 June 2016 9:47 PM)
I would like to ask for LRN of First Line Integrated School Proj. 8 Q.C.

1275 Laarmi Cruzim   (02 June 2016 3:25 PM)
What are the requirements to aplly for lrn? I have an incoming grade 1, who is 6 years old and totally ready for tha level, she can read filipino and english well. But the schools refuse to accept her, she doesnt enroll in any school because she's afraid so i decided to have a peraonal tutor at home. And i didnt know that lrn is now a requirements for grade 1. There is no well and widely announcement for this... Pls help us...

1274 roanna abadilla   (01 June 2016 7:50 PM)
i would like to ask for lrn number of JEAN NICOLE CHIONG. she was born on feb.3 2000

1273 tina cabrera   (01 June 2016 3:45 PM)
I would like to request my sons LRN. He is Jcee Zydon Bonto Vargas of Tagkawayan Central Elementary School batch 2014-2015

1272 tina cabrera   (01 June 2016 3:41 PM)

1271 Desiree Limosnero   (01 June 2016 1:23 PM)
Hello I just wanted to know Mary Venize Sabuga 's LRM Thank You

1270 Geodale Gallano   (01 June 2016 5:43 AM)
I would like to ask if my LRN still the same the since I transfer in other school? Thank You!

1269 maria melissa marcial   (30 May 2016 1:47 PM)
hi i would like to know the LRN number of my sons
Kevin Christian F. Marcial grade 4
Terrence Sebastian F. Marcial grade 2
both from Bicutan Christian Outreach School

1268 melanie   (30 May 2016 12:21 PM)

1267 laestano   (30 May 2016 9:28 AM)
I would like to know the LRN of Alfred Rafael Oring Carriedo of San Roque Parish High School of Magsaysay Misamis Oriental

1266 manuel buensuceso   (25 May 2016 7:18 PM)
what do i do if my child was not accepted to grade 1 because he has no lrn and his previous school is a tutorial center

1265 Madonna Requinto   (14 May 2016 11:47 AM)
Good afternoon please give us assistance on how to get the LRN of my daughter. Her previous school did not apply for the LRN of their student. My daughter need this to enroll as requirement to enroll in grade 7.please help us. Thank you.

1264 Michelle Poller   (11 May 2016 12:23 PM)
Hi good day. I have an incoming 1st Grade daughter but the school refused to admit him because his previous school didn't provide this LRN. What should we do?How can I get that LRN?Thank you and Hoping for your immediate response. God Bless!

1263 LANNY LARIOZA   (05 May 2016 3:20 PM)
Please,,, I'd like to know.. the LRN of
Kingsville Advanced High School

1262 LANNY LARIOZA   (05 May 2016 3:18 PM)
hello,, i'd like to help my former student...
she doesn't know her LRN..
Her name is JENNY ROSE CO.
From Pangasinan.

1261 ronaldo verde   (04 May 2016 1:45 PM)
Hi good morning. I have an incoming 1st Grade son but the school refused to admit him because his previous school didn't provide this LRN. What should we do?Thank you and Hoping for your immediate response. God Bless!

1260 Rachele   (28 April 2016 9:57 AM)
Hi good morning. I have an incoming 1st Grade son but the school refused to admit him because his previous school didn't provide this LRN. What should we do?Thank you and Hoping for your immediate response. God Bless!

1259 marife chavez   (26 April 2016 5:03 PM)
may i request for LRN of my daughter, MARYAN ANGELA C. CHAVEZ, incoming Grade VII from Project 6 Elementary School.

Thank you.

1258 Martha C. De Guzman   (21 April 2016 11:29 AM)
Good afternoon,
I kindly request my LRN number my full name is Martha C. de Guzman, as it is a requirement for transferring schools. Thanks

1257 Quisha Pam A. Bongon   (21 April 2016 9:47 AM)
Good Day! I would like to request for my LRN#. I really really need it but my school; Saint John Academy of Manila Foundation Inc. said that they had not apply for our LRN#'s this year. I wouldn't be able to have my school ID from my present school if I would not be able to give them my lrn. I hope for your fast response. God Bless.

1256 kristoffer aivahnne baysic   (20 April 2016 9:13 PM)
I would like to know my LRN as soon as possible.. thank you

1255 Denise Tan   (16 April 2016 10:39 AM)
Good day! I'm an incoming senior high school student, and I am currently enrolling to a new school to finish my senior high school. But the problem is, they won't accept me because I didn't have an LRN. And I'm from a private school transferring to another private school. My old school will only apply a LRN this coming school year, and they told us that private school are not that totally required to have that... I don't know what to do... What shall I do? I badly want to transfer to a new school. thank you!

1254 Nicho Malabago   (07 April 2016 8:01 PM)
Hi I am Nicho Malabago from Quiot National High School. I would like to request my LRN because i lost it. I hope for your immediate response. Thank You.

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