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DepEd Learner Reference Number (LRN)

In order to facilitate the tracking of pupils, students or learners and their performance, a Unique Learner Reference Number (LRN) will be issued to all public school pupils and students and Alternative Learning System (ALS) learners based on School Year (SY) 2011-2012 Masterlist of Students, Pupils or Learners submitted per DepEd Order No. 67, s. 2011.

The LRN is a permanent twelve (12)-digit number which the pupil, student or learner shall keep while completing the basic education program, regardless of transfer to another school or learning center in the public or private sector, and promotion/moving up to the secondary level.

The LRN shall be incorporated in all documents, forms, examinations, surveys and databases which refer to a pupil, student or learner. In particular, the LRN shall be indicated in the pupil's or student's Permanent Record, (Form 137), Report Card (Form 138), ALS Certificate, Diploma or Portfolio, National Achievement Test (NAT), and Accreditation and Equivalency (A & E) Examination.

The Database Management Unit-Office of the Planning Service (DBMU-OPS), shall be responsible for issuing the LRNs to all pupils, students or learners. The Regional or Division Planning Officers shall be responsible for releasing the LRNs of pupils or students to all public schools while the Regional and Division ALS coordinators shall be reponsible for releasing the LRNs of ALS learners to all mobile teachers and learning centers.

The school heads (SHs), district ALS coordinators, and mobile teachers shall be responsible for requesting the issuance of the LRN to pupils, students or learners who still do not have one. The request for additional LRNs shall be sent to the division office (DO) and should use the electronic template specified under DepEd Order No. 67, s. 2011 which can be downloaded at the DepEd website address: http://www.deped.gov.ph/downloads. The DO shall consolidate the requests to ensure that the correct template is used before sending them to the DBMU-OPS.

The school heads (SHs), district ALS coordinators, and mobile teachers shall also ensure that information about a particular pupil, student or learner is accurate. They will also be responsible for requesting the deactivation of the LRN due to multiple issuance of LRN to an individual or for any other reasons. The Request for Correction in the LRN shall follow the format in Enclosure No. 1, while the Request for the Deactivation of the LRN shall follow the format in Enclosure No. 2.

The DO shall submit a Status Report on the Implementation of the LRN indicating the number of pupils, students or learners who do not have any LRN yet following the format in Enclosure No. 3 by April 15, 2012 to the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning, Attention: DBMU-OPS.

All DepEd personnel conducting monitoring activities in the schools and learning centers are enjoined to monitor the compliance of the incorporation of the LRN in the pupil's or student's Form 137, Form 138, ALS certificate and diploma or portfolio by the concerned SHs and other DepEd field personnel.

The identity or other information that may reasonably identify the pupil, student or learner shall be kept confidential.
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1188 LH Montessori High   (20 August 2015 10:00 AM)
We would like to request for the LRN of the Students of LH MOntessori High, Inc. located at 4th Estate, Sucat, Parañaque City...

1187 Jam Marie B. Dugenia   (19 August 2015 4:38 PM)
I want to reqeust my LRN please
East Rembo Elementary School
District II Makati City

1186 JWAYNE VAUGHN M. GONZALES   (18 August 2015 5:15 PM)
I want to request my EXACT LRN
Jwayne Vaughn Magbanua Gonzales
San Jose Del Monte Heights Elementary School
District: San Jose Del Monte City
Division: Bulacan

1185 MELANIE CABATIAN   (18 August 2015 10:00 AM)
I would like to request the exact LRN of Meilie Eden D. Cabatian.

1184 Kristhian Bren B. Bargas   (18 August 2015 9:14 AM)
Sir/ ma'am,

May I request the Learning Reference Number of my student PRINCESS MAE B. ROMERO. Birthday October 2, 2005 City of San Fernando Pampanga. Thank you very much.

1183 Anthony Franklin R. Paunlagui   (16 August 2015 7:30 PM)
I want to request my EXACT LRN
Anthony Franklin R. Paunlagui
St. Jerome Integrated School of Cabuyao
District: Cabuyao
Division: LAGUNA

1182 MARIJHON G. ENDAYA   (15 August 2015 8:56 AM)


1181 Scarlet Vaye P. Campugan   (14 August 2015 12:38 PM)
I would Like to request my exact LRN.

Name: Scarlet Vaye P. Campugan
School: Lindy Pajunar Memorial School
District: Siaton East
Division: Negros Oriental

Hoping for your quick response.

1180 dino t. tigaronita   (13 August 2015 4:48 PM)
i would like to request for the LRN of :
Balbuena, Felicito Jr.D.
School: Pelagio Jabel Memorial School
Division: Tanjay City

Thank you very much.From dino t. tigaronita of Amlan District, Negros Oriental

1179 Ronie G. Badio   (11 August 2015 5:12 PM)
Sir/ ma'am,

May I request the Learning Reference Number of my son John Geronimo L. Badio. Thank you very much.

1178 Leobert C. Guilindro   (10 August 2015 12:06 PM)
Dear Maam/Sir;

I would like to request for the LRN of;
Name: Priest Lee P. Bolinas
School: Culasian Elementary School
Division of Leyte
District: Capoocan

1177 Angela T. Silva   (08 August 2015 1:35 PM)
Dear Sir/Ma'am,
I would like to request for the school ID of EM Castaneda Central School (Novaliches, Quezon City) and Odelco Elementary School (San Roque, La Paz Tarlac). Our pupils transferred to the said schools and we need their School IDs for our LIS so i can transfer them out..thank you...

Baliti Elementary school
Arayat Pampanga

1176 reggie prado   (07 August 2015 10:21 AM)
dear ma'am
I would like to request for the lrn of:
Name:mark Khristian biay fernandez
East central elementary school
Address: San Fabian, Pangasinan
from:joyland school,inc.san fabian, pangasinan

1175 Meralo A. Quinatadcan   (05 August 2015 6:41 AM)
Dear Sir/Ma'am

I would like to request for the LRN of the following pupils:

Name: Johnson Camayusan
Bday: February 25, 2009
School: Bugca Elementary School
Address: San Fernando, Valencia, Bukidnon

Name: Remark Quaresma
Bday: February 22, 2005
School: Bugca Elementary School
Address: San Fernando, Valencia, Bukidnon

Name: Lorence Rafal
Bday: May 8, 2007
School: Kilangit Elementary School
Address: Gitagum, Misamis Oriental

Name: Clency Singsing
Bday: Septmeber 17, 2003
School: Ilignan Elementary School
Address: Impasug-ong, Malaybalay, Bukidnon

Thank you very much.

From: Kitanglad View Adventist Elementary School

1174 JULIUS M. DE GUZMAN   (04 August 2015 3:53 PM)

1173 JULIUS M. DE GUZMAN   (04 August 2015 3:52 PM)
i need my lrn pls..

1172 JULIUS M. DE GUZMAN   (04 August 2015 3:51 PM)
i would like to request a master list of my name of student with lrn.please and thank you
from bolingit elementary school of san carlos city pangasinan ...

1171 JULIUS M. DE GUZMAN   (04 August 2015 3:49 PM)
i would like to request a master list of my name student with lrn.

from:bolingit elementary school of san carlos city pangasinan

1170 Divilyn Grace E. Dagale   (03 August 2015 9:31 AM)
I would like to request a master list of name of students with LRN.
from St. Mary's Academy of Talisayan

1169 Jenalyn C. Mendez   (31 July 2015 9:35 PM)
Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to request for the LRN No. of my child Misce Jin Mendez.. For Transferring to another School in Quezon City.

Name of Student: Misce Jin Mendez
Name of School: Bagong Silang Elementary School
Address: Bagong Silang, Caloocan City
Teacher: Mrs. Vivian Ramos

Thank you.. God bless..

1168 Maricel Guingab   (31 July 2015 4:15 PM)
How could I trace the school of my previous ampon. she is grade 1 already. Anyone could help me. She is Francelina T. Allam. Please help me

1167 LOL   (29 July 2015 4:00 PM)

1166 charles cabalan   (27 July 2015 11:28 AM)
i need my lrn

1165 espanola april jane   (25 July 2015 5:03 PM)
I want to know if this student is enrolled in LIS

1164 wilsoncastro   (25 July 2015 12:23 PM)

1163 viar dilema   (18 July 2015 11:52 AM)
Hi! im a student of alternative learning system (als). My als teacher needs my learning reference number but i dont have it. please i need it

1162 Teresa Asuncion   (16 July 2015 10:11 AM)
Ma'am /Sir can i request for the LRN of our students. they are already in grade 8, grade 9 and grade 10. We are form private and we need the LRN of our student during their elementary days. Thank you very much.

1161 Patrick Angelo Flores   (15 July 2015 1:10 PM)
Good day sir/ma'am. Kindly send me the LRN of my friend PATRICK ANGELO F. FLORES he needs it, for him to be enrolled permanently. Kindly send it to my email address cindy_bebz08@yahoo.com. Thank you and god bless!.....

1160 Ibnohasan R Amilasan Jr   (10 July 2015 5:17 PM)
Good day sir/ma'am.. Kindly send me the LRN of my niece SHARIFFA JAANI AMILASAN she needs it, for her to be enrolled permanently. KIndly send it to my email address. Thank you and GOD Bless.

1159 Miguelle V. Cruz   (07 July 2015 3:21 PM)

1158 MALOU   (06 July 2015 3:50 PM)
Can i have the LRN of my niece please? her name is Aira Sharie Gale Lomboy Macaranas. Her teacher needs it in order for my niece to enroll permanently. thanks in advance. God bless

1157 Cassandra   (04 July 2015 9:02 AM)
goodmorning mam/sr how can i find my lrn number im MA.CASSANDRA DAWAL Grade 10-4 its very important please. thanks

1156 Cassandra   (04 July 2015 9:00 AM)
where my lrn please check

1155 Cassandra   (04 July 2015 8:56 AM)
where my LRN .?

1154 sarah rubinas   (03 July 2015 6:51 PM)
goodevening ma'am/sir how can i find my LRN number im SARAH M.RUBINAS grade 10 student i stop for 5 years and now i find for my LRN number thanks.asap

1153 Leticia   (02 July 2015 6:37 PM)
I need an lrn of Yanga, Cecilia Escalo
Date of birth: April 26, 2001
Place of birth: Igot, Villareal Samar

Arago, Mae Angela Lagria
Date of birth: November 30, 2001
Place of Birth: Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, Sta. Cruz Manila

1152 Iverson C Lazaro   (30 June 2015 4:53 PM)
i need lrn

1151 ena p benocilla   (30 June 2015 3:35 PM)
i need an lrn of Alba, Ryan Jayrick D

1150 Nicole Enriquez   (29 June 2015 1:55 PM)
Good Afternoon can I asked the LRN of Joanna Mae C. Caasi at Benigno "Ninoy" S. Aquino High school Thank You

1149 Felina M. Alfaro   (23 June 2015 4:30 AM)
send the Lrn of Mary Jane S. Berador

1148 Maricel Guingab   (22 June 2015 4:21 PM)
hi maam i need an LRN number of Francelina Louise T. Allam, i need also here present school for this year 2015-16. she is my ampon before

1147 Maricel Guingab   (22 June 2015 4:20 PM)
Hi... maam I need an LRN number of my ampon Francelina Louise T. Allam, please also help me to locate her present school for this year 2015-16

1146 Rhinelda J. Villanueva   (21 June 2015 6:40 PM)
Good eve Sir/Madam kindly send to me my LRN because I lost the copy of it and I will use to to fill up the form send to me by the DepEd for the K-12.

1145 Ma. Althea Nil T. Banggos   (20 June 2015 2:58 PM)

1144 Razel Licayan   (17 June 2015 3:07 PM)
Hi, good day, sir/madam :) kindly send me the LRN of my Cousin, CATHERINE A. LICAYAN, she need it by next week. The school need her LRN. Thanks. Send me in my email address. Thanks again sir/madam. God Bless.

1143 Joel Pagulong Santiago- LRN 132161130038   (17 June 2015 0:45 AM)
Kindly deactivation of LRN 132161130038 Joel Pagulong Santiago

1142 marivic parza   (14 June 2015 1:50 PM)
good day madam...can you pls send me the LRN no. of school of my son jhayian mar P. Piraman in marian formation center huyonhuyon tigaon camarines sur because he cannot accept in grade one i need it as soon as possible.thank you i need your reply in my email (marivicparza@yahoo.com)

1141 eric andor   (11 June 2015 2:37 PM)
Please send me LRN of bonbon elementary school cebu city

1140 jasmine leanne talpis   (10 June 2015 11:22 PM)
I would like to ask my lrn i'm from regional science high school region 9. I need it tom.

1139 David Jefferson lim reyes   (10 June 2015 4:18 PM)
Good day. Madam/Sir

Please send my lrn number in email for me to take a test

1138 Annie Tenenan   (10 June 2015 3:20 PM)
Good day ma'am/sir!
May i request the LRN number of Alexis kurt Llaneta studying at Bagbaguin Elementary School, Meycuayan, Bulacan. I'm looking forward for your immediate response for this matter..
Thank you and more power.

1137 ever sapio   (10 June 2015 11:37 AM)
Good Day!

Kindly send the LRN of my son John Zyren S. Singson to my email address esapio2515@gmail.com

thank you

1136 earl noljen A. patalinghug   (09 June 2015 9:38 PM)
hi.. im earl noljen patalinghug please send me the lrn to this email dungogromel@yahoo.com
i need this week....

1135 earl noljen A. patalinghug   (09 June 2015 9:34 PM)
please send me the LRN in my email IM pajo national high school

1134 Kimuel Padilla   (09 June 2015 5:10 PM)
Good day! May I request to please inform me my LRN Number. Name of Kimuel C. Padilla of Tarlac National High School-Main, City of Tarlac

1133 amy   (09 June 2015 2:51 PM)
please provide me any information for Jea M. Ponisio She enrolled as grade 5 at Datu Ito Elementary school, District II, Kalamansig

1132 Rey   (08 June 2015 1:55 PM)
please send me the lrn of rizal elementary school makati city

1131 mary-ann b.dalo   (04 June 2015 10:43 AM)
Good day.kindly send me the lrn number of my kids from infant Jesus Montessori center cabuyao Laguna.here are their names:
Ma.Cristina Jhanelle b.dalo
Jana maica b.dalo. thank you and Godbless

1130 Annalisa S. Balmelero   (03 June 2015 2:38 PM)
good afternoon sir/madam
Could you please send the LRN of my son Darius Angelo S. Balmelero to my e-mail, he is a transferred student from Systems Plus Computer College Caloocan City to Cecillio Apostol Elementary School Caloocan City.
Thank you very much.

1129 ROGER LAGAT PAJARILLO   (03 June 2015 12:09 PM)
good after noon madam/sir please send to my e-mail address the LRN of my daughter LIZZIE LIAN SAKAM PAJARILLO BIRTHDAY MAY 16 2007 thank you very much

1128 jeanette lontok   (02 June 2015 9:37 AM)
please send the LRN of my son Ashley M. Lontok to my email


1127 jeanette lontok   (02 June 2015 9:36 AM)
hi sir/madam

good day
i am requesting to send the LRN of my son Ashley M. Lontok to my email


1126 Tricia Ann P. Gonzales   (01 June 2015 8:40 PM)
Please send me my LRN. I'm Tricia Ann Gonzales from La Paz 1 Elementary School. I need it tomorrow morning. Please send it immediately.

1125 Tricia Ann P. Gonzales   (01 June 2015 8:30 PM)
Please send me my LRN. I need it tomorrow morning. If possible, I want it now. Thank You.

1124 Angelo Josh P. Baldevia   (29 May 2015 8:46 AM)
Please send the LRN of Angelo Josh P. Baldevia Pangantucan Central Elem. School Region X

1123 John Andrew Ecija   (26 May 2015 12:05 PM)
good afternoon sir/madam
Could you please send the LRN of John Andrew G. Ecija of Pedro E. Diaz High School Bayanan Muntinlupa City.Thank you.

1122 patricio lacpap   (22 May 2015 11:49 AM)
good afternoon sir/madam
Could you please send the LRN of Keenhezekiah Lacpap of New Lubon Elementary School,Tadian Mountain Province.Thank you.

1121 Pearl Angeli Saludares   (21 May 2015 6:10 AM)
Good day.. Kindly send me the LRN of the following pupils from IGTADIAO KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL from LAUA-AN, ANTIQUE.
1. Bangacaya, Luke
2. Bantolo, Reymel John
3. Cayetano, Reymond
4. Cayetano, John Anthony
5. Condes, John Kenneth
6. Espino, Hernanie
7. Necesito, Friels Drake
8. Pasuguiron, Niethan
9. Sanchez, Mark Gerian
10. Agoc, Reyncel
11. Jungco, Ane Faye
12. Jungco, Hyacient Faye
13. Tapi-on, Jessica Lee

1120 alyzza cruz fernandez   (20 May 2015 9:46 PM)
Hi im alyzza cruz fernandez please send my LRN to this email chariefernan28@gmail.com
I need for my enrollment this week
Thank you very much

1119 arvin marlo A RANAS   (17 May 2015 2:05 PM)
number of learner reference number marlo ranas

1118 Gaile Nasol   (14 May 2015 5:44 PM)
I am from Pasig City Science High School, please send my LRN to my email because I need it for my enrollment next week.
Thank you very much.

1117 Darren Delos Santos   (08 May 2015 2:00 PM)
darrenbae@yahoo.com here is my email, thank you very much i really need it

1116 Darren Delos Santos   (08 May 2015 1:58 PM)
Could you please email me my LRN, i'm darren delos santos from ifugao provincial science high school, thank you

1115 Maurizia Obaldo   (05 May 2015 8:57 AM)
Good Morning
I'm a student from Pasig City Science High School.
Kindly please give me my LRN by sending it at my e-mail, because we need it for our enrollment on May 18.
Thank you in advance.

1114 judy bernardez   (03 May 2015 11:49 AM)

1113 judy bernardez   (03 May 2015 11:48 AM)
please send me the lrn of rex ngateb of abatan nhs

1112 Criselle Morano   (28 April 2015 8:33 AM)
Good day, kindly send to this email Solano Joshua'LRN from Calpi E/S a grade I student.Thank you.

1111 Ronna   (27 April 2015 10:13 AM)
may i ask how to update LIS

1110 Ma. Cleofe M. Pagas   (24 April 2015 12:28 PM)
kindly send to my email address the complete list of latest LRN of Grade six Alegria Central Elementary School, Alegria District Surigao Norte Division.

1109 Zsy   (19 April 2015 6:29 PM)
Hi Good day! Please send to this email my LRN. I need it immediately. Please notice this. - Zsyka Parsaso from Batangas National High School. Thank You!

1108 Marissa Samson   (18 April 2015 4:07 PM)
what school starts with the lrn 114198? Thank you in advance.

1107 nanette binobo   (11 April 2015 11:37 PM)
Please send me the first issued LRN of John Rhey Aῆong Bughao of Quirino ES, Arnn Ginn Noble Anama of Salaman CES and Bryan Dorna Dowing of Upper Masawang ES. Thank you very much.

1106 CRISLYN Y. AYAWAN   (11 April 2015 9:33 PM)
lrn number

1105 Brix Relano   (09 April 2015 4:30 PM)
Please send my LRN . I need it for the requirements in school. I'm Brix Ian D. Relano from Manila Science High School

1104 vivian miguel   (07 April 2015 12:52 PM)
please send me the lrn of my son rhodney tumbaga miguel.he take the nsat examination without the lrn in maximino elementary school.thank you very much

1103 emilia f. sandoval   (06 April 2015 7:35 PM)
please send me the LRN of kevin lee villaduz calderon

1102 121448 Putingbato ES   (06 April 2015 9:13 AM)
please send me the LRN of grade 1 pupils of Putingbato Elem. School. Isabel District. Isabel, Leyte..School .I.D. 121448

1101 Bhabet   (05 April 2015 7:57 PM)
Please send me the LRN of Edwin Jay S. Rosales. His previous school is Muntin Dilaw National High School. Thank you very much.

1100 fhieleen   (27 March 2015 5:35 AM)
Good day. Kindly help me with the LRN of Cristal Mae Bernardo Cunanan. Thank you very much. E-mail me at philynemanalo@yahoo.com .

1099 123498besligps   (19 March 2015 10:32 AM)
i need the LRN of the student of beslig primary school gandara 1 district

1098 TaylorLan   (04 March 2015 5:44 PM)

1097 TaylorLan   (04 March 2015 5:40 PM)
DEPED Please Send me a LRN number of Arth Vincent Lanante for the NAT exam for tomorrow.A.S.A.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1096 Leizette Sazon   (26 January 2015 5:39 AM)
pls send the lrn of leizette m. sazon thanks

1095 Ranilo Cabidog Padayao   (25 January 2015 5:49 PM)
Can you help me with the LRN of John Vincent Montibon Padayao. School is Cabungaan Elementary School, Cabungaan, Catmon, Cebu. Thanks

1094 nricerra   (23 January 2015 7:44 AM)
pls send the lrn of Regina Loraine Franco Indiana Elementary School Bambang Nueva Viscaya. Thanks

1093 nricerra   (23 January 2015 7:40 AM)
Pls. send the lrn of Regina Loraine Franco Indiana Elementary School Bambang Nueva Viscaya. Pls I need it now... thanks.

1092 MA Cecilia Nofies   (21 January 2015 7:07 PM)

1091 Em-jay Tampi Umbaro   (08 December 2014 5:59 PM)
pls send the LRN of Jonaimah Umbaro and Zaalica Cosain of West District Cabingan, marawi city, lanao del sur, ARMM, 9700.. to rinzu@rocketmail.com pls i need it now. thanks...

1090 Noverten Angeles   (04 October 2014 11:01 AM)
how can I see my records or documents using lrn?

1089 Noverten Angeles   (04 October 2014 10:59 AM)
how can I see my documents and records using my learning reference number(lrn)?

1088 Xandel Areja   (14 September 2014 3:20 PM)
can I get the lrn of necel jean esporma africa?thank

1087 Xandel Areja   (14 September 2014 3:09 PM)
can I get the lrn of Necel Jean Esporma Africa.thank
you very much

1086 Louie Nuñez Arradaza   (10 September 2014 7:54 PM)
Good Evening, Kindly please Send my LRN i really need it for my ALS. Name: Louie Nuñez Arradaza of Baybay National High School, Baybay City,Leyte.. Thank you so much.. i hope you can send it As soon as possible.. or send it to my email: arradazal@yahoo.com

1085 Ian Ader Ragsac   (10 September 2014 6:47 PM)
Gud Pm! Please send the LRN of NIKKI ACOSTA of IFUGAO LAMUT CENTRAL Elementary School .Thank you very much.

1084 Erik Knight   (09 September 2014 1:39 PM)
Could you please help get an LRN number for Jennifer Bacsal Lucero, Department of Education Region III City Schools Northville 16 Resttlement center Atlu-bola Mabalacat city Pampanga. Their computer is broken, so they cannot give her a number. Any help is greatly appreciated! feel free to email me at Erik_Knight00@hotmail.com . Thanks!

1083 Bebie Fuentes   (19 August 2014 9:43 AM)
please provide us the site or search tool wherein we can search whether by LRN or by Division or by school for our Transferees and old student who were transferred to another school.Such that , we can access immediately to our pupils' data whether 3 years back. This was mostly encountered problem we had at present just like LIS Housekeeping I liked the system because you can easily access the data needed for the pupils.Please bring it back...just like the case of one of the pupils here in Ubaldo D. Laya Memorial Central School in the person of Macabangun, Alnor A. enrolled in
V-3 class,who was a transferee from Matampay Primary School and belongs to the Division of Lanao del Norte, Pantao Ragat, Lanao del Norte, it is very difficult in our part to locate his LRN because even the permanent record sent had no LRN and without school seal so how can we determine if this pupil really exists in thiss particular school and if we try to contact the parents regarding this one the mother said the school principal didn't respond nicely to the need of the mother so how can we proved that this pupil is existing in their school.pls try to check this LRN given 127153080007 to them lately.We are looking forward the result of this.

1082 Bebie Fuentes   (19 August 2014 9:22 AM)

1081 Xyd Emmanuel Ermitaño Areja   (11 August 2014 5:29 PM)
please send the LRN of Necel Jean Africa of Kalagutay, Base Camp Elementary School, Bukidnon. Thank you very much

1080 kuplogs28   (11 August 2014 7:58 AM)
Please send the LRN of Aneesha Martin of Dinalupihan Elementary School of Dinalupihan, Bataan. Thanks

1079 Jane Dela Virgo Dizon   (31 July 2014 4:38 PM)
Gud Pm! Please send the LRN of Sean Cedric D.V. Dizon of Sto.Niño Elementary School plaridel Bulacan.Thank you very much.

1078 Jane Dela Virgo Dizon   (31 July 2014 11:10 AM)
gud am!Please send the LRN of Sean Cedric D.V. Dizon of Sto.Niño Elementary School of Plaridel Bulacan.please send it asap to my email add: jhayne_dizon@yahoo.com.ph..Thanks And more power.

1077 Jane Dela Virgo Dizon   (31 July 2014 11:06 AM)
Gud am! please send the LRN of Sean Cedric D.V. Dizon of Sto.Niño Elementary School of plaridel bulacan,need for your immediate action please send it to my email jhayne_dizon@yahoo.com.ph..thank you

1076 Eel Estavas Bandico   (27 July 2014 6:37 PM)
thank you so much for taking an action for my request. More power.

1075 Eel Estavas Bandico   (27 July 2014 6:36 PM)
Please send the LRN of Jason L. Patrimonio of Magsaysay National High, Magsaysay ,Lanao del Norte and Norhan Acob Saricula of Labangan National High School, Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur

1074 Francis Geauis Berbon   (27 July 2014 3:19 PM)
hi good pm sir / mam can i have the LRN of edison lorens cenon of linao elementary school, libon, albay thank you very much

1073 Kenyas Weeds Altrivas   (23 July 2014 7:10 PM)
GOOD PM ! Can I have now The LRN of Hannah Jane Vallderama

1072 Henry Jane Malinao   (23 July 2014 6:48 PM)
hi good pm ! can i have my LRN ? henry jane diano malinao . from calape national high school .. from cebu

1071 Richel Sarmiento Abo-Abo   (19 July 2014 6:14 PM)
good pm.. plz can i have the lrn of the ff students of dumalinao national high school zambo sur division..Lumilis, Raenalyn G., Olila, Necil G.,Delos Santos, Endonto, Dutosme, Charlie Glenn B., Rojo, Zoren Jay S.

1070 Ellen Angel Calingo   (19 July 2014 4:07 PM)
GUD PM. Can i have the LRN of Comerker Semillano Palomar of Isabela East Elem School. thanks.

1069 Winnie Conrada Sison   (17 July 2014 7:48 PM)
Good pm ! Can I have now the lrn of angelica joy villanueva

1068 Winnie Conrada Sison   (14 July 2014 10:41 PM)
Hi can I have the LRN of cherloriene sanchrez gico of binalbagan south elem.school

1067 Myla Rose Pasaol   (14 July 2014 8:51 PM)
Hi My Name is Myla Rose Pasaol from Sero Central School cotabato City :)
Please Help me to Find my LRN

1066 Winnie Conrada Sison   (13 July 2014 2:25 AM)
Pls reply the LRN number of Chie Lorien Gico of Binalbagan South Elementary School

1065 Winnie Conrada Sison   (13 July 2014 2:08 AM)
Pls. Find me the lrn of chie lorien gico of binalbagan south elem.school. pls reply ....thanks

1064 Winnie Conrada Sison   (12 July 2014 5:43 AM)
Hi can I have the LRN number of my pupil chie lorien gico from binalbagan south elementary school, please in grade 1.thanks

1063 Ailyn Cababan   (09 July 2014 7:01 PM)
hi have a nice day can i have the LRN# of my brother edwin l.cababan jr. from musuan elementary school, please in grade 4

1062 Julwalid Taradji   (06 July 2014 8:38 AM)
Hi... Can you please help us to register in LRN School-Form-1 (SF-1) cause this is my first time to register in this form,kinldy help us to register online, just reply as soon as possible.... thanks..

1061 Jocelyn Valladolid   (04 July 2014 4:42 PM)
Good afternoon. Can I have LRN of my new enrollee JOAN MATUNAN ROCHA a grade 4 pupil from St Joseph Elementary School SAN FERNANDO NUEVA ECIJA.Thank you very much.

1060 Sharolyn Avelino Olpenda   (02 July 2014 7:57 AM)

1059 Sharolyn Avelino Olpenda   (02 July 2014 7:35 AM)
pls send me the LRN.NO.of my son KEIAN CHRISTOPER FERRER hes in grade 2 ryt now at STO ROSARIO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL HINIGARAN NEGROS OCCIDENTAL newly transfer from OLD BALARA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL pls help me the teacher of my son is asking about it,pls

1058 Acissej Eunicra   (26 June 2014 5:22 PM)
Pls.send me a sample of a LRN CERTIFICATE,i have already my sons lrn.He is in grade 1 right now newly transferred in a private school..The school is required for an LRN certificate if don't have form 137..Pls.help me..Thank you

1057 Junibeth Nermal Delima   (20 June 2014 10:07 PM)
Pls.send the LRN of my daughter EDITH JUNIELLE N. DELIMA she's in grade 1 at Belison Central School Antique. She was kindergarten from Belison Building Young minds Learning center Inc..Sy.2013-2014.kindly check her LRN and pls.send in my fb acct.. thank you very much..

1056 Junibeth Nermal Delima   (20 June 2014 9:51 PM)
Pls.can u send the LRN of the Pupils of Belison Building Young Minds Learning Center Inc. Sy 2013-2014.Here in Belison, antique...thank you very much for your response..

1055 lloyd lagura   (19 June 2014 7:10 PM)
i cant register my self in the LIS,how can i do it to register?

1054 josie demesa   (17 June 2014 7:10 AM)
from silang central school

1053 josie demesa   (17 June 2014 7:08 AM)
how do I get my daughter's LRN No.?

1052 wency   (15 June 2014 6:50 PM)
id ike to know to find my LRN because my teacher say it to us .....Im a grade six student in a public shcool in western visayas....
I used my uncles,facebook account becauce i dont have any account

1051 Geraldine Lungay   (13 June 2014 9:54 AM)
i just want to know how to find the LRN in the internet

1050 mercy linao lebrilla   (08 June 2014 6:48 PM)
Please provide LRN of some of my students. Thanks

1049 rosie   (08 June 2014 6:23 AM)
i cant register myself on line for the lis..i need it badly.how can i do it?

1048 Eva Lusdoc   (07 June 2014 10:17 AM)
Please give me few days more to finish registering our pupils..Thank you..More power!!

1047 Racquel Joy Siddayao   (03 June 2014 12:04 PM)

1046 Rose Ann C. Medina   (02 June 2014 10:54 PM)
i need my lrn # ty

1045 margie roselyn dicdican   (02 June 2014 8:11 PM)
i forgot my lrn

1044 Matias Jayvie M.   (28 May 2014 8:48 AM)
gud am. i need my lrn no. because the school i transfered is looking for it i need it pls send me.. thank you and God bless

1043 Matias Jayvie M.   (28 May 2014 8:46 AM)
good morning po pkisend po ng lrn no. jayvie matias hinahanap po kasi sa school na pinagtransferan ko. salamat God bless

1042 kim   (27 May 2014 9:50 PM)
please help us update or how to form LRN, we dont know to do it. please please.

1041 habibazar s   (22 May 2014 4:52 AM)
by the time of opening the htt://lis.deped.gov.ph website the message appear is Error 502 - Bad Request
The server could not resolve your request for uri: http://lis.deped.gov.ph/ why it is?

1040 rolando llanda   (21 May 2014 7:57 PM)
please help us update our lrn... i have encoded already but in the test site. i don`t know what is the website for the right one. thank you.

1039 lanchred   (10 May 2014 11:49 AM)

1038 habibazar s, mustafa   (10 May 2014 4:59 AM)
Hello! we had looking for the municipality of Omar for interring the residence of our pupil but unfortunately i could not found, why it is?

1037 cherry   (06 May 2014 1:15 PM)
i cant sign in.,, the username and password given to me was invalid.,, im looking for the data in our school

1036 Elena   (05 May 2014 9:47 PM)
We had a hard time looking for the data in our school.

1035 Elena   (05 May 2014 9:46 PM)

1034 EJIE   (01 May 2014 8:29 PM)
we need more days extension and we need also orientation about LIS.help solve the different problems of the teachers

1033 EJIE   (01 May 2014 8:18 PM)
year 2011-2012 our school already made an LRN but last year 2012-2013-d kami na kapasok kc very short ang day din always say mali ang username at password.so behind na kami.ano ggawin namin iisasabay ba namin sa pg enroll ung last yr,to this year?? I dont like having LRN.this not the basis to monitor a child whether he or she studying that sch.or not.

1032 Edelmae M. Vallejos   (01 May 2014 7:59 AM)
please.extend the lis encoding

1031 Edelmae M. Vallejos   (01 May 2014 7:57 AM)
please extend again the enrolling of our pupils a week will do.please,please,please.

1030 znihv   (01 May 2014 7:53 AM)
School form has been queued for processing and will be available for download shortly..

shortly? too long to wait, the downloading of school forms is pending 9 hours? is the website close already?

please do respond us...

1029 fieryleira   (01 May 2014 1:39 AM)
i wasn't able to finish enrolling our students.. what should i do? site or server is always busy during my free time.. this is not an easy task mind you.. and you can't expect us to concentrate on this lrn when we also have other things to do.. can you at least give us an extension for maybe a week or so just to finalize this? please!

1028 norie car bautista   (01 May 2014 0:52 AM)
please let the updating of LIS be extended again for at least a week more for we still cannot finalize due to internet connection and power interruption here in our place.

1027 Janeth B. Abrigo   (30 April 2014 11:47 PM)
I have a hard time accessing the website. Close na po ba talaga? Hindi pa po kami tapos sa pag update.

1026 leonila   (30 April 2014 11:28 PM)
yeah what happen downloading school forms is on pending...pls help us we are beating the deadline but server is pending

1025 amira   (30 April 2014 11:18 PM)
what will happen if we cannot enrol ol the pupils we have?... you know server...pending etc...

1024 znihv lee   (30 April 2014 11:16 PM)
can we still have the downloading tomorrow? the downloading of forms is still PENDING... how can we get the SF1 and SF if we can not download the forms?

1023 vhinz espejo   (30 April 2014 10:46 PM)
anyone who can help us. we are beating the deadline but the downloAding school forms is on pending... thanks!!

1022 vhinz espejo   (30 April 2014 10:42 PM)
pending download?

1021 roseben ratunil   (30 April 2014 4:58 PM)

1020 MARK ANGELO REQUIOMA   (30 April 2014 1:14 PM)

1019 dante sacapano   (30 April 2014 10:14 AM)
pls help me access our LIS. Our schools ID is 303810.

1018 aida d. dacaymat   (30 April 2014 4:10 AM)
pls help me. i cannot finalize the class because it needs the TIN number of a teacher which i could not fill in because the teachers do not have TIN yet for they are Local School Boards receiving 3000 pesos a month

1017 135824goha   (29 April 2014 12:49 PM)
Please help me open LRN number of Gohanng Elementary School Banaue District 1 Division of Ifugao

1016 135824goha   (29 April 2014 12:47 PM)
Can't open LRN of Gohang Elementary School, Banaue District 1 Division of Ifugao, school ID is 135824

1015 135824goha   (29 April 2014 12:10 PM)
Please help me open LRN of my school Gohang Elementary School with ID number 135824

1014 sniper   (29 April 2014 10:58 AM)
gud day po..anu po ang ggawin kpag nagkamli ng enrol halimbawa po c ms. tina is grade 5 last year at na enrol ulit s grade 5 dis year.anu po gagawin para ma e enrol xa s grade 6 dis year..tnx po.pls.help. and i cant open the website.

1013 lyn perez   (29 April 2014 10:52 AM)
gud day..bkt po d q ma open lis nmin..tama nmn ang username at password n ginamit q.pero ang sbi mali ang username at password..paanu q po xa ma update

1012 Zerna molenio   (26 April 2014 9:34 PM)
Kindly help me what is the LRN in Davao city national high school...the school here in cavite request that LRN...which I did not know what is that?

1011 JOJI V. PACATAN   (26 April 2014 3:38 PM)

1010 madzna   (25 April 2014 5:32 PM)
we can't access our lis account...pls help
thank you!

1009 loida f bautista   (23 April 2014 2:43 PM)
we can't create new class in recent sy 2013-2014..the system says "there is an error occurred" . what can we do to successfully complete the creation of class?

1008 alita a. seroy   (23 April 2014 2:33 PM)
I can't log in in our lis.

1007 Christine F. Caman   (16 April 2014 1:50 PM)
I really need the LRN of my students... pls........invalid password daw or username, how could I update our LRN?

1006 marchey marie   (15 April 2014 6:13 PM)
please who can help me i can't Log in in our LIS , invalid password daw or username, how could I update our LRN plsssssssssssssssss..... asap

1005 marie ann   (14 April 2014 11:08 PM)
pls help me to access our pupils lrn.always invalid users name.

1004 JEFTY R. VENTURA   (14 April 2014 9:26 AM)

1003 Maria Monessa R. Daguil   (13 April 2014 8:56 PM)
hello its me again..is there anybody could help me? people in Poro, Camotes, Cebu..if you can read this pls.kindly inform the teacher..i need the LRN of Edrian D. Maquilan and Aldrin D. Maquilan..Paz Elementary School..

Thank u so much for reading..hope u can help me...

1002 vivian nacion   (13 April 2014 1:32 PM)
please help me to access our pupils lrn. always invalid username

1001 Elmar   (13 April 2014 10:15 AM)
my special athlete has no lrn, it is needed for palaro...how could i get an lrn asap? i don't like to miss the chance of my special pupil...accdng to them that she can't play without lrn....please help me...

1000 villa abao   (12 April 2014 11:31 PM)
good eveningpo, paano ko aalisin sa list of personnel ang maling pangalan na nailagay ko?

999 belinda rendon   (12 April 2014 10:23 PM)
i can't access.
invalid username and password..is there any other options pls help

998 Ma'am Mon   (12 April 2014 4:21 PM)
anyone.. help pls.. i can't open the LIS.

997 Ma'am Mon   (12 April 2014 4:19 PM)
how to open the LIS site? It says "Service Unavailable"

996 Maria Monessa R. Daguil   (12 April 2014 3:12 PM)
helo..I am Maria Monessa R. Daguil from Leyte..i have a problem..we have 2 pupils Transferred to our School,they came from Paz Elementary School in Poro, Camotes,Cebu..their LRN is not written in the Form 137 and Form 138..we dont any access to contact the teacher in Paz Elementary School...How to find their LRN in the internet? Edrian D. Maquilan a grade 2 pupil and Aldrin D. Maquilan a grade 3 pupil..

995 manet dianela snaer   (12 April 2014 5:29 AM)
how could i find the lrn of cosejo ynah a. tranferred in gibgos eleentary school gibgos caramaon camarines sur from cavite silang.yhanks at more power

994 manet dianela snaer   (12 April 2014 5:27 AM)
i have to find the lrn of cosejo ynah a. transferred in gibgos elementary school ,gibgos caramoan camarines sur from cavite silang (calabarzon),how could i able to get it..thanks and more power

993 Yoraidyl D. Landel   (11 April 2014 12:44 PM)
Dear Sir/Maam,


We just want to know were to get the LRN? Is it applicable also to private school to have the LRN? If yes were/how should we get the numbers?
Hope for your response asap...Thank you and Good Bless...

Respecfully yours.
Gracious Family Learning School, Inc.
Sto. Cristo, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan

992 lynjoy almirol   (11 April 2014 12:32 PM)
I cant access my account anymore- canaan east elementary school nueva ecija, district of rizal

991 Rona   (11 April 2014 12:23 PM)
I accessed the account a few days back but now I can't. Please tell me how to open it again.

990 Rona   (11 April 2014 12:15 PM)
I really need the LRN of my students...

989 JEAN   (10 April 2014 10:45 PM)

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