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Economics Leaders’ Congress (ELC) 2013

The School of Economics Government and the Economics Organization of De La Salle University (DLSU) will hold its Second Economics Leaders’ Congress (ELC) with the theme Panata Ko sa Bayan: Gearing Towards Progressive Citizenry on November 22-23, 2013 at the Henry Sy Sr. Hall of DLSU-Manila.

The Congress aims to establish an Economic Youth Agenda (EYA) where it will serve as the platform for reaching out to the public about growing economic, political and social issues which are in need of significant attention and efficient solutions.
The target participants to this activity are young leaders all over the country who are united by a common goal to making a better and brighter future for all Filipinos.

Participation of both public and private schools shall be subject to the no-disruption-of-classes policy as stipulated in DepEd Order No. 9, s. 2005 entitled Instituting Measures to Increase Engaged Time-on-Task and Ensuring Compliance Therewith.

More information may be inquired from any of the following:

Ms. Larisa Jane Salaysay
Executive Chairperson
Economics Leaders’ Congress (ELC) De La Salle University (DLSU)-Manila Mobile Phone No.: 09 17-577-2638
Email Address: larisa_salaysay@dlsu.ph

Ms. Beatrice Teodoro
School of Economics Government
Mobile Phone No.: 0927-688-2008
Email Address: beatrice_teodoro@dlsu.ph
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