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Essay About School Bullying

Here's an essay about school bullying entitled "School Bullying Disclosed" written by Ian Rovic Roa.

School Bullying Disclosed
by Ian Rovic Roa

Security and life-long learning experiences of the children are the two main reasons why parents send their children to school.

But, what seemed to be the contrary now is that the school has become the source of physical and psychological traumas of some students.

This year (2012), educational system faced another controversial issue after a certain Jamei Garcia of Colegio de San Agustin stabbed a student who was identified as JB Bantiles.

Reports on television revealed that bullying pushed Garcia to do the act to Bantiles.

In Misamis Occidental National High Shool, cases of bullying, were disclosed to the teachers and stakeholders of the school during the mid-break of October 2012.

Mr. Aldwin Murphy B. Kwek, Guidance Counselor, revealed 82 cases of bullying in the school this school year which were classified as verbal, physical, and emotional.

Verbal bullying includes name calling, humiliating, teasing, spreading rumors or gossips, and threatening, while physical bullying includes punching, hitting, mauling, spanking, pushing, intimidating, and taking property of others; emotional bullying includes embarassing, texting mean words, humiliating, and threatening.

Guidance Office record 32 cases of verbal bullying, which is 39% of the total cases recorded. The percentage is 7% higher than emotional bullying which recorded 26 or 32%. Moreover, physical bullying recorded a closer number of 26 or 32% to emotional bullying.

Records further disclosed that female has higher cases of verbal bullying than male and female recorded 12-12 cases of physical bullying, while male has higher number in emotional bullying than female with 16 and 10 cases respectively.

According to Kenny, et. al (2005) in the study entitled Female Bullying: Prevention and Counseling Interventions, girls are more susceptible to verbal bullying because they are biologically predisposed to friendship and relationships that dealt so much with emotions. Boys on the other hand are prone to physical bullying because they assert their masculinity.

Mr. Florentino R. Santos, Jr. encouraged teachers and guidance counselors to address school bullying with tact and sincerity since it is a serious problem.

"We need to be extra careful in dealing with the students especially those who have behavioral and emotional problems," Mr. Santos added.
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