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Alberto's Pizza M. Velez St., Capitol Site Branch, Cebu (Contact Numbers)

Alberto's Pizza

Company Name: Alberto's Pizza
Branch Address: M. Velez St., Capitol Site, Cebu
Contact No. / Telephone No.:  032-5182020 / 09228295005

Official Website: www.albertospizzacebu.com
Email Address: [email protected]
Type of Industry: Food / Dining

Alberto's Pizza M. Velez St., Capitol Site Branch, Cebu (Contact Numbers)

Picture of Alberto's Pizza Store in M. Velez St., Capitol Site Branch, Cebu

For delivery, just call them in their contact numbers above.

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ryan uy   (27 March 2011 4:03 PM)
we customers hoping that giving actions like that,,,,so stupid rider.....one time he deliver at home of my cousin,,hes drunk gush very stupid,,and so late delivery.....i think hes name is wally or wallford....

ryan uy   (27 March 2011 3:59 PM)
i think the name of the rider is wally,,,

ryan uy   (27 March 2011 3:58 PM)
the rider was so slow,,,,after delivery i saw the rider go with thier house and drink some alcoholic....