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How does an Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) member Pray?

Haven't you notice how Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) members prays? The INC member and other Christian religions share common characteristics on the way they pray. Like at the start of the prayer, the INC member thanks to the Almighty God, worships him and asks Him for forgiveness. Then on the next part is asking for the needs or wants and desires in life. And on the last part of the prayer is asking all of the things he wants by the name of Jesus Christ as the Savior. These are some common elements of the prayer but when an Iglesia Ni Cristo prays, you can notice some different characteristics especially the emotion of the prayer. What are these distinguishable characteristics and how does an INC member actually pray?

Let's make an outline on how the INC member prays for you to clearly understand the flow of the INC prayer:
  1. Opening: Calling the Almighty God. (e.g. "Our most loving Father in heaven...")
  2. Praising and Worshipping God. (e.g. "We praise and worship your holy name...")
  3. Giving thanks to God. (e.g. "We thank you oh dear God for the life you continue to bestow upon us, the blessings that you continue to shower upon us. You still give us hope in the midst of misery...")
  4. Ask for Forgiveness of Sins. (e.g. "Dear Father, we beg unto you to please forgive us for our sins...")
  5. Ask your Desires and Needs. (e.g. "Oh please Father, may You give us more blessings today, keep us away from danger...")
  6. Pray for the Church Administration and the Church. (e.g. "Our Father, bless the Church Administration. Give them the best health, the power and knowledge they need. Bless also the whole Iglesia Ni Cristo...")
  7. Pray to Jesus Christ. (e.g. "Our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray unto You. Thank you for continuing to mediate us to our Father. We humbly ask to give us strong faith that we need...")
  8. Closing: Ask in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. ("We ask all of these things Dear Father in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...Amen.")
The above format is just the skeleton of the prayer. What's different in an INC prayer is the heart and emotion of the prayer. You can notice these type of prayer when you attend a worship service in an INC chapel especially in the Temple Central or Central Temple of Iglesia Ni Cristo located in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila.

Are you an INC member? You can share your prayers in the comment below. Godbless to all INC members!
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