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How to Add SkyCable Channels

It's easy to add channels in SkyCable. Just choose your favorite channels and tell the customer service agent to add it for you then they will be added to your channels instantly.

To add channels, just call:
  • 484 4701 to 03 (Metro Manila or Luzon Area)
  • (032)345-2278 local 1 (Cebu and Visayas area)
Choose your favorite SkyCable Channels below:

Standard Channels

Add channels in SkyCable TV

HD Channels

Add HD SkyCable Channels

HD Channels brings your TV viewing to the next level with:

Breathtaking motion picture quality.
A brilliantly clear picture with astounding detail and vivid hues.

Panoramic widescreen format.
From a square box to a captivating widescreen. TV now leaves no detail hidden, no corner unseen.

Cinematic digital sound.
Sound so real and life-like, it takes you right in the middle of the action.

You can add 1, 2 or more channels depending on your choice.
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