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Silicon Industry is Developing Swiftly in China

After almost 50 years of development, China silicon industry currently has an enterprise many, and product type to be complete, and other industrial correlativeness degree high, potential development and the market prospect big new high technology industry. China's car, and photovoltaic, construction, power electronic industries has realized high speed development, by this drive, from industrial silicon, organic silicon polysilicon silicon industry to market demand realized strong growth.

Enterprise culture is the driving force to develop. On the basis of traditional culture, Hongxing Company gears the needs of the world. Inheriting the traditional culture and firmly holding the Sino-foreign complementary principle, Hongxing people open eyes on the world and the future to build an unique enterprise culture. We firmly practice the goodness first, and benefit the employees and customers as well as society feedback. Thus we work steadily to practice sharing society responsibility during the enterprise development with the use of mining crushers such as hammer crusher and cone crushers and the supporting machines such as rotary kiln and vibrating feeder. The development way depends on the concept and the wealth comes out of good faith.

According to the China non-ferrous metal industry association, director of silicon industry branch of the Zhao Gusheng introduction, along with the car, solar photovoltaic, construction, power electronic industries in the rapid development, China silicon material industry in recent years the rapid development, now has become a global silicon industry's largest producer and consumer.

Silicon is the national development of new energy industry important basic function material, its 'toward the positive, foundation, strategic' feature is very outstanding.

Meanwhile, in the '12th Five-Year Planning' period,, the country will further increase the new materials for strategic new industry support, and silicon industry will face more favorable industry development environment.

At the same time, our country in organic silicon, there are plans to put forward, to 2015 form 3-5 home with the international competitiveness of organic silicon singles backbone enterprise. Planning display, silane coupling agent will be built two or three of the scale of more than 30000 tons/year, and the use of green environmental protection technology production enterprise, in 2015 amounted to 400000 tons, number of varieties of more than 100.

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