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How to type Square ² in Computer Keyboard?

Square unit is a superscript numerical 2 set above the baseline. Examples are cm², m², km², ft² etc. You usually encounter these units but have you ever wondered how to write or type ² (squared) in computer keyboard?... Here are some guide and tips for you to learn:

1. You can make x² (squared) or superscript 2 by typing this keyboard shortcut:
  • Hold Alt while typing 0178

2. You can also create ² through the Character Map of Windows OS software:
  • Go to Start Menu --> All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Character Map.
Windows Start Menu All Programs

Character Map Start Menu

  • Find and click the superscript 2 (²) and then, click the Select button.

squared 2
squared (²) in Character Map

  • The superscript 2 (²) will appear in the blank field. Click the Copy button to copy it. And you can paste anywhere you want for example in the Microsoft Word, Notepad, or in a website, etc.

Copy Square 2

3. And the easiest part to create a square (²) or superscript 2 is by copying any of the sample characters below. They vary in sizes and you can adjust them later after pasting in a word processor.
  • ²
  • ²
  • ²
  • ²
Squared applied in metric unit:
  • mm² - square millimeter
  • cm² - square centimeter
  • m² - square meter
  • km² - square kilometer
  • ft² - square feet
  • in² - square inch
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