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The Proportion of Ball Mill of Mining Machine

The Proportion of Ball Mill of Mining Machine

The hardness of the ore can be measured. The installation, size of the machine need to mesh handling capacity (the amount of ore) which is gradually increased until the two or three days of normal continuous operation, stop the ball mill size gear meshing until everything is normal, then open the ball hole cover. Secondly add the remaining 20% of the steel balls.

The size proportion of the balls added in the mill is determined according to the diameter of ball mills and the ore hardness, mill ore particle size ball hardness (mass), and speed factors. When the model is determined then the speed of the mill will be set. The ball ore particle size is determined by changing the size of the grid screen. Typically, new installed ball mill has a run-in process, in the run-in process; the steel ball is the first to be added. 

The added weight of the steel ball is based on the quality of the items to see if they have good quality, then users decided to add the amount of ore consumption. The best use of new grinding steel balls will is under the way. During the operation, for continuous wear, the ball must be reasonable complement and of low compensation wear, to maintain a stable operation of the ball mill and in order to maintain a reasonable ratio, the filling rate must be high. 

The good quality balls are added to calculate the amount of processing per ton of ore, for example the addition of 0.8 kg for per ton ore, the general steel ball processing one ton of ore is required (1 kg -1.2 kg). Plus small ball in useful minerals granularity monomer dissociation can add the appropriate amount of the ball when the fineness of the grinding machine to reach the flotation requirements.

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