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MCWD (Metropolitan Cebu Water District) Office and Contact/Telephone Number

MCWD or Metropolitan Cebu Water District, Philippines

Office/Building Address: Corner Magallanes - Lapulapu Sts., Cebu City
Contact/Telephone Number Trunkline: (032) 254-8434

MCWD Official Website: www.mcwd.gov.ph
Metropolitan Cebu Water District
MCWD (picture by mcwd.gov.ph)


MCWD Other Connecting Departments:
Telephone Numbers:
  • 256-0410 to 0419
MCWD General Manager's Office Telephone Number:
  • 256-0411
If you want to apply for water service installation, just read this "How to Apply for Water Service Connection in MCWD Cebu".

MCWD is the largest water service utility in Cebu, Philippines. 

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Marino C. Medalla   (14 August 2019 9:09 AM)

I would like to inquire when is my present MCWD Water billing be delivered? Because it is already Aug. 14, 2019 and yet I don't receive my billing from your courier still. Pls, inform me immediately what happen and when it will be delivered. Thank you.

MAE NIELYN C. PADILLO   (14 February 2019 8:13 PM)

Good day Sir/Maam. I just wanna ask if you are accepting on-the-job trainees?

kin wah   (27 February 2018 10:34 AM)

Good day! i would like to ask if we can request another form of billing reciept because we lost our billing reciept. or what should we do in order for us to pay the bill ?

Mary Grace Fronteras   (04 October 2017 8:22 AM)

Good day!

May problema po sa metro ng tubig sa aming area: ZONE 4 BASCON ST. DUMLOG TALISAY CITY CEBU sa may tabi ng ARBEE'S BAKESHOP. I think nasira po ang tubo sa amin. Sana po mapuntahan niyo po at maayos niyo po agad kasi wala po kasing tubig sa amin and tumatagas po ang tubig sa may tubo nito. Patuloy po ang pag ikot ng metro kahit di po namin nagagamit. Please paki fix naman po. Salamat.

Cesar M. Niguidula   (23 February 2017 7:03 AM)

Kindly furnish me with copy/ies of water quality test reports (physical, biological & chemical) for MEZ and MCIA areas. This is in connection with any further water treatment required for commercial use. Thank you in anticipation. Regards. Cesar M. Niguidula

ARNOCO, PETE EVAN   (01 December 2016 7:21 AM)

Is there any way that i can know my bills through text or net.

Rante   (19 November 2016 11:54 AM)

Please review why water consumption multiply by 10????supposedly my monthly bill range to 200 to 300 . For the past 3month up to this
month water bill cost too high to 3,000 plus  per monthYour immediate action is highly appreciated.  PLease help thanks Below are the details :Comsumer Code 101631Account # 19-450-12-5200

Lyca   (19 August 2016 10:53 AM)

Hi! I am currently living at 11-12 Fulton St., Apas, Lahug, Cebu City. Why is it there is no water during daytime? It's always and it will just come back very late at night na. Thanks.

Merlie Alejandria   (07 August 2016 10:58 AM)

Why don't we have water in ma. Christina subd., punta prinsa today?

rosalinda   (22 March 2016 3:32 PM)

Just asking why we don't have water here in pier 4..Please. reply.

rosalinda   (22 March 2016 3:29 PM)

...Just asking what time will have water in our area pier 4 ..We dont have water already. Please. reply.

christine   (29 May 2015 11:16 AM)

we don't have any water here in Alaska mambaling almost 3days...when it will be back?please response

christine   (29 May 2015 11:13 AM)

why we don't have a water almost 3 days here in Alaska mambaling?when it will be back..please response..asap!!!

Carmina Razo   (23 April 2015 9:31 PM)

May i ask the VAT TIN number of MCWD?
It's not identified in the billing statement or any receipt that we are receiving every month.

Lucille Broker   (24 November 2014 9:09 PM)

I reported a water leak before the meter and up until now there's no action from MCWD.

Lucille Broker   (24 November 2014 9:08 PM)

A water leak before the meter occurs since yesterday. I have tried calling your telephone no. at MCWD and no one answers your phone. I tried calling again late evening and I've been waiting for more than 20 minutes trying wait that somebody will pick up that dumb phone !!!

JOANAH espinosa   (18 October 2013 7:04 AM)

are you opening todAY? thanks

jing onto   (08 May 2013 4:53 PM)

Hi I would like to ask. We are just renting the lot, then i have plan to apply for a water service connection. My question is that when we are going to transfer to other place, can we also transfer our account to the other place?? thanks! im looking forward to your reply.

admin   (08 March 2013 8:08 AM)

Roill C. Suan, this might help you: "How to Apply for Water Service Connection in MCWD Cebu"

marites   (08 March 2013 0:55 AM)

hi i need someone to check our water metter and connection,, because this past few months weve been paying thousands plus just for water,, and that's too big cuz we dont pool and were just 3 people in the house,, and i really need your attention because the our next door made an pump and i guess there one using the water that were paying pls check it,,

thank you

susana   (11 June 2012 8:45 PM)

where can we find our MCWD statement online?

josepina jayme   (23 May 2012 8:50 PM)

How to confirm that we lost my water bill code ????please help

thess D   (21 May 2012 9:37 AM)

How much is the water fee per cubic meter today?
If you your consumption is 16, approximately how much is my bill?

Your assistance and prompt response is greatly appreciated.

Nerissa Soon Ruiz   (15 April 2012 7:09 PM)

We had been calling your phone to ask whats happening to your water service in Mandaue City. There has been NO water since 6 in the morning today until now. And nobody answers your phone. There had been no notice of water interruption and we are not guided as to when water would start to flow again. Disgusting!

dpuy   (02 March 2012 9:36 AM)

How much is the payment for residential water connection in MCWD?

Lot Jao   (29 November 2011 7:35 AM)

Please help, We have damaged meter here in Consuelo Vill., Basak, Mandaue City. Water supplies are cut shot down due to this problem.

Cherry Labrica   (14 November 2011 1:39 PM)

Good day ma'am/sir!

I would like to follow-up when would your inspector/s come to our residence or place to inspect where would the water service would be connected. It was been 5 days already since my father attended the seminar last Wednesday (November 9) and we are still waiting for the inspector to come. We need the water service connection as soon as possible and I hope you will do an immediate action for the request of your customer as on the seminar, it was being said that the inspector will come within 2-3 days from the date the applicant attended the seminar.

I also tried to call the telephone numbers and cellphone numbers you have provided in the leaflets given during the seminar. All the numbers kept on ringing and nobody answered my call except 256-0424 but then it only took for a while and said I must call local no. in 254-8434... I am tired of forwarding my calls and not able to answer or help their customers inquiries or complaints. What kind of service does your district provide to your customers? The telephone number you provided were useless 'cause no one answered the phone.

concern citizen   (07 November 2011 8:31 PM)

Good day. This is one of the concern citizens of St. dominic's Place subdivision own by prohomes development inc. We would like to ask of what is your agreement between prohomes and your organization because the minimum of our water here increase up to 395 for minimum of 10 cubic. As we know that the minimum of water now is 180 for the first 10 cubic, how come this developer increase as much as this?

joel   (30 October 2011 7:35 AM)

Please help, we have a damaged meter here in katipunan labangon cebu city near skywalk. all water supplies are cut or shot down due to this problem

cold_as_ice_above   (21 October 2011 5:15 PM)

People, dont be too harsh, MCWD's just doing their job, repairing, service....

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