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How to Apply for Water Service Connection in MCWD Cebu

Do you have a new house, apartment or commercial building here in Cebu and wanted to install or apply a water service connection? Don't worry, I provide you here the steps you are going to do in order to apply for an installation of water supply system/connection of MCWD Cebu for your house or building.
Picture of MCWD Company Logo at the lef side. (Photo credit to www.mcwd.gov.ph)
MCWD or Metropolitan Cebu Water District Slogan - "water we share, life we care”

For those who are new to MCWD:

MCWD which stands for Metropolitan Cebu Water District, is founded in 1974 and is a major provider of safe potable water supply for the residents of the municipalities and cities of the Cebu province. MCWD main/head office is located in Lapu-lapu-Magallanes corner St., Cebu City, Philippines.

How to Apply for Water Service Connection in MCWD Cebu
  1. Ask for a Water Service Application Form from the Service Connection Installation Department located at the 4th Floor, MCWD main building, located at Lapulapu-Magallanes Streets, Cebu City.
  2. For water service applicants who are owners of the house and lot where the water service connection be installed, he/she is required to submit the following:
    • xerox copy of land title
    • xerox copy of house tax declaration
  3. For applicants who are not the owners of the house/building and lot, and failed to secure the signatures of the house and lot owner, in the absence of these documents mentioned thereof, he/she shall:
    • Sign a "waiver” and have it duly notarized. The "waiver” will serve as a temporary replacement in lieu of the land title and house tax declaration. The water service connection of the applicant is somewhat on a conditional status Stated in the waiver is that in the event that the owner of the house and lot where the service connection is installed will complain to the water district and will request MCWD to have this particular concessionaire disconnected for the reason that he/she did not give consent, or it might be that the property owner will use his/her property anytime, the water district is given the authority to disconnect it without any legal action.
  4. The water service applicants are required to attend an orientation seminar prior to the processing of their water service applications. The orientation is scheduled every Wednesday and Saturday morning ( 9:00 am to 12:00 pm ). Registration 8:00 am. Applicants bring valid ID....
  5. After submission of the water service application, an inspection will be conducted as to where the location of the house of the applicant and as to where’s the nearest source or mainline or stubout the applicant’s service line will be tapped.
  6. Applicants are advised not to lay out their pipes unless and until given a go signal/approval by the area inspector.
  7. When approved, that’s the time the applicant will have to lay their pipes from their house up to the tapping point or water outlet/stubout.
  8. When pipes were already laid, the applicant will inform the SCID inspector that their water service connection is ready for tapping. A final inspection will be conducted as to correctness of the layout.
  9. Payment of the installation fees and other charges.
  10. Installation of the water meter. This will be done at least two (2) working days after payment of water service installation fees. 
"As of December 2004, MCWD’s daily production stands at over 149,000 cu.m. from 102 water sources to nourish a growing 99,200 concessionaires. Its systems recovery rate now averages 68.32%, and continues to improve. It is the first utility firm in the country to control and monitor the operation of some of its well fields using a radio-based system called Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). It is also the only one in the Visayas and Mindanao that has a multi-million state-of-the-art large meter test rig. "

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marjorie cabellon   (03 December 2019 3:58 PM)

hi i jusst wanna know how to change the water bill name from single to corporation through online?

Roselyn   (30 May 2019 10:06 AM)

I wanted to apply how is the cost?

CHRISTIANNE GRACE TAN   (26 October 2018 0:26 AM)

I wanted to apply for metered water. What will I do ? Please help thanks.

MODEL RENT A CAR   (03 September 2018 7:47 AM)


felixander sabroso   (24 December 2017 10:37 AM)

plss sent the requrement

james cabatingan   (05 September 2016 4:16 PM)

i just want to know how can i request for transfer the tapping of my pipeline, which was temporarily tapped by your serviceman to a distant meter stand after being discovered that your mainline was dilapidated. Now that you have installed a New Stubout infront of my residence, i wanted to request for the transfer of my connection. How can i avail? please provide me a guideline, Thanks.

jafar   (06 September 2013 2:57 PM)

Around how much is the total installation fees/costs?

Water Service Provided by Plumbers   (17 July 2013 5:21 PM)

Wow! You made that look effortless, congratulations. Amazing skills on your article post!!!You can also visit us at this site to get more knowledge about these services http://quickseweranddrain.com/

lou risma   (26 April 2013 7:29 PM)

hi, may we ask why you ask for installation fees when it is the consumer who lays out the pipes? and buys for materials?

Che   (18 June 2012 3:46 PM)

Improve your services especially handling clientele. Gosh! My Tita requested for installation last May , unfortunately up to now NO INSTALLATION happen. Wake up MCWD

YanCar   (25 November 2011 7:48 AM)

How much is the installation for MCWD would cost? Total? Anyone?

Ben   (26 July 2011 6:55 AM)

your processing fee of P4,950 is too high. compared to Veco deposit of only P400 and PLDT - P1,500 application fee, you are already making money even before consumer can avail of your services.

Jim   (05 May 2011 6:13 PM)

Rot in Hell MCWD!!!!!! I hate your action center and I hate your way of handling payments! I hate MCWD and their backwards service system!!