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How to Check Your Petron Value Card Points?

Having a Petron Value Card (PVC) is a great advantage to motorists or drivers. It allows you to earn points for every purchase at any participating Petron establishments. The accumulated points can be redeemed or used to purchase fuel in Petron. 1 point is equivalent to 1 peso. It's good to know that you already accumulated more points. But you might not know how to check your total points. How can you check or inquire your total Petron Value Card points?

Check Petron Value Card Points

You have two (2) options to check your Petron Value Card (PVC) points.

1.) Check PVC Points at Petron Gas Station.

You can go to a nearest Petron Gas Station to check or inquire your PVC total points. Or every time you gas-up your motorcycle, car or vehicle in Petron Gas Station, tell the Gas Attendant to check your PVC total points.

2.) Check PVC Points thru Petron Value Card Anroid App.

You might be new to this thing called "android app." Petron created an android app for their PVC. This Petron Value Card (PVC) android app is a mobile application that let you access your PVC points, monitor fuel purchases, locate Petron gas stations, know latest promos, etc. using your mobile phone connected to the internet. If you don't have an internet access, you cannot access it or you cannot log-in.

Here are some screenshots of Petron Value Card android app:

Petron Value Card App Log-in Screen

Petron Value Card log-in screen

Petron Value Card App Menu and Features

Petron Value Card app features

Petron Value Card Fuel Purchases Transaction History and Points Balance Inquiry

Petron Value Card Points Inquiry

How can you get or download the Petron Value Card (PVC) android app? First you should have an internet connection. Then, go to Google Play website (https://play.google.com/store) or Google Play app and search Petron Value Card on the search field. Then, click the app and click the Install button.

Do you have any problem checking your Petron Value Card points? Or do you have any concern with your points?
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4 Mario B Faulve   (19 February 2017 4:48 PM)
can i check my value point in my laptop.

3 Chris   (24 January 2017 10:08 AM)
Is there any way to check your Value Points balance on the web without using the app?

2 Janice Same   (11 October 2016 10:41 AM)
Points inquiry

1 jayson sabado   (27 September 2016 2:03 PM)
Kung nawala value card puede kaya makahingi ng replacement at ano ang proseso.. Nawala kasi card ko kahapon after buying oil products at a gasoline station. Thank you!