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My Best Experience with My Grandfather...

A pitch-blacked room eclipsed within me and I felt toes were like covered with snowflakes as if it was winter day on my very own little world.
Then, the freezing breeze seemed to choke me and dry up my shaking lips. Surprisingly, tough arms wrapped around me. I felt the warmth and the comfort zone that I once longed for.

My blurry eyes started to adjust the lenses and see the sagging lines painted on the face. 

I hurriedly woke up and vividly saw how those muscular contortions made me smile to the most amazing man in the universe.

He then whispered, ‘’Even though you have tears hiding in your eyes, I still see the happiness and benevolence that reside within you.

Then he stood up in front of me and his inviting hand held mine.

The rays of the orange-blush sun brushed my skin and I felt the shivering wind.

I was with the man who built the greatest part of me. I started to chase the time.

I wanted to stop every click of the clock and make the whole world stop.

And then I heard the crashing of the bluest ocean waves, the chirping of the birds, and the melody of the summer’s paradise surrounded the mesmerizing atmosphere.

It was implausible.

The place made me feel like I could touch the planets.

Such breath-taking scenery of a moon kissing goodbye to the horizon could not describe how I begged the moonlight to bid but neither its shadow nor the morning wind permitted my heart’s screaming desire.

Then, the amazing man carried me.

He swirled me like a ballerina and carefully immense me in the divine sea water.

We played like kids, laughed like tomorrows never mattered, and lived like it’s the highest heaven on Earth.

Every second counted an every tick meant the universe to me.

Ring...ring....ring. The buzzing sound of my alarm clock woke me up.

I was lying beneath my bed. Tears flooded my eyes.

It was only a dream; a dream I never really wanted to end.

Oh, how I missed the most amazing man in the world.

Haven’t I told you who he was? He was my grandfather!

And he was everything boys never had. In my memory is a clear picture of his face and how he crinkled into a sweet smile every time we were together.

Now, I feel so lost and incomplete; just like a hero without a side-kick. Complicated rush stroke me.

My whole nerves told me to check my bare feet. It was uncanny, but with a brave heart, I got up and waved my blanket down.

I was unable to move, speechless and motionless as I looked down at my feet. It was wet and had sand tucked on my toes.

Not only that, I even smelled the familiar scent of my grandfather around the corners of my room.

I closed my eyes, inhaled and exhaled. Faced the skies and held my own hand.

Praying and giving thanks to God for making me spend time with my grandfather again.

Weird. Extra-ordinary. Unbelievable. Impossible it could be, but it was pretty much the best morning I ever have had.

My Best Experience with My Grandfather is written by...

Author: Patrish N. Maisog

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