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How To Fix Smart Bro Plug-it Problems...

Cannot connect to your SMART Bro Plug-It internet or experiencing slow connection? Find out the possible causes and steps you can do to restore your connection and make it faster.

Smart Bro Account / SIM Card

Be sure you must meet the following prerequisites before fixing your Smart Bro Internet Connection

Your account must be active.
Previous unpaid balances must be settled.

Your account must have enough balance to
use the service (minimum of P20 for 1-hour
surfing time).

Smart Bro Device / Modem

How To Determine if Smart Bro Sim Card is Not Detected?

SIM card can be detected by your computer.
(You may view this at the upper-right part of
the Smart Bro User Interface.)

How To Check Internet Signal Strength for Smart Bro?

Check signal strength:
(You may view this at the upper-left part
of the Smart Bro User Interface)

How To Check if Your Smart Bro Modem is Detected by Your Computer?

Check if modem is detected by your computer.
(You may view this at the upper-right part of
the Smart Bro User Interface (UI).)

Check device light (LED) Indicator.
(You may view this on the left of the device)

Red - device not ready
Blue - registering on network
Green - device ready
Green blinking - your Smart Bro is already connected to the internet

Modem User Interface (NOT CONNECTED to the internet):

Modem User Interface (CONNECTED to the internet):

Check network set-up:
(Settings > Network Settings)

Check user config file:
(Settings > Network Settings > Config File)

Check user config file Access Point Name (APN):
(Settings > Network Settings > Config File > View)

Browser Settings

Work Offline must disabled (unchecked):
(File > Work Offline)

Never dial a connection must be selected:
(Tools > Internet Options > Connections)

Internet proxy must be disabled (unchecked):
(Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings
> Proxy Server)

Smart Bro Modem Cannot Be Detected By Computer ( How To Fix Smart Bro Internet Connection )

Check if modem is properly plugged. If not, do
soft reset (unplug/re-plug modem).

Try to directly direct connect Modem to
computer if you are using a USB cable.

Try other USB ports or PC/laptop.

Check device manager if modem/USB is detected.

If device manager cannot detect the modem, do
hard reset (un-install and re-install device).

If computer cannot detect the device User
Interface software, do hard reset (un-install and
re-install the modem).

If all troubleshooting has been applied, modem
is considered defective for repair/replacement.

Smart Bro Sim Card Cannot Be Detected by Computer / No Internet Connection

Remove then re-insert SIM Card in the modem.

If No Signal, Change Network Settings:
> from 3G Preferred to Only 3G,
> from Only 3G to GSM Preferred
> from GSM Preferred to Only GSM

If Poor Signal, reposition device and/or change
location of modem to another area and try
connecting again.

What You Should Do if Got this Error Message:

"A connection to the remote
computer could not be
established, so the port
used for this connection
was closed.”

Ensure that correct Access Point Name (APN)
SMARTBRO is being used.

Make sure that your signal is stable and try to
re-connect to the internet.

Smart Bro Slow Internet Connection Problems

Temporarily turn off anti-virus and firewall. The
anti-virus and firewall maybe the possible cause.

Check signal strength being acquired by the
device via the User Interface.

Configure the Plug It modem settings based on
your internet activity:
If audio/video streaming or file downloading:
Network: ONLY 3G
Frequency: W850M or 
To acquire immediate available 3G signal:
Frequency: W850M+W2100M
To acquire immediate available GSM signal:
Frequency: W850M+W2100M
If weak/no 3G,HSPA signal:
Network: ONLY GSM
Frequency: W850M+W2100M

Check computer specifications:
Recommended specifications:
Pentium III or higher
512 MB of RAM or higher
USB 2.0 port
50 MB free disk space


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kevin rey [Entry]

my smart broadband installation process can't continue..it has been stuck less than a half of its installation process..i've made a mistake unplugging it and trying to install it gain but the process is still the same..

is it corrupted?..what can i do to fix this problem
miguel_jieb [Entry]

"sa Hello!1 My SmartBroadband stick can't detect my sim. It doesn't show. Suppose to be HSPDA will appear in the lower left past of the window if i open the SmartBro window..But there's nothing there and it is automatically connected..If I try to click the check the balance button it says the sim/usim is not detected. What to do? Help please"

what sim do you use? if it's the smartbro sim then you are in the right track. if still you can't, try this.manually reinstall the smartbro program. open the files in the smartbro modem file in the my computer.then click the "Modem_installation". then allow it to install.hope this could help.
xyz [Entry]

I tried several times with two new prepaid broadband cards but each time,
the text reply would be: VD#3002 Transaction Not Allowed. Ref: 030162974636

Please help!
lieza [Entry]

Hello!1 My SmartBroadband stick can't detect my sim. It doesn't show. Suppose to be HSPDA will appear in the lower left past of the window if i open the SmartBro window..But there's nothing there and it is automatically connected..If I try to click the check the balance button it says the sim/usim is not detected. What to do? Help please
allan [Entry]

sa akin huawei 3131 edge din lumalabas ayaw mag HSPA
sherlyne mhay [Entry]

hindi ako makaconnect sa laptop ko, pero pag sa ibang pc or laptop nagcoconnect naman, tumawag na din ako smart at natry lahat ng sulotions nila.. bakit kaya ayaw parin.. help please.
rhits [Entry]

how to fix EDGE to HSPA can u help me plss
joy pago [Entry]

Pa help nman po hnd po mareread yung smart bro kit ayaw umilaw ng signal ano po pwd ko gawin
Terry [Entry]

I have the power plug it MF667 stick. When I connect it directly to a USB port on my Windows 7 computer, everything looks good, it says connected, shows HSPA signal but cannot get any traffic through, even a ping to google gives 100% loss. However, if I plug it into my 3G/4G router (TP-Link MR3220) everything is fine and get excellent bandwidth. Any ideas on what my problem is? I would like to be able to take it with me when I'm out and about, thankx...
Eric Orcajo [Entry]

I can't connecr to internet. It always says that "can't connect pls try again later". Pls help..
Gin [Entry]

Hi! Good day!
I cannot connect my smart bro even though I have load. It says that " cannot connect, please try again later".I hope to have your response to this and would send me information on how to make it work. I am now getting exhausted and frustrated trying to fix it. Have a blessed day ahead!
Ram [Entry]

7.2 mbps daw?? Sobrang bagal kainis
krisel [Entry]

hi gudmorning! i think my usb need a repair where i should go?
emmanuel [Entry]

"the connection was terminated by the remote computer before it could be completed.. pls help
george [Entry]

guys...dapat may load ang sim atleast 5 pesos{may allowance}, UNinstall then install....pinakaworse jan if ayaw pa..tawag nalang sa smart operator...*888. minsan poor ang service ng smart.wla na tayong magawa jan. kahit din sa globe....sa sun medjo ok kasi di pa maxadong marami ang subscribers.
david [Entry]

pahelp my smart bro MF180 cant detect sim, it says NO SIM, help me how to fix it. TNX
Marlon Rivera [Entry]

Guys, pahelp po kakabili ko lang nito kahapon sa mismong smart business center, kasi after ko po ma-install ung smart bro power plug-it ko magtatry na sana ko magconnect sa internet kaya lang nakadisabled ung CONNECT button then may nakasulat dun na Device not detected then after nun lumalabas din na NO SIM daw. How to fix this po kaya? pahelp po thanks.
edwin miranda jr [Entry]

paanopo kung ayaw mag install ung smart bro code 1 yung problem help man po
Jonardo [Entry]

I have problem with my two (2) Smart-bro, it says that "Sim Registration" and if i will send message to the number it receives nothing.
can you help me please, they say ill take my Smart-bro Sims to smart center and register it, and some says that ill just buy sim cards.

Thank you and more power
orly boy [Entry]

paano po kung ang sira ay ang usb nya ano po ang dapat gawin.
RJDA [Entry]

Hi! I just bought a Smart-Bro Plug-In Kit and I experienced a lot of inconveniences already. This time, I cannot connect to the Internet through my PC. Nakaregister naman na may signal pero ayaw mag blue ng CONNECT na icon. Naka gray lang always. Pero with other devices okay naman sya. Ang problem lang talaga is yung PC ang mabilis at ginagamit ko for work kaya no choice but to try to use Smartbro with it. Please help.
bynsen bucao [Entry]

di po makaconnect smart bro ko pero full yung signal ? ano po ba dapat gawin ? Naadjust ko na lahat ng settings.May nakalagay na Wireless adapter or access point DETECTED at A network cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken.PLS HELP!
mike [Entry]

why when i click connect it wont. it says the internet was terminated before its completed..?? pls help me
agnes [Entry]

good day i encounterd problem now to my smart bro mf190 it is detected but i cant connect, it only say cnnot connect pls try again later,. i have enough load ctually i registered it in unli surf for two day and i have enough balance also. pls help me my load is wasted.. thank you
vito [Entry]

ano po cause nung hindi pag detect ng smart bro ng HSDPA signal? puro 3g lang kaya ang bagal
ryan [Entry]

my smartbro user interface does not display? why? what is the solution?
arabella [Entry]

My smartbro plu-it doesn't connect to the internet.. I already registered it.. but there is a a problem in the device light (LED) Indicator. The device light indicator that appears is blue.. How come can i fix it? i have a good signal at home.. please rply as soon as possible thanks!
catherine [Entry]

after i plug in the modem, the computer shown " the modem is already in use or is not configure properly."

is it anyone really use my broadband without in lock.

please feedback ASAP
julian [Entry]

i cannot connect my smart bro eventhough I have load. It says that " cannot connect, please try again"....
Lexus [Entry]

Nice info.
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