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Free Text in a Cellphone Without a Load (Globe, Sun Cellular, Smart or Touch Mobile)

Are you searching a way or or a method on how to text to a cellphone even without a load - free text to sun cellular, globe, smart, touch mobile cellphones?  You've come to the right place. Here, I will show you how you can text somebody or anybody's cellphone with no load - free unlimited text to a cellphone without paying. This is not a hacking tutorial, you know. This is 100% legal. You should know this!
I know you want to save credits or load balance in your cellphone. With my little strategy I'll reveal to you, you can save lots of load or credit balance in your cellphone.

Now, listen...

1. There are certain requirements that you should have such as:
  • Computer with internet connection.
  • You should download Chikka Text Messenger and install it in your computer. Chikka Text Messenger is freely distributed. Don't worry about copyrights, it's a freeware.
2. After complete installation of Chikka Text Messenger, you should have an account or create an account (register) for Chikka Text Messenger.

Chikka Text Messenger Picture Interface When You are not Logged-in.

After registering or creating an account, you can now log-in to Chikka Text Messenger Software. You can now send free unlimited texts messages ( I mean, sending text messages without load or paying) to anyone especially to your love ones. Take note: the number format used by Chikka is 639xxxxxxxxx and not the 09xxxxxxxxx.

You might say to me, "Hey, you said that I can text free UNLIMITED text messages, but why can't I text anymore after 3 messages sent?" Now, here's a little secret I'll whisper to you, "Chikka limits 3 messages only. You can continue to send text messages by DELETING the profile whom you want to sent a text message (right click on the profile/cell number and choose to click Delete Buddy)". After deleting the profile/cell number, enter the same cell number again you want to text or send messages. You can now be able to text again successfully. Do this procedure after every 3 messages sending.

NEW UPDATE! (12/24/2012)

Chikka has now disabled the old software above. You cannot use it anymore. But there's a good news. You can still text for free in Chikka's website - http://im.chikka.com.

You mus sign-up on their website in order to use it. But if you have an old account with Chikka, you can still use your old Chikka ID or cellphone number and your old password.

Log-in page of Chikka website:

Chikka Website Log-in Page

When you logged-in, you will be redirected to Chikka's Text Messenger Interface:

Chikka Text Messenger Interface

You are given free text credits in every network you have send messages to:

Chikka Free Text Credits

These text credits will return bank to default if you renew your ip address or use another computer with different ip address.

In order to send text message, go to My Buddies > Send Message:

Sending free text through Chikka

Be sure not to spam someone or send multiple duplicate or nonsense messages. Please use Chikka in a good way.

You should not thank me for this, you should thank Chikka because they provide you this free text services. So if you're in the office or at home, no need to load your cellphone. Just use Chikka.

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Total comments : 180
Elvie A. Dela Cruz   (25 August 2017 5:00 PM)
I need a load today

Erika Bustos   (21 May 2017 2:28 PM)
Hoy gelic nasan na kayo

bugsy   (27 February 2017 10:18 PM)
i need textmate, anyone there? sana ung hindi bopols ah at marunong magbasa at maka intindi :D

AIKO   (24 February 2017 1:39 PM)
ill try if this is true

Ana Co   (05 January 2017 12:46 PM)
Hello po. Kailangan ko po ng load ngayon. 09327637950. Kahit 20 pesos lang po

stephine jose   (14 November 2016 4:51 PM)
ang kakapal talaga ng mukha ng karamihan ng nag comment. nanghihingi talaga ng load. at ang kakapal may 500 200 300, at ito ang matindi. may 1000 talaga. hoie magtrabaho kayo. hindi kaya pinupulot ang pera. at kung sasabihin niyo na gipit kayo, aba ang nagbasasa hindi? kayo lang talaga uunahin? at saka ang bobo talaga kung.maka comment. ang content ay all about texting for free hindi free load. next time intindihin niyo ng mabuti. at kung makahingi nila-lang ang amount. eh bat di kayo magload para sa sarili niyo. bat kailangam iasa sa ibang tao? mabuti pa ibenta niyo phone niyo tapos bili kayo load. tapos!

Alex   (15 October 2016 10:28 AM)
I need load right now...here's my number 09261728699

Bhabe-lyn layson   (24 September 2016 9:49 AM)
Palod 20 09301660167

Louie   (24 December 2015 3:42 AM)

joshua   (25 June 2015 5:14 PM)

donita rose   (04 June 2015 4:00 PM)
may i have a load for at lease 100.00
please this is for emergency
my no. is 09982652881

donita rose   (04 June 2015 3:58 PM)
load me for at list 100.00
please this is for emergency...

cathelenrodriguez   (14 April 2015 5:07 PM)

Charls Fabs   (24 October 2014 2:13 PM)
paload nga po 20 lang 09059364150 plzz need lang

christel00   (28 May 2014 3:12 AM)
t**** lang hnd marunong mag basa?? Ang sabi Free text daw sa chikka HINDI FREE LOAD

Rodzkie   (16 May 2014 6:40 PM)
penge ng load 15 lng # ko 0903644406

jhulz   (06 May 2014 1:47 PM)
Chicka chicka

Jose Hilardo   (23 April 2014 5:45 PM)
Hello po,
Gusto po ako nang load para sa Smart 250 lang po

james ian dato   (21 April 2014 6:42 PM)
paload nga po ng 100...09168478099

james ian dato   (21 April 2014 6:41 PM)

laramaesauza   (11 April 2014 8:22 PM)
Pwde Po Pahingi Ng Load 100 pesos load Eto #09394257869

cheche   (02 April 2014 4:24 PM)
haha...nakakatuwa magbasa ng mga comment dito hahahahaha...

Chikka messenger app hinihingian ng load...nakakatuwa kasi up to 2014 may hindi parin makaintindi...

tindi nyu mga pre!

reuben   (26 March 2014 10:10 AM)
hi po! pwede po bang makahingi ng 100 pesos load? ito pong number ko #09098668690 at 09129693353. thank you.

legna   (11 March 2014 6:57 PM)
hai po pwedeng pahingi ng load 50 ito ang # ko 09109694929....

legna   (11 March 2014 6:55 PM)
pwede po pang pahingi ng load 15 ?

sheralta Ramos   (22 February 2014 0:33 AM)
pwede po pahingi ng load 15 ?

Gio   (26 January 2014 5:20 PM)
09099108102 penge po load

Gio   (26 January 2014 5:19 PM)
Penge load 100

Lanzelot Samaniego   (01 January 2014 5:20 PM)
Haha! :)

Mr.ANON   (31 December 2013 2:03 AM)
you people is just like a fool .this is a kind of scam .

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