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How to Register SMART Bro UnliSurf

You'll get affordable unlimited internet through SMART Bro UnliSurf service. With different denominations from 50, 85 and 200, you'll be enjoying unlimited internet for many days depending on the denominations. Want to register for SMART Bro UnliSurf? Follow procedures below:

To register for UNLISURF 50, text UNLISURF 50 to 2200.

  • cost is P50.00
  • valid for 24 hours (1 day)
  • unlimited internet all day and night
  • You can also avail this service through My Smart Account.

To register for UNLSURF 85, text UNLISURF 85 to 2200.

  • cost is P85.00 (getting affordable)
  • valid for 2 days
  • unlimited internet for 2 days
  • You can also avail this service through My Smart Account.

To register for UNLISURF 200, text UNLISURF 200 to 2200.

  • cost is P200.00
  • valid for 5 days (getting more affordable)
  • unlimited internet for 5 days
  • You can also avail this service through My Smart Account.

Do you have any problem registering SMART Bro UNLISURF?

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Total comments : 19
angie   (26 April 2016 1:06 PM)
What happened I cannot register

Patricia   (09 November 2015 11:54 AM)
WHY I cant Unli mu Pocket WiFi? Is there any problem or The Promo has been ended? Please fix it, thanks. I will your reply asap.

Vangie   (02 November 2015 1:26 PM)
What is error RC:1028?

laidz   (11 May 2015 7:03 PM)
is there is a affordable promos for students?, like 50 for 3 days...

ja   (30 April 2015 3:01 PM)
i would like to clarify something..

1. what number SHOULD BE used to register in UNLISURF? 211 or 2200?
2. i don't like to take off the sim on the pocket wifi and insert it on a phone for me to register. so the remedy is the loader directly register it on my number. the question is, how can they directly load unlisurf to my number? not all loaders know how.

please answer. thanks

Daniven Cabanero   (21 April 2015 0:59 AM)
I want to see my load on smart bro and I want to register in smart bro

Daniven Cabanero   (21 April 2015 0:58 AM)
I want to see my load and I want to register on smart bro

teresa claire alicaba   (06 May 2014 7:46 AM)
i have a problem subscribing to unlisurf for 2 days now. a message tells me that your service is unavailable. how is this so?

hazel s. malinao   (02 April 2014 12:24 PM)
hi good pm..we purchased smart bro pocket wifi sim last week ago but then our problem is everytime we load it and register to unlisurf we usually REMOVED the sim and insert it to a cellphone..

the question is ... is there any other way to register the load by NOT removing the smart bro pocket wifi sim AND BE INSERTED TO CP..

thnks..hope for your immediate response.

michell   (04 March 2014 10:53 PM)
which is correct UNLISURF50 OR UNLISURF 50 send to 2200

michell   (04 March 2014 10:25 PM)
i just register for unlisurf50 bt it says invalid..how come i got 85 lod..

anabell   (04 February 2014 11:41 PM)
this is bs!!!i just loaded 50 pesos to register for unlisurf but when i registered smart say that i dont enaugh load!!!what is this????please someone explain this to me this is seems not fair!!!

Kate   (03 February 2014 11:47 PM)
I cant register on unlisurf, its always replay "Sorry for the inconvenience. Service unavailable at this time (transaction not charged)." what should do.

smart but dumb   (22 December 2013 3:17 PM)
I'm so fucked up. So annoyed. So pissed off. For almost a year now na registering sa unlisurf 50, kahit ni isang beses hindi naging sucessful. Nung una, nakakaregister ako pero hindi nakapagconnect. Ngayon, hindi na makaconnect, hindi pa maka-register. Service unavailable daw. Libu-libo na ang nagagastos ko. Ano ba smart?! I wish you never existed. I should've bought Globe Tattoo instead of you. You fucking corrupted faggots! Pera lang habol niyo! Pati sa text messaging, madalas kayong mag sending failed. You know what, my middle finger gives you a fucking standing ovation!! THANKS for everything!!

LOURDES MACUNO   (02 December 2013 2:16 PM)
I do not know how to register!!!

AngJeL   (10 October 2013 10:14 PM)
I cant register on unlisurf, its always replay "Sorry for the inconvenience. Service unavailable at this time (transaction not charged)." what should do.

JOHNRHOI   (21 August 2013 3:04 PM)

Maria Jaon Ibo   (20 August 2013 9:00 AM)
I can't register your UNLISURF promo.. I just bought a new smartbro simcard.. What should I do?

erickson ferrer   (01 August 2013 9:14 PM)
just like to ask how to do unlisurf on my ipad i am using a smart bro micro sim for my ipad mini