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Happy Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year is the Traditional 'Start of Spring'. In the Philippines it is normally celebrated on the third week of

January, Which is Jan 28, Saturday and is observed as a special non working holiday. Here, Filipino-Chinese communities

celebrate Chinese New Year with family and friends for fiesting and little fireworks. I remember going to boning and

seeing the celebration first hand. The whole place is decorated; everybody is happy, lots of food on sale and is best for

you to walk. You can see a lot of dragon and lion dancers on streets and establishments dancing on the beat of oriental

drums. They say dragons and lions are a symbol of great power, dignity, fertility, wisdom and auspiciousness. The lion

symbolizes success, prosperous, fearlessness and joy. The celebration is also in aspiration of attracting good fortune,

strong family ties and to ward off evil spirits. Famous on these 16 day festival season is the tikoy. A Chinese sticky sweet

treat that symbolizes the attraction of good luck and a strong sticky family bond.  Lucky foods to eat during Chinese New

Year have been observed because of their symbolism and meaning. To start is the all time favorite noodles. A symbol of

happiness and longevity to the eater.  Sweet Rice Balls which symbolizes Family togetherness, reunion and being with

each other.

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