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Our mission is to move the world and change the way people use transportation.

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Our mission is to move the world and change the way people use transportation. Lately, this has proven to be the right direction to move in. More and more large companies have begun to invest big money towards the same purpose: adaptive car cruise control, automatic parking, car sharing, Google driver-less cars, IBM's solution for smarter city transportation, you name it. We believe that all of this points to the validity of our vision: to provide a hassle-free transportation solution for people all around the world and to pave the way for the mobility of the future!

In order to accomplish this grand goal, we needed to select a first product which has the ability to:
get us started on the way to smarter mobility;
generate substantial amounts of money in order to fund our community business (you) and our plans for future products.
Join Something New has finally revealed its purpose!Now you have a chance to be with us at the start of a new technological service that will make transportation hassle-free for people all around the world and will pave the way for the mobility of the future.
Our first product is Liftago Taxi! Thanks to our innovative community business concept, you can become a Liftago marketer and build a residual income from this service.
There are no fees for you to pay in order to take advantage of this opportunity. Simply attract passengers to use our free Liftago Taxi app. From then on, you receive a piece of the pie from each Liftago ride they take!
We are nearing the time of launching:
Liftago™ Taxi Service is soon launching its service based on a mobile app to make the taxi world a better place and hassle-free for both drivers and for passengers.
The Liftago™ Driver app, running on Android smartphones and on iPhone, will provide drivers with more taxi jobs to supplement their current business.
Unlike other mobile applications or dispatch companies, Liftago™ has hundreds or even thousands of marketers (like you) in each market, who will make sure that as many passengers as possible use the Liftago™ Taxi app to order taxis.
Thanks to the Liftago™ Taxi app, passengers will no longer need to call just one specific dispatch company - they will be able to directly order any taxi according to their needs.
Liftago™ is going to provide a perfect service for passengers globally. In this way, a lot of tourists will be using Liftago™ in places they visit.
Liftago™ apps are free. Taxi drivers will only pay a small transaction fee for each taxi job they accept. There are no other fees! They will receive initial free rides to try the service out. Then they will simply pre-pay further rides.
They can use your invite link to pre-register at www.liftago.com with their e-mail. There's no commitment and only an email verification is required to finish signing up. When we launch the service, all pre-registered taxi drivers will receive a notification e-mail with a link to download the app and to start using it for their benefit. Liftago is coming soon! Register now to learn more and build your marketing community before the launch:

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