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Top 15 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

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Top 15 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Selling entire properties is certainly not an easy task, which is why almost all real estate agents can use all the marketing tips and ideas they can possibly get their hands on. Well, the following are 15 of the most effective and useful marketing ideas that real estate agents can and should use:

1. Create a social media presence – Creating a social media presence is a highly effective way for real estate agents to not only show off what they have to offer but also get in touch with people looking for homes.

2. Show off your knowledge – When people look for a real estate agent, they certainly want a wise and knowledgeable realtor. Another marketing tip real estate agents should use is to show off their knowledge by, say, publishing a downloadable whitepaper written by them containing information pertinent to real estate.

3. Never stop marketing – Adding marketing to everything they do can be extremely effective at generating leads for a realtor regardless of whether they use a phone call, a text message, a social media post or anything else as the marketing medium.

4. Don’ neglect the power of Email – Even though it has become quite outdated, Email, in the form of Email newsletters and Emails that display new offerings, can be highly useful to real estate agents.

5. Exploit what Facebook has to offer – Facebook is like heaven on Earth for real estate agents. Realtors can use Facebook to exhibit the homes they have to offer and amplify their community presence at the same time.

6. Create Pinterest boards for new listings – Pinterest is the ideal marketing tool for realtors as it can be used to display property photos, the perks a property has to offer and related details, with very listing having its own separate board.

7. Create a Google+ page – People want their realtors to be professional, and nothing says professional like a Google+ page. In addition, a LinkedIn profile is also worth considering for real estate agents.

8. Create virtual tours for listings – Creating leads for a listing is all about dazzling potential customers and getting them interested, and nothing does that like a mesmerizing virtual tour of the property.

9. Make yourself easy to contact – It is extremely important for a real estate agent to be easy to contact. Realtors should either have their contact details on every page of their website or a simply irresistible Contact Us page.

10. Create a slaying business card – Nothing gets a person interested in contacting a real estate agent than a slaying business card they simply can’t get out of their head.

11. Don’t sell the listing, sell the area – What amateur realtors don’t understand is that they sell properties along with the areas they are located in, which is why real estate agents should market listings accordingly.

12. Always know what the competition is up to – Keeping an eye on the competition can also help real estate agents improve their own marketing strategies and ways.

13. Use emotional storytelling – Tell a story about a listing that gets anyone who hears it reaching for some tissues, and leads will start popping up like crazy.

14. Give away freebies – Another marketing idea real estate agents should use is giving away freebies like drink cozies and pens, but before they do that, they should brand them and turn them into marketing mediums.

15. Motivate clients to give out referrals – Once a real estate agent has closed on a new client, they should offer them some kind of incentive to motivate them to give out referrals to any future homebuyers they might come across.

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it inspired me much..tnx..i want to become a real state agent..hopefully in the near future..