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Online Work for Data Encoder / Researcher

Ad Type: Offer | Location: Cebu City
Views: | Comments: | 20 June 2014
DATA ENCODER / Researcher(Work-Online)
SALARY RATE: 200-300/day, 2,000 above per week
Payment Method thru LBC PERA PADALA

Application / Membership Requirements:

1. Must be a legitimate Filipino Citizen, with good moral character, and is currently

residing in the Philippines.

2. Age 15 to 45 years old

3. College/High School level or Graduate.

4. Basic knowledge on internet, and excel, word, powerpoint is a must.

5. Accessibility on internet at home is an advantage.

6. Applicants for new membership must be recommended by existing members.

(Margelyn Daoang ID# MI201406-0188)

For unemployed filipinos, this is your chance to earn through data research and

encoding, for up to P2000 a week, depending on your work. And you can also earn

incentives for inviting new qualified members, and other optional tasks from your

working dashboard, like blogging and posting advertisement.

UEP cannot offer so much earnings just like the other websites. But we can

guarantee is that we are LEGIT and you get paid every week for your hard work

while at home.

#Not a networking
#no selling of products
#not a scam
Grab this chance. email me at belargam@yahoo.com
For more details, kindly visit http://www.unemployedpinoys.com/ ..


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Sheila May   (17 January 2020 10:14 AM)

Hi! Is the job still available? I am hopeful that you will consider me as an applicant. Thank you very much.

Ruby Ann Ortiz Abarquez   (15 January 2020 10:11 AM)

Please email me, I want to work part time urgent. need extra income

Edison Casumpang   (03 September 2018 10:43 AM)

pls email me so that i can forward my Resume plss, i need this Job

Rachel Ablam   (16 August 2018 5:55 PM)

hi, is this job still available? please do email me, if you ever needed an online data encoder. I think my IT course would fit in this job. I'm still studying in my college. thank you

Arleen S. Villacarlos   (29 June 2018 9:00 PM)

Hi I would like to inquire ,is this job still available??? I'm interested,thanks

rochell plenos   (24 June 2018 11:55 PM)

hi is this still available. send me an email pls.


Mary Kisses Amante   (24 May 2018 11:19 AM)

I am interested please send me information.

IAN ROBERT JAPITAN   (22 April 2018 0:36 AM)

im interested ,send me information

Marinel Rose Tarona   (02 April 2018 10:22 PM)

I'm interested. How to apply?

Mark   (29 March 2018 9:48 AM)

im interested in your encoding... end me the details pls

albert742105   (21 February 2018 9:43 AM)

Hi! I'm really interested in your encoding. Could you send me details. Thanks.

albert742105   (21 February 2018 9:42 AM)

Have a great day ! How to be your encoder? Send me info please....09437090135

Rochille   (24 October 2016 5:40 AM)

Hi! Good day! I'm interested with this job. allow me to work with you, thank you!

kimberly mae aguanta   (02 May 2016 11:22 AM)

how to apply to this job? Im really interested .

kimberly mae aguanta   (02 May 2016 11:20 AM)

I am interested. because i really need money. I am 20 years old,college graduate.

Jon   (12 April 2016 9:18 PM)

Im interested in this, can you send me an email?

Jon   (12 April 2016 9:15 PM)

Im interested, send me a mail

HoySam   (11 April 2016 6:30 AM)

I'm interested , please email me.

Sheira   (29 February 2016 9:35 AM)

Ma'am, Sir I'm interested at this job. please email me

Charise Castro   (12 November 2015 7:56 PM)

I am a 15 year old and I am interested in this job. Please email me for further instructions. I would like to apply.

Charise Castro   (12 November 2015 7:54 PM)

I am a 15 year old and I am interested in this kind of work. Please email me for further instructions. Thank you.

Kc   (11 November 2015 6:34 PM)

What was it all about?

Neil Kim P. Antones   (05 November 2015 5:39 AM)

Can i have further instructions, please?

joseph   (15 October 2015 7:41 PM)

Hi! Ma'am/Sir I'm interested with this job.

ajalee jugo   (16 September 2015 8:31 PM)

i want this job please help me apply.

Ruby de Castro   (05 September 2015 0:58 AM)

I am interested

Ruby de Castro   (05 September 2015 0:56 AM)

Im interested

desiree balloging   (10 June 2015 8:28 PM)

im interested

jam hamoy   (20 May 2015 1:40 PM)

hello im interested in applying to be an encoder pls email me for further instructions.

Rexie Jane Cimafranca   (22 April 2015 2:16 PM)

Hi ? I am very interested with this kind of work specially I already experience that kind of a job but still I am 16 yrs. old. Hoping that you will update me and still keep us to know what we will gonna do ?

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