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How to View Your SMART Bills Online

You can view your SMART bills online through SMART's Web Connect Services. Web Connect is a secure, online channel that allows a SMART subscriber to manage prepaid or postpaid account, pay and view your bills, or activate and deactivate an array of SMART and Smart Bro prepaid services. So no need for you to wait mails and sometimes delayed mails of your Smart Bills. You can just simply view it online in realtime, anytime and anywhere.
Who can use Web Connect?

Web Connect is available to individual account holders of:

  • Mobile prepaid (i.e Buddy, Talk N’ Text)
  • Mobile postpaid (i.e. Gold, Gold Lite, Infinity)
  • Smart Bro subscribers ( i.e. Prepaid Plug It and Residential)
  • SmartLoad Retailers
  • Corporate Individual

How to View or See Your SMART Bills Online?

1. You must register first your Smart Account in http://smart.com.ph/Account/register.aspx. Just follow succeeding instructions in registration.

2. After complete registration, log-in to http://smart.com.ph/Account. Below is the page you can see when you are logged-in in your Smart Account:

3. Click the Browse Web Connect Services highlighted in color yellow.

4. Go to this link http://smart.com.ph/connect/postpaid/onebill.aspx. Or copy that link and paste it in the web address of your internet browser. This page looks like this:

Click the View link. This where you can download your Smart Bill in .pdf format.

That's it. So easy to view your Smart Bills online. As long as you have an internet connection, life becomes easier.

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Sharon G. Daniel   (06 July 2016 9:57 AM)
send my bill to my e-mail address

edd nieva   (13 June 2016 11:50 AM)
send my bill to my e-mail address

Jearemae R. Magsino   (25 April 2016 8:52 AM)
send me my bills at my email please i dont recieve any bills statement

Catherine ponce   (25 March 2016 1:22 AM)
Please view my bill

Jessica sepulveda   (31 January 2016 0:15 AM)
Hi. My smart due date is on 12th of the month. My billing statement arrives always after my due date. Can you please be efficient. Thank you

rafsie posadas   (30 November 2015 1:42 PM)
can I renew my contract with the smart postpaid to avail the new one unit cellphone to change my defective former cellphone even though that my contract is not yet expired?

rafsie posadas   (30 November 2015 1:31 PM)
Please view to my email ad my billing statement for the past 12 months..

Nona Maranan   (29 November 2015 7:03 PM)
Please send my bill to my email account

Nona Maranan   (29 November 2015 7:02 PM)
Please send my bill amount to my email add

robert mesa   (23 November 2015 9:14 AM)
please send my bill

Charito A. Montenegro   (18 September 2015 7:33 AM)
Pls.view my bill

pamela b. naraja   (10 September 2015 2:48 PM)
pls. view my bill

Jilly marsonia   (09 September 2015 8:15 AM)
Send my bill now.

Jilly marsonia   (09 September 2015 8:14 AM)
Kindly send my bill now

amabel muta   (15 August 2015 9:13 PM)
please view my bill?

raquel hina   (07 August 2015 10:18 AM)
please view my bill

Evangeline b. Torres   (05 August 2015 11:34 AM)
View my bill

Evangeline b. Torres   (05 August 2015 11:29 AM)
Please view my bill

ELOISA S. SILLA   (03 August 2015 12:03 PM)

ELOISA S. SILLA   (03 August 2015 12:02 PM)

Cynthia M.Bandol   (22 July 2015 9:03 AM)
How to view my bill?

MARLYN M. ORPILLA   (21 July 2015 2:56 PM)
how can i have monthly bill? i do not received any hard copy of my bill now?

antonito d. pineda   (13 July 2015 7:30 AM)
how can i see my bill?

rhaine10   (09 May 2015 10:22 AM)
how can i see my bills?

maria daisy b. domasig   (05 April 2015 5:06 PM)

Joan Dulay   (12 August 2014 12:14 PM)
how can i see my smartbills ??

Joven Prieto   (18 June 2014 12:16 PM)
send my bills month of june for my smart freedom plan

IXYL ABBU   (09 June 2014 7:48 PM)
how to check the billing account?

Feddie C.Guinzal   (09 June 2014 10:18 AM)
may know my smart bill for th month of may 2014

Lovecil   (07 June 2014 8:32 AM)
I want to see my billing statement for the month of may 2014. Thnx.

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